Introducing Cohuman!

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October 31, 2011


This week I am rolling out a “5 posts in 5 days” series introducing you to Cohuman – the most recent addition to the Mindjet family!  My goal is to help you understand how Cohuman can add more value to your existing Mindjet investment and help you and your team work better, together.

What is Cohuman?

Cohuman is a social online task management service that provides groups of people a more dynamic and effective way to communicate on projects and get work done.  Cohuman creates a social task network that improves the coordination of people and tasks across all projects so everyone is on the same page and knows precisely what they need to do.

Take a look at this brief video to see how Cohuman works!

Why Should I Care?

Cohuman is a key component of our collaborative work management solution, adding task coordination and management to our capabilities.

Use MindManager and/or Mindjet Connect to brainstorm ideas, share supporting files, co-edit maps, and build out project plans with your extended teams.  When you’re ready to start executing, Cohuman gives you the perfect way to share status, update tasks and set up notifications to keep you and your team on track.  With Cohuman, you can dynamically delegate, prioritize, and track tasks with your all your teams – fostering transparent communication, intelligent task prioritization, and better team coordination.

Get Started – For Free!

Intrigued?  Try it! Cohuman is completely FREE!  Simply sign up for your free account and start coordinating tasks with your teams today!

Up Next: Finding Your Way around Cohuman

Tomorrow’s blog post, the 2nd of 5 consecutive write ups, will focus on getting you better acquainted with Cohuman and how to navigate the user interface!  Stay tuned…

9 Responses to “Introducing Cohuman!”

  1. Mark Palmer

    I have been looking into the Cohuman solution and would have ot agree with some of the other comments – it needs to be integrated with MindManager and MindManager Connect to be of high value to me. I do like the interface and could see myself using this internally and with clients.

  2. Thungy

    Hope to see a two-way sync with MindManager soon! As it is now I dont see the point of using CoHuman, when you have so many other better alternatives out there (, Basecamphq,com, etc.) :)

  3. parkertrewin

    I call it Facebook for tasks: instead of tracking your friends in real time you’re tracking tasks and projects to keep everyone on the same page.

    • Troy Larson

      Sure. Cohuman not only helps teams stay in sync, but it also helps prioritize tasks. So if I input 10 tasks, it can help me prioritize the order to complete them. It’s a nice way to see what you have coming up and what you need to accomplish that day.



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