MindManager 2012 Coming Attractions: Dynamic SharePoint Integration

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August 23, 2011

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get to a SharePoint site from within your map?  Now you can!

Dynamic Integration with SharePoint means that all of the assets you store in SharePoint can now be displayed inside MindManager.

MindManager 2012 Sharepoint

By mapping out the information stored in your SharePoint sites, you and your team will gain new perspective, increase the quality of your planning, and improve your execution on projects and work processes.

The new SharePoint Items menu includes a whole set of predefined queries for documents, images, tasks and more, or you can search multiple sites from within MindManager and find the specific piece of information you are looking for. 

MindManager 2012. Produced by Mindjet and starring you.

16 Responses to “MindManager 2012 Coming Attractions: Dynamic SharePoint Integration”

  1. Alicia bretto

    Hello ,

    Being a sharepoint service provider would you be interested in sharepoint installed companies contacts ?

    If so then we do have contacts of microsoft sharepoint installed companies across the globe with all possible decision makers like IT managers , project managers ,document managers ,CVD level contacts etc

    Counts are as follows

    USA- 66,172+ contacts
    Europe- 31,324+ contacts
    Canada- 11,300+ contacts
    Australia – 2,250+ contacts
    Asia – 1000+ contacts

    This list includes: Technology Type, Contact full name, Company name, web link, telephone & fax number, employee & revenue size, designation, Mailing address, SIC code, industry description and email address (opt in and business emails )

    Reply to alicia.bretto@data-update.com or call 281-619-7003 with your criteria and get all the required information instantly.

  2. David Stephens

    I would like to see a simple site and list definition xml import.   Mindmanager is useful for analyze site structure, but at this point I use a seperate tool to export the XML and then I import into Mindjet.   I would also like to have the ability to import the available metadata values.

  3. kellyalexandermiller

    Rob,  there will be a lot of great new features in 2012.  The blog posts on the new brainstorming, marker index and SharePoint integration on just the start, we will be telling you much more in just a few weeks.

  4. Rob Mueller

    As a very long time user, I hope the updates to 2012 are more than extra addons  like sharepoint. 


  5. DaleHohm

    Is everything necessary incorporated in the MM 2012 client or does it require installation of software on the SharePoint server?

    • MichaelDeutch

      There isn’t anything required on the server for MindManager to be able to communicate with SharePoint but you’ll need to authenticate with SharePoint for the integration to work. Since SharePoint can be configured in so many different ways, there are some instances where the integration wasn’t possible.

  6. Scotty Online

    I LOVE mindjet mindmanager! but in my opinion there are some missing features that are more important than sharepoint integration – see the pic below (I know that you can just create an extra topic in order to achieve quite the same but in fact it’s not the same as shown in the pic)

    furthermore it would be nice to integrate kind of a “learning mode” for students who work with truly enormous mindmaps to organize the huge amount of facts… – anyway keep up the great work!

  7. Jstevens163

    This SharePoint Integration will be a killer application.   I’m an Information Architect working in SharePoint 2010 and I do all my IA work in Mindmanager.  Often times with SharePoint migration projects we need to review existing SharePoint sites and make recommendations for a redesign.   This tool will save countless hours of trolling through sites and subsites to view content!!



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