10 Benefits of Collaborative Work Management

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October 24, 2011

Collaborative Work Management


Happy Monday! We just came across several interesting benefits of Collaborative Work Management from Baseline Magazine and thought we’d share them with you. So, next time you’re struggling to convince management that Collaborative Work Management software is worth it, consider citing some of these benefits to help make your case.

  1. Collaborative Work Management provides a fast track for getting applications up and running.
  2. Subscription models include maintenance and support. You don’t need any additional hardware, which makes it way more affordable.
  3. Collaborative Work Management provides greater insight  as managers have more visibility into work priorities.
  4. Increased accuracy — With Collaborative Work Management, managers know where resources are allocated at all times.
  5. Increased  transparency — Managers have more control over the execution of work.
  6. Increased collaboration — Various departments are brought into the process of prioritizing projects.
  7. Time is saved – The elimination of spreadsheet management means managers have more time to focus on other tasks.
  8. Increased efficiency – The application enables streamlined reporting of project information.
  9. Greater agility – The company can adapt to changing market conditions while optimizing scarce resources.
  10. The big picture – The company has a true enterprise view of the work that needs to be done.

For those of you who already use Collaborative Work Managmenet tools, tell us what you think. Do you agree with these, or have any others that we may have missed? We’re curious.

One Response to “10 Benefits of Collaborative Work Management”

  1. Carla Frett

    Management in every aspects of life is a much better option for the desired and dedicated end result, and in the same way it helps to be ahead in terms of the work management. Now lets go a bit more deeper. What exactly a work management terms to. It is nothing but the small piece of tasks that constitute the work as an all total. Hence a proper task management leads to the proper work management specifically.

    Now collaborative work can be managed and achieved only with the usage and deployment of a tool. Manual system may not be well feasible to work on the segment purposefully. And deployment of tools also doesn’t make proper sense until and unless it is automated because manual system has lots f bugs and buffers for an accurate task management. hence deployment of the technically automated cloud based task management tools in the higher sense makes a better end result and help the users to be organized and well behaved.


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