MindManager Version 9 for Mac now Lion Compatible

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August 16, 2011

Good news. MindManager Version 9 for Mac is now fully compatible with Lion 10.7 OS X. We’ve also included some general fixes to optimize your MindManager for Mac experience. In this update you’ll find fixes around:

  • Slides
  • Filtering
  • Layout
  • Crashes

We’d like to give a big shout out to all the beta testers we had for this update. We’re getting good feedback on the update and the release as well. One beta tester said Mindjet was “more robust and very responsive”. In addition, MindManager Version 9 for Mac recieved a 4 out of 5 star rating from MacWorld UK. Click here for MacWorld UK’s entire MindManager review.

If you are not running Mac OS X Lion, and want to download the update here’s how you can get it:

1) Open up MindManager Version 9 for Mac

2) Select Help > Check for Updates from your file menu

 MindManager 9 Mac Update Screen

3) Download your update

If you are already running Lion or want more information about Lion compatibility:

Click here for download instructions or contact Customer Support at customer.support@mindjet.com for more information.

22 Responses to “MindManager Version 9 for Mac now Lion Compatible”

  1. apple technical support

       MindManager Version 9 for Mac is now fully compatible with Lion 10.7 OS X.In Lion, the cursor is crisp and sharp at larger sizes. In addition to the built-in voices in Lion,we can download higher-quality versions of the languages from VoiceOver Utility.

  2. Steve

    Support for OSX Lion full-screen mode would be welcomed (especially if it is wrapped in as an update for version 9, rather than brought in as part of a new version.

  3. Water3d

    Was really looking forward to this upgrade for full-screen mode.  Then disappointment.  Why no  full screen/no chrome mode???

  4. WS

    Hi there all,

    just got and installed the updated MM9 for mac. much to my disappointment, the priority and project completion icons are still way too pixely…

    is there no way of smoothing out the icons somehow so they look more professional… ? the way it looks now, MM9 comes across rather cheap and low quality…


  5. J Alex

    I have given up on Mind Manager now and switched to NovaMind – much better suited to my needs, and does Lion support properly: full screen, autosave in place, versions etc.

  6. Hans Gehrts

    Guys, I’m lucky to see that you are still porting to other OSs. But Mac is not my platform of choice since I left the windows platform last year. I’m desperately waiting for a Linux Version of Mind Manager.. with formatted OpenOffice export please.
    I know there are other mindmapping tools on linux available… payware like xmind and the other free gpl stuff. But MindManager is still the best. The thing is: I don’t want to stick to windows just because of MindManager.
    So PLEASE port to Linux… preferrably to Ubunutu. Now.
    I’m not going to update my license (v7) to the latest version until there is a linux version.

    regards from germany,

    • parkertrewin


      Stephanie is out this week but gets these posts so she’s received your request.  I can’t make any promises but will also forward your comment to our Chief Products Officer for his review.

  7. Joel Orr

    I assume the rtf of terminal commands in the zip, sent along with the AppleScript that zaps the old MM9, is to be ignored. It would be nice to be told exactly what to do.

    Joel Orr

  8. Charles Webster

    Hmm .. sadly I am not finding this to be the case. I have two cases open so far around mm Mac9’s ability to export maps to word (or any other format for that matter) and also around images in the notes field in Topics. All features that were supported in mm mac9 before the upgrade to lion.

    I would still caution regular users of mm mac9 not to upgrade to lion until all the bugs have been ironed out.

  9. Laura D

    I’ve got MM8 for mac.  How can I upload to MM9 as MM8 is not working properly in Lion?

  10. Reggie

    I just install Mindmanager 9.0 build 9.0.194.  Unfortunately, I can not open a .pdf attachment.  Help.

  11. Dan K.

    So this version is Lion-compatible in the sense that that it doesn’t crash every time I open it. Plus one!

    But where is support for Lion’s key features? Full screen mode? Auto-save and versions?

    When can we expect those?


  12. bobflood


    The version that’s appearing on the web site is build 9.0.194.Build 194 was a beta release … it had / has problems … you know this through our various correspondence … my Mac has to be tweaked to keep 194 running … and MM9 still falls over from time to time …All this was more than 10 days ago … I cannot believe Mindjet made NO progress on the issues with the beta in the last two weeks … and now just decide to release it on their paid customers anyway.
    What on earth are Mindjet playing at ?!

    • parkertrewin

      Bob, given the time zones we’re gonna have our EMEA customer care supervisor reach out to you. He should be in touch in short order.



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