The Countdown to Mindjet Connect

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September 12, 2011

With today’s announcement of Mindjet Connect, and our acquisition of the Cohuman Social Task Management service, we are counting down to the delivery of Mindjet’s collaborative work management software.  This new generation of Mindjet software is designed for today’s customers who are challenged with the increasingly rapid pace of work, too much on their plates and (more often than not) a team that’s scattered to the four corners of the earth.

Mindjet Connect goes live on September 22nd.

The cloud-based service helps teams overcome challenges to get in sync by helping groups visualize their best ideas and plans, securely manage and share files, get teams on the same page and access information anywhere, at any time.  In short, Mindjet Connect helps groups get more work done.

Work today is continually evolving, and there has been a constant evolution of technology to meet the demands of an evolving workforce.  Mindjet Connect goes beyond document management and file sharing to include a powerful way to visualize information that provides faster insight and better results.  It goes beyond social apps that often can be mere water cooler extensions.  Mindjet Connect is a complete collaborative work management solution that helps you and your team focus on the actually working together.

Below is a brief overview of Mindjet Connect and how it enables team to quickly go from ideas to action.

Store and Manage Your Files Online

Mindjet Connect provides online file storage and document management so you easily store, share, manage, and access all your files online and from virtually any device.  What you see below (Figure 1) is the file management view within Mindjet Connect.

Screen shot 2011-09-11 at 10.51.30 PM

Figure 1: Store, organize, and manage your files online for easy and secure anytime access.

Here you can upload and organize your work in secure online folders, track version history of your files, and establish varying levels of permissions so you have complete control over the level of access your colleagues have over your files, folders, and accounts.

Mindjet Connect also gives you the ability to pull in content from common web services into your map so you can store and work with important information researched online.  For example, let’s say you are researching competitors and would like to follow their Twitter activity?  Simply click on the Twitter button in the home ribbon, type in your search topic, and voila…the results are automatically pulled into your map (Figure 2)!

Screen shot 2011-09-11 at 11.04.37 PM

Figure 2: Pull in relevant content from popular web services into your map.

Share and Collaborate with Others in Real Time

What really makes Mindjet Connect special is its ability to bring teams together to collaborate with easy sharing and real time co-editing features.  Share your work with anyone you want regardless of whether your colleagues use Mindjet software (Figure 3).  You also have the ability to establish and manage permissions at the file, folder and account level – so you can share only what you want with who you want!

Screen shot 2011-09-11 at 10.53.08 PM

Figure 3: Easily share maps and grant either read only or edit access to your users

Once you’ve shared your maps with your colleagues, you can start to co-edit with them simultaneously (Figure 4).  This can be an especially powerful feature when working with highly distributed or virtual teams.

Screen shot 2011-09-11 at 10.53.24 PM

Figure 4: Co-edit maps in real time with multiple people.

Access Your Work from Any Device

Since Mindjet Connect is an online service, all you really need to access your account is an Internet connection!  That means you can access your files anytime, anywhere and from virtually any device.  In addition, we will be offering seamless integration of Mindjet Connect with all of our productivity software as well.

OS Supported

That means you can take your work with you on the go and stay in better sync with your team regardless of where you are.  Imagine how much more productive you would be if you could work on your map in MindManager 2012 on your laptop, access it on your iPad while you are waiting for your flight at the airport, and then use Mindjet Connect’s online co-editing capabilities to collaborate with your extended team distributed around the world?

The Power of Visualization

Last but certainly not the least, is our interactive visual framework which is core to our collaborative work management solution.  Mindjet Connect provides a web-based mapping client that allows you to easily capture, organize, and connect ideas and information so you and your team can go from brainstorming to establishing priorities, creating plans, and taking action (Figure 5).

Screen shot 2011-09-11 at 10.53.41 PM

Figure 5: Map relevant information to keep everyone on the same page.

Use it to map goals, issues, and requirements to help everyone see information in context. Or map out tasks, schedules, and resource assignments to clarify workflows and ensure alignment.  The possibilities are endless with how you can leverage our powerful mapping capabilities.

As you can tell, this is pretty powerful stuff.  It’s going to change the way you work with others for the better.  Are you ready to Connect?

Mindjet Connect – Work Better, Together.

34 Responses to “The Countdown to Mindjet Connect”

  1. John

    Woah this weblog is fantastic i really like reading your posts. Keep up the good work! You realize, lots of people are looking round for this info, you can aid them greatly.

  2. Jimmy

    I’m excited for the new colloborative interface & currently undergoing a transition from XP to Windows 7 in the office.  Feels like security measure have been enhanced even further.  How flexible is the cloud based service when a user does not have administrative rights on a computer or limited means to enable software updates, etc?

    From a macro standpoint, what amount of internal IT support is required to get the ball rolling & how self suffiicient can the end users be?

  3. DavidFaulkes

    Thanks for the update Mindjet brilliant news, I am looking forward to using it.  FYI Mindmanager is the most important piece of software I have.  I started using it more than 10 years ago and it is still the key component in my Management Consultancy activities both for individual and group work.  At least once a week a client or colleage with say to me “what is that software you are using, it looks brilliant!”
    I always focus on content rather than presentation in maps but features such as application integration are really valuable to work with others moving data to and from the environments in which they work.  However a platform agnostic virtualised cloud based system has the potential to empower much more effective group work.

  4. Gary Markfort

    Ok I purchased Mindmanager9  but nothing in your web pages nor did your associate inform me that there was a business version of the product.  Hence I do not have the calculation features etc.. That one of your blogs talked about in detail.  How do I get this addition. These would be extreemly useful. Thanks.  PS  I noticed you have a Resources tab,  come on, people are not and should not be called resources. They are people… You could change the name of this tab to team scheduling.  I thought it was managing my system resources or maps or something.  The military specifically does not use the term resources to ensure they treat their members as people. 

    • MichaelDeutch

      Hi Gary, it’s me again (just answered your last comment). We only offer one version of MindManager version 9. Which blog are you referring to?   And, I hear you about ‘Resources’. I believe when it was added, our customers and/or design team wanted to use the field to track any kind of resource (e.g. equipment, rooms, people, etc…). That said, I see us moving in the direction of tracking assigned ‘people’ against topics/tasks. Have a great evening!


  5. Gary Markfort

    I am excited about the new mindjet connect.  I am also impressed that you do not filter the responses and I get to see the bad along with the good.  I just purchased mindmanger 9 and have good comments from my associates. One item when I save an interactive PDF map to microsoft Team Foundation Server,  upon recall all content is lost.  Any Help???

    • MichaelDeutch

      Hi Gary, can you submit your issue in our support form? Our team will look into it and through the support system, they’ll be able to track the issue. Here’s the link:

      One thing that I’m wondering is what are you using to view the PDF? Is it a version of adobe reader supported by Mindjet?  Also, do you have the same issue if you save up an interactive SWF file?


  6. Oboudou

    I lbought the iPad version of the software 1 month ago for $8.99 now
    it’s free.  That it very poor decision making on the part of

  7. Martin Coult

    So for those of us paying for Catalyst, which is a disappointment, are you upgrading us to Connect for free?

    • Felicity Wohltman (Mindjet)

      Hi, Roy-
      The Mindjet Connect that was available prior to Mindjet Catalyst was designed as a companion to MindManager and was limited in terms of collaboration capabilities.  The just-announced Mindjet Connect has robust collaboration capabilities and can be used both on its own and integrated with MindManager 2012.   Over the next few weeks we’ll be providing a lot more information about Mindjet Connect and MindManager 2012, so please stay tuned.

  8. Roy Grubb

    It’s rather basic to get the links in your emails correct.  Three links in the “Exciting News from Mindjet” mail-out are like this:

  9. Brendon

    Cant wait to try this, one of the hassles has been the old software was only installed on my PC and staff had to come into my office to use / add to it – just this week I was away overseas wishing I had access to my old mind maps and could update it on the go – ipad would have been perfect!  mindjet?  mind readers! nice one guys!

  10. Ian

    Where does the introduction of Mindjet Connect leave me with Catalyst. I notice you mention the service is free however I am paying for Catalyst? What should Catalyst customers do?

    • Felicity Wohltman (Mindjet)

      Hi, Ian-
      Over the next few weeks, we’ll be providing a lot more information about Mindjet Connect and we’ll be communicating directly with Catalyst customers to explain their options.  Briefly, two versions of Mindjet Connect will be available beginning on Sept 22nd, the Free edition and the Business edition (paid).  We will be sending you more information about the details so you can determine what you’d like to do.  Mindjet Catalyst will continue to be fully supported, so there will be plenty of time to determine how you’d like to proceed.

  11. BJ

    This sounds fantastic.  I’d love to be able to created, edit, and reference my mind maps from my phone, iPad, laptop, etc.  I do have some questions, though.  First, as others have asked, how does this differ from Catalyst?  Are you simply relaunching Catalyst with a new name?  Second, how does MindManager compare to Connect?  Aside from the issue of web connectivity, will there be a need for MindManager?

    It would be great to have you visually address the questions being raised.  A mind map would, of course, be appropriate.  But a brief video would be most helpful.  I enjoy your periodic webinars, but a short video or two would be much more convenient.

    • Felicity Wohltman (Mindjet)

      Hi, BJ-
      Thanks for your comments.  Please see comments above re: Mindjet Catalyst and Mindjet Connect.  Your suggestion of a map is a good one, and we’ll get on that.  We also have videos underway and will be providing updates over the next couple of weeks.  Please stay tuned.  

  12. Ernieb

    Catalyst was implemented using Cisco WeBex as the backend. Is Connect using the same technology or is it based on the go to meeting backend?

    • Felicity Wohltman (Mindjet)

      Mindjet Connect does not include web conferencing.  Given the number of web conferencing options, as well as the many other communication solutions out there (e.g., Skype, iChat, etc.), it didn’t make sense to include web conferencing going forward.  (just as an fyi, Catalyst didn’t use WebEx technology). 

  13. Jimbblunt

    Am I the only person who finds it ironic that mindjet chose to cast vision for their innovative new mindmapping technology primarily with standard text/paragraphs and a few gratuitous screen captures? And perhaps you haven’t noticed, Mindjet, but your iOS apps suck. Read your customers reviews and fix what is broken before adding new features/services.

    • Felicity Wohltman (Mindjet)

      You’ll be seeing a lot more information about Mindjet Connect and MindManager 2012 in the coming weeks.  Sorry you have a low opinion of the iOS apps — others have posted very positive reviews.  

      • Jeff Hallett

        Well, I like them, but I’m rather out of joint that I paid to get them and now they are free.  Any thought to providing some level of refund or, at least, provide a free update to include the new features?

  14. Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne

    For those of using paying for Catalyst could you provide some guidance on how this is different?  I am also wondering if the map sharing feature will work on the Mac side of things.  The lack of support for Catalyst on the Mac version of Mind Manager is a downer.

    • Felicity Wohtlman (Mindjet)

      Hi, Jarlath-
      As noted above in my response to Travis, you’ll be receiving more information via email today and over the next few weeks about the differences between Mindjet Connect and Mindjet Catalyst and your options.   

    • Felicity Wohltman

      Hi, Travis-
      If you’re currently using Catalyst, you’ll be receiving an email today and more information in the coming weeks about the differences between Mindjet Connect and Mindjet Catalyst,  along with information about how to transition to Mindjet Connect if/when you want to.

    • Antony

      I love my mindjet. 10 years on it is still the best desktop app.

      I have to agree with the comments above, there have been a lot of shifts in direction and new products that were not really well articulated – at least to me.

      Let’s see wether we can get a clear view of this latest release and what it means for us and our clients – for me me mobility is the key


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