MindManager 2012 Coming Attractions: Task Filter

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September 6, 2011

Announcing another great feature that you’ll find in MindManager 2012. The new Task Filter feature automatically includes presets for resources, priorities, due dates, milestones, and statuses for tasks.  

It’s just another example of making the full power of MindManager much more accessible for all users.  With the new filter capability it is easy to look at all tasks that have been assigned to you and are due next week.  If you chose you can just show priority one tasks in your project to make sure that they are all on track.  Here’s a screen cap that displays how easy it is to execute.

MM2012 new Task Filter

With new the Task Filter you’ll be able to navigate large maps.  Quickly find what you need and focus on the most information to get things done.

MindManager 2012. Produced by Mindjet and starring you.

21 Responses to “MindManager 2012 Coming Attractions: Task Filter”

  1. Random

    Guys, it says 00 days 00 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds on the main site, but no MM12 available yet. I even checked all the languages. Is this some kind of rookie mistake or what? :(

    • MichaelDeutch

      I was just on our site and it took a few seconds (ok maybe 30 or so) for the counter to engage and then it continued from 00:00:00:00 to the correct countdown time. Sorry for the confusion. It should be up and available approximately midnight (~ 2hours from now).

  2. axeer

    nice, but we wait for a android version of MindManager. I know a lot of people who want this and nothing else!

  3. Brian

    Was hoping we finally could filter multi maps at once, but sadly no… Is it possible now to filter for “Resource” AND “Next week”, or do you still have make a filter on a filter (and no way of saving both filters as one)?

    • kellyalexandermiller

      Brian, you still have the ability to create your own “power filters” (but not as your note across multiple maps, I will pass on that request to the product team).  The new quick filters are intended to make it easier to get started with filtering the information in your maps.

  4. James

    From the sounds of it, there aren’t any ‘major’ changes, so not likely to warrant the price for upgrading. I dare say a lot of people will give this version a miss and upgrade when something big changes.

    • kellyalexandermiller

      James,  I encourage you to download a trial of MindManager 2012 in a few weeks and take a look at all of the new features.

  5. Ubai Project

    I would not spend additional money for a minor upgrade from mindjet 9. Is this the reason why you did not promote in the official website?

    • kellyalexandermiller

      I have been offering a sneak peek of just some of the new features in the new release.  I think when you see the full list of features, you will be impressed.



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