Premiering Mindjet MindManager 2012 Professional for Windows!

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September 13, 2011

Over the summer you’ve seen our previews. In just over a week Mindjet MindManager 2012 Professional for Windows premieres and we’re counting down to the September 22nd launch!

We think MindManager 2012 is the most significant release in the product’s history. Check out today’s press announcement for more details on why.

MindManager 2012 is the latest version of our leading visual mapping  software and has been designed to be easier to use and at the same time more powerful for our over 2 million users.

As mentioned in my previous “sneak peak” blog posts MindManager 2012 will have lots of new features. With the new guided brainstorming capability we help you and your team get more creative.  Through a fun, three step process you generate dozens of ideas and then easily hone the list down to the winner.  With MindManager 2012 we’ll help define your challenge, generate creative ideas, and then categorize and sort the ideas to create a defined action plan.

Marker Index automatically generates a searchable list based on the markers you’ve placed in your map, making it easier to navigate large maps.

Dynamic Integration with SharePoint means that all of the assets you store in SharePoint can now be displayed inside MindManager.

The new Task Filter feature automatically includes presets for resources, priorities, due dates, milestones, and statuses for tasks.   

Yesterday we announced Mindjet Connect, and, with this, all your maps can be shared with your extended team using the integrated cloud-based service.  With Mindjet Connect you can securely store up to 1 GB of maps online so that you invite guests to view and edit your maps.

Regardless whether they are down the hall or across the globe you can now collaborate with all your critical team members to get work done.  It’s integrated into MindManager 2012 and, best of all, access is completely free.   

MindManager 2012 & Mindjet Connect Compatibility

For first timers, we’ve also made it easier to get up and going with in-product videos that quickly demo major features and show easy ways to get going.  We’ve also integrated Maps For That! so you can share, download and comment on literally hundreds of maps right within the product.  Plus, you can get going with one of the over new 50 templates that are  just a click away.

MM2012 Getting Started

Here are some other great new features that haven’t already discussed in my “sneak peak” blog posts:

Analysis View: Make better decisions by prioritizing and categorizing your mapped topics using the new Analysis View.  The tool allows you to place topics into a predefined series of 2×2 analytics charts. Standard charts include Cost vs. Opportunity, Urgent vs. Important, SWOT and others. Unlike standard “table generation” products (like Microsoft Excel) which are typically based on quantitative data, the Analysis View allows people to create and dynamically move different alternative topics in the chart that reflects the team’s qualitative feedback.

MM2012 Payroll Analysis 
Enhanced Hyperlinks & Browsing: Based on popular demand, you can now assign multiple hyperlinks per topic.  We’ve also made it easier to use MindManager’s browser to conduct research. While you are using the built -in browser to navigate web pages, you have new right click menu functions to send images, selected text, or an entire page to your map as topics. You can now set a home page for the browser that you use in MindManager.

MM2012 Hyperlinks

Gantt Chart Improvements:  You can now drag and drop topics onto the Gantt chart to make them tasks.  Printing of Gantt charts is easier with print preview and the ability to select a specific date range for printing.


MM2012 Gantt Chart Improvements

New users can get started faster, and experienced users will be more productive with a new getting started pane and enhancements to the MindManager interface.

New “Getting Started” pane – A series of videos and images with text guide a new user through the basic tasks required to create their first information map.

Improved Ribbon – The Home tab on the ribbon now contains all of the most frequently used mapping functionalities. More advanced functionalities are now grouped in more intuitive categories on the other tabs.

New templates – 36 new templates are included with the product, as well as access to an online Gallery and selected content from the “Maps For That!” community site.

MM2012 Templates

MindManager 2012 premieres in less than ten days. The countdown to a better way to work has begun.

66 Responses to “Premiering Mindjet MindManager 2012 Professional for Windows!”

  1. Uncle Stan

    Any progress on integration with Lotus Notes?
    Been asking about it since MM7… )

    • kellyalexandermiller


      Yes, you can sitll balance a map in MM 2012.  The command is under Editing on the Home tab.


  2. Mikef66

    I like to know if mindjet 2012 would work with a touchscreen computer like the HP TouchSmart?

  3. MM

    Hi is there a way to natively export the mindmap to excel. I bought the add in a while back but cannot get it to work , crashed my excel and had to do a reinstall

  4. Wolfgang Koenig


    I do have a couple of questions regarding MM12 / Win 7:
    – Is Win 7 64 bit supported (mm 9 did not)
    – In 64Bit, is full integration to Offive 2010 / 64bit implemented?
    – Can one pin recent files to the recent files list?

    • kellyalexandermiller

      Wolfgang, MM 2012 (like Version 9) runs on 64 bit Windows in 32 bit mode, it is intergrated with Office (you can insert information from Office, import and export to Office apps), but not specifically for the 64 bit version.  Also, you cannot pin recent files (but I have passed on your request to the development team).

      • Wolfgang Koenig

        Hi Kelly (?),
        that unfortunately is not so good news.
        I run MM 9 on 64bit and completely lacking the Office integration (and other tools).

        That kind of devalues MM quite a bit.
        Are there any plans to move to 64bit in the near furture.

  5. Random

    God 22nd can’t come quickly enough!!! Any chance you might reconsider and move the release to today? ;X

  6. Monnicko

    HI my work office is in the process of buying me MindManager 9.  How does this work??   Will you be selling version 2012 only?  will version 9 be obsolete? is there a deadline to buy version 9 to receive 2012 free, is it the same canadian price?

    As per your site version 9 is around $313.00

    • kellyalexandermiller

      Monnicko, after the 21st we will be selling MM 2012 only on the estore, if you buy (or upgrade to V 9 before then, you will get MM 2012 for free.

    • Oboudou

      Inserting calculation values

      MindView Business Edition lets you enter numerical data on any of the
      branches of your Mind Map. This allows you to display values, such as
      sales numbers, costs, exchange rates and so on, and to enter
      calculations. Built-in functions allow you to display values
      automatically rolled up from lower sub-branches.

      Entering values on branches

      To enter a value for, let us say, ‘Units sold’ on one or more branches:

       Ø    Select the branch(es).

       Ø    Click the Calculation tab on the right of the workspace or choose View | Show/Hide | Calculation Panel to open the panel.

       Ø    In the grid, click under Name and type “Units sold”.

      If you have entered a value for ‘Units sold’ on the Mind Map before,
      you can skip this step as the ‘Units sold’ field will already exist.

       Ø    In the Value column enter the value, for example 2500.

      The value now appears below the branch on
      your Mind Map, and the ‘Units sold’ field (called a ‘calculation field’)
      becomes available for use in other branches.

      fields do not display on the Mind Map if they are empty. So, if a
      calculation field is created but no value is assigned (for example, if
      you omitted the final step in the above procedure), it will be available
      for use but not displayed anywhere. When you give it a value for a
      branch (even if that value is zero) it will display on that branch.

      Values you add directly on branches will override any default values
      you may have entered (see “Entering defaults” below). If you enter a
      branch value by mistake you can type Ctrl + Z to undo your entry, or right-click the value and choose Reset to Default.

      Rather than adding values (or formulas) branch by branch, it is often
      quicker to add them using the Defaults and Formats dialog instead. See
      “Entering defaults” below.

      Entering an automatic sum

      You can use the built in function SUM to add up values entered on
      the outermost sub-branches, providing a grand total on the root and
      sub-totals on the intermediate branches. To do this for a calculation
      field called, say, ‘Units sold':

       Ø    Click the Calculation tab to open the Calculation panel.

       Ø    Click Settings to open the Defaults and Formats dialog.

       Ø    If ‘Units sold’ already exists, go to the next step. Otherwise, click and type “Units sold”.

       Ø    Type SUM as the default value for ‘Units sold’. Alternatively, you can click the sum symbol at the right of the field.

      The entry SUM is a simple formula
      comprising just one function. For more information about formulas see
      “Entering formulas” below.

       Ø    Click OK.

      The result is shown below. Values entered for ‘Units sold’ in the
      outermost branches are progressively totaled to a grand total on the
      root branch.

      Editing values

      To edit values on one or more branches:

       Ø    Click the Calculation tab to open the Calculation panel.

       Ø    Select the branch(es).

       Ø    On
      the Calculation panel, make the changes in the Values column. Any
      changes you make will overwrite existing values on all of the selected

      Entering defaults

      To save unnecessary typing it is often useful to enter defaults for calculation fields. To do this:

       Ø    Click the Calculation tab to open the Calculation panel.

       Ø    Click Settings to open the Defaults and Formats dialog.

       Ø    Enter values or formulas (see the next section) in the appropriate rows of the Default values column.

      The values or formulas you enter here will
      always be used unless you override them by making different entries for
      specific branches on the Calculation panel, as described above.

      A blank entry means that there is no
      default. For calculation purposes the value of a blank entry is taken to
      be zero. An entry explicitly set to zero is not regarded as blank but
      as a default set to zero.

       Ø    (optional)
      You can add a new calculation field to the Mind Map by entering its
      name in , or delete an existing field by selecting it
      and clicking Delete.

       Ø    (optional)
      You can change the order in which the values display on the Mind Map,
      by moving the calculation fields up or down in this list by selecting
      them and clicking the Move Up or Move Down button.

      Entering formulas

      You can enter formulas directly on branches or as defaults. The
      procedures are the same as those described above, except that you enter a
      formula instead of a value.

      You type the formula in the usual way, using values and any of the
      mathematical operators + – * / ( ). In addition, the right-hand section
      of the function icon, ,
      opens a drop-down list that lets you reference the other calculation
      fields on the branch. If you include any of these, the formula will use
      their current values at the relevant points in the calculation (if a
      field is blank its value is taken to be zero). Field names appear inside
      curly brackets in the formula.

      You can also use the built-in functions SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX, COUNT by
      selecting them in the drop-down list under ‘Sub-Branches’. To enter
      SUM, the most commonly used function, you can simply click the sum
      symbol . The functions carry out the following operations:

       ·     SUM
      gives the total created by adding the values, for this calculation
      field, from the sub-branches one level below the current one. It is
      useful for creating sub-totals throughout your Mind Map.

       ·     AVG gives the average of the values for this field from the sub-branches one level below the current one.

       ·     MIN gives the minimum value for this field from the sub-branches one level below the current one.

       ·     MAX gives the maximum value for this field from the sub-branches one level below the current one.

       ·     COUNT gives the number of sub-branches one level below the current one.

      In the Calculation panel, it is the result
      of the formula that is displayed in the Value column, not the formula
      itself. To edit or view the underlying formula, double-click to enter
      edit mode. On the Mind Map itself, the formula never displays, always
      the result.

      If there is an error in a formula you will see the value #NAN or #NULL!:

       ·     The value #NAN
      indicates a division by zero, which leads to an invalid result. Check
      the divisor(s) in the formula to ensure that they cannot become zero.

       ·     The value #NULL!
      indicates that a value needed by the formula is missing. This can
      happen if you have deleted a calculation field referenced by the
      formula. If you have just deleted the field, you can restore it by
      pressing Ctrl + Z. To help identify missing fields, they are shown in
      black, rather than the usual green, in the formula. If you reinstate a
      previously deleted field, the error will disappear, but you may have to
      re-enter values for the field.

      Formatting values

      To specify formats for values:

       Ø    Click the Calculation tab to open the Calculation panel.

       Ø    Click Settings to open the Defaults and Formats dialog.

       Ø    For each calculation field, specify one or more of the following:

      ·   In the column enter text to precede the number, for example “$” to indicate a dollar value.

      ·   In the column enter text to follow the number, for example ” 000s” to indicate thousands.

      ·   In the column enter a number to specify the number of decimal places to be displayed.

      ·   In the column, check the box to display thousands separators in large values.

      Reviewing values

      Current values are displayed directly on the Mind Map.

      The Calculation panel shows further information about the values on a selected branch:

       ·     A
      difference marker at the bottom left of a calculation field alerts you
      that its value is different from its default. This is useful because it
      is easy, while developing a Mind Map, to mistakenly overwrite a default
      value by entering a value or formula directly on a branch.

      The difference marker relies on there being a default for the value: if
      there is no default (in other words a blank entry on the Defaults and
      Formats dialog), the marker never appears.

       ·     If
      you move the cursor over an entry in the Values column the hover text
      will show you the value and, if it is generated by a formula, the
      formula as well.

      Showing or hiding values

      To display or hide calculation fields for the whole Mind Map:

       Ø    Select the View tab in the ribbon.

       Ø    Select Show Branch Data.

       Ø    Select
      (or deselect) the calculation fields you want to show (or hide). If you
      deselect a field here it will not be displayed and will not be
      available for selection in Show Branch Data on the Format tab.

      To display or hide calculation fields for a selected branch or branches:

       Ø    Select the branch(es).

       Ø    Select the Format tab in the ribbon.

       Ø    Select Show Branch Data.

       Ø    Select
      (or deselect) the calculation fields you want to show (or hide). If a
      field is grayed, it means that it has been deselected on the View tab


      Here is an example of part of a Mind Map that uses calculation fields.

      The calculation fields are:

       ·     Units sold
      For the outermost sub-branches, values are added branch by branch. A
      default value of SUM creates subtotals for the remaining branches and a
      grand total for the root.

       ·     Cost/unit
      This is the cost of each unit in dollars: it is displayed only on the
      outermost sub-branches. In most cases the value is $2.30, so this is
      entered as a default. A different value has been entered directly on one
      of the branches. In such cases, and wherever a value is different from
      its default, you will see a difference marker in the Calculation panel,
      as here:

       ·     Selling price/unit
      This the selling price of each unit in local currency: it is displayed
      only on the outermost sub-branches. It has no default value.

       ·     Exch rate ($)
      This the exchange rate that converts local currency into dollars: it is
      displayed only on the outermost sub-branches. It has no default value.

       ·     Profit
      On the outermost sub-branches this is calculated by a default formula.
      An overriding formula, SUM, is added to each of the remaining branches
      and the root to create subtotals and a grand total.

      The default values and calculation field formats, accessed by clicking Settings on the Calculation panel, are:

      Using Quick Data

      The Quick Data area is only
      useful when you select two or more branches. It shows you the results of
      common operations on the calculation field selected in the grid above
      for the selected branches.

       Ø    Select two or more branches.

       Ø    Select a calculation field in the grid at the top of the Calculation panel.

       Ø    View the results in the Quick Data area. Sum shows the total of the relevant values for the selected branches, Avg shows the average of the values, Min shows the minimum value, Max shows the maximum value, and Count shows the number of branches selected.

  7. Richard Paris

    Hi, i purchase full new of MindManager 9 on 26th July 2011. Will i have to pay for upgrade to MM2012 or will be covered under grace period?

    Thanks for great product.

    • kellyalexandermiller

      Richard,  your purchase falls under the grace period and you will be getting an email next week with your new license key and a link to download the executable.

  8. bobhereyo

    I have a version 9 License installed but continue to use version 8 of mindmanager because it is easier to use and some of the new features on 9 make it more difficult to create Powerpoints (and other exports) and format them properly.   I use use these for Project Management and Task Tracking as well as other functions but have found that it is easy for format the Tasks in the mind map than rely on Mindjet to do it for you.

    My take….less is more….make the features we have better instead of adding features we wont use.

    • MichaelDeutch

      Bob, you’ll see that we started to implement that philosophy here in MindManager 2012. Yes, we’ve added some new features. We’ve also improved many of the existing ones to make them better too. Moving forward this will only increase in importance. Thanks for your feedback. 

    • kellyalexandermiller

      Steve, yes that would be a great use.  We have a “urgent vs. important template in Analysis View, which you could customize to meet your own workflow.

  9. Michael

    no new Mac version but “stay tuned” is what you say.  Since many of my collaborators use Macs, it would be good to know if you will fix the terrible implementation of MIndjet Connect on the Mac in the new release.  If not, why bother to upgrade for those of us in the group who use PC’s.

  10. Helder Sales

    I purchased a “MindJet Software Assurance and Support Plan” for $69.80 when I upgraded to v. 9 in March.  Does that get me an upgrade for free?  If not what does the software assurance get me … nothing?

    • kellyalexandermiller

      If your purchased MSA with V9, then you will be getting an email next week with a link to download MM 2012 and your new license key. (and thank you !  for buying MSA)

  11. Helder Sales

    I lbought the iPad version of the software 1 month ago for $8.99 now it’s free.  C’Mon that it very poor decision making on the part of MindJet. 

    • parkertrewin

      Please go to the Mindjet page on the iTunes store.  There’s more information there for people that previously purchased Mindjet mobile products

      • Oboudou

        I have the same problem. Can you give me a link, beacause a see nothing in the Mindjet page on the iTunes store

  12. Pedro Perea

    I have acquired MindJet some years ago, but you do not recognize the seller were your official distributor, Despite of I sento the invoice to you, you do not recognize me as your customer. So, why do you propose me to upgrade?
    Crazy stuff
    Pedro Perea

  13. Nat Barker

    I just purchased version 9 a month ago… so do I now need to pay to upgrade already? I would have held off on purchasing had I have been aware the newest version would be released so soon.

    • kellyalexandermiller

      Nat, you will be covered under the grace period, and will receive a free copy of MM 2012

  14. Tarrnie Williams

    I used to be a big supporter of MindJet and have probably authorized well over 100 copies of this product to be purchased, recommended it regularly, as well as buying it myself. However, their continued treatment of the Macintosh as a second rate platform is wearing me out.

    So maybe shame on me for being on Mac, but shame on them for continuing to not align their releases and for promising faster progress than they have delivered. I no longer recommend the product to others without qualifications, though I still use it. A number of my co-workers have now moved on to other programs like Creately or MindMeister that properly support sharing – unlike Mind Manager which leaves some of its customers in the ghetto.

    Hopefully one day they’ll see the light.

  15. Agustin Garcia Molina

    Hi. I would like to see a “today’s marker line” on the Gantt view window for scheduled tasks. This is very usefull when you communicate status. I don’t see an option to display this on version 9 for Windows…Do you know if this was added to new 2012 release?


    • MichaelDeutch

      This is the first request for this feature so it hasn’t been added yet but I’ll put this in the list for consideration. I think a button or way to automatically center the timeline to today’s date would be beneficial as well.

  16. Rob Mueller

    not what I expected. the product needs updating in terms of office ouput, performance and maps integration.

  17. Chil

    More than 9 months ago, you wrote a post here: and promised to give MM copy for free to users who provide feedback and If any of that is implemented into We’ve yet to get anything from Mindjet on that…Is that going to happen at all?

    • parkertrewin

      Thanks for giving us a heads up on that.   We’re doing some checking on this and will get back to you.

    • kellyalexandermiller

      We are not shipping a Mac version this month, but stay tuned for future releases.

  18. Daveevans35

    i just upgraded to version 9 last month great!!!!!  will there be a reasonable upgrade policy to 2012 assuming that you took money less than 30 days before announcing the improved version?  if not I fear this will be my last upgrade. 

    • kellyalexandermiller

      Dave, if you upgraded to Version 9 between July 7th, 2011 and the shipment of MM 2012 this month you will receive an email at the ship date with your license key for MM 2012 (and a link to the download page)

  19. Anon

    Sorry to say that text editor in Notes is abysmal for many last versions.

    outline support in notes is the worst as well you have to use ywo keys to get a new level, numbered levels are not supported.

    Text styling also is two levels deep and non user friendly.

    • kellyalexandermiller

      Thank you for the feedback, we have added support for numbered lists and a format painter to the notes editor for MM 2012.

      • Mahesh Sharma

        Kelly, I was wondering why note section can’t use Microsoft World or may be embed a rich text editor…it would be of a significant help to those who use MindManager for documentation purposes.

    • kellyalexandermiller

      Don if you purchase or upgrade to Version 9 of MindManager for Windows you will get MM 2012 for free.  After the launch of MM 2012, the upgrade pricing with be listed in the estore

  20. Steve

    There was a promotion that stated if I upgraded to version 9 I would get the 2012 version for free. I had already upgraded to 9 several months before the promotion was announced. Do I still get 2012 as a free upgrade?

    • kellyalexandermiller

      If you upgraded to Version 9 between July 7th 2011 and when MM 2012 ships, you will receive a free upgrade to MM 2012.



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