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August 9, 2011

First, some have asked “Will there be more features in MindManager 2012?” Yes, there will be a lot of new features. In fact, this is the second in a series of blog posts that is intended to whet your appetite up until our launch of our latest Windows product in September.

With that out of the way I’m glad to unveil another great feature: Marker Index.

With the new Marker Index you can automatically generate a searchable list based on the markers you’ve placed in your map. For instance, using the Index, you can quickly see the tasks you have tagged with priority, progress or resources markers. By opening up the Marker Index pane (see image below) you can stay on top of your projects and plans.

MM2012 Marker Index Pane 

With a single click on a topic in the index list the map automatically re-centers on that topic, making it much easier to navigate in large, complex maps to zero in on what needs focus. No more missed deadlines. Goodbye to wasted resources.

You can also easily copy and paste the list of list of markers from your map into an email (for example to create an action item list generated during a meeting). Below is an example email created from the Marker Index shown above:

Prioritized Task List


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23 Responses to “MindManager 2012 Coming Attractions: Marker Index”

  1. ????

    from the MindManager 2012 help file, a large portion of the shortcodes instruction has been removed! Why?

    • Jeanne Daniele

      Hi Kiatlc,
      By shortcodes do you mean Keyboard Shortcuts? Please let us know what you think is missing.

      • ????

        No, the shortcode like example:

        then when you key-in and start with the words “waitingfor”, certain icon will be applied automatically. It is function of Power Markers in MindManager9, and all the shortcodes are listed in Power Markers’s help file, but not found in MindManager2012

        • MichaelDeutch

          You can contact Mindjet’s support team via our website with this request. The features that you mentioned are not officially supported in MindManager 2012 but they have a download that can help you restore this capability.
          Pardon any typos, sent from my mobile phone!

  2. kellyalexandermiller

    Estimado Marcos,
    Gracias por sus comentarios. Me agrade en informarle que si va a poder importar imágenes directamente de la internet a su mapa de Mindjet con un simple click en la versión MindManager 2012.
    Estamos a sus órdenes para cualquier consulta.

  3. Marco Arcienega

    Interesante la nueva version por lo que veo, pero me gustaria que esta version  incluya imagenes directo desde internet  como lo tiene este programas http://mind42.com/
    La esencia de los mapas mentales son las imagenes eso estimula el recuerdo y la asociacion con las ramas que uno va creando.  Si bien las versiones de minjed las tiene pero no es lo optimo de como se actualiza.  espero comentarios. 

    Marco Arcienega

  4. kellyalexandermiller

    Lonnie,  unfortunately the Beta program is closed to new participants, I will pass you contact information on to the Beta team for consideration for the next Beta we do.  We will be ramping up the information we discuss on MM 2012 over the next few weeks, so that should help you decide on if it makes sense to preorder.

  5. Lonnie

    I have been using the various versions of mindmanager now on ver 9, which I like with the schedule charts.  Was surprised that you want people to pre-order without information on new features.  I just read the latest blogs and comments.  It would be helpful to me to be a beta tester to get a better feel of what is new, is that possible.

  6. kellyalexandermiller

    MM 2012 will be coming out next month, and I will check with the Beta team and see if they are still accepting people to the program.  Please send me an email directly if you are interested (kelly.miller at mindjet.com)

    • Random

      Thanks so much for your reply!
      By the by, any word yet on when exactly it is expected within next month? I mean, end of month, beginning, middle?
      The reason I’m asking for a bit more details is simple: I’m very much exited and can’t wait to try it out 😀

  7. Random

    Any ETA for the final product OR an alpha/beta? I’d be very much interested to play around with it as a beta tester!

  8. kellyalexandermiller

    Rob, Search does work across multiple maps, but Marker Index currently only works in a single map.  It’s a request we have also heard during our Beta testing; we are looking at it for a future release.

  9. kellyalexandermiller

    Ona, thanks for your comment.  I appreciate your frustration. We have two separate release cycles and are working to bring the two in synch.  That being said, we welcome the dialogue and feature requests.  If you’d like to make a request or wish to have a direct conversation please email mac@mindjet.com.  This email gets routed to both CSS and the Mac product management team.  We would be happy to follow up with a 1-1 then.

  10. Rob

    Will this have global capabilities (searching across multiple maps)? Because limiting the capabilities to a single map would not be a great feature. Rob

  11. Ona

    The planning stages for “MAC”.  Give me a break….  
    Exactly what are you planning?
    I’ve been a MindJet user for years.  Started with PC and now MAC.  I haven’t seen any great improvements to Mac, including Version 9.
    Are you going to bring Mac into this century?

  12. kellyalexandermiller

    Richard, we are still in the planning stages on the next version of MindManager for the Mac.  From your question, it sounds like you would like to see it in the product, I will pass that on to product management.

  13. kellyalexandermiller

    That is correct, Marker Index is based on Power Markers, but it is fully integrated into the product.



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