Mind Mapping Helps Authors Write Articles Faster

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August 15, 2011

For all you authors, bloggers, or people who just like to write out there, have you ever thought about using mind maps to aid you in your writing process?

Lase week week we held a webinar with Jim Lauria, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Amiad Filtration, where he shared the tools he uses for writing articles. If the name sounds familiar to you, it’s because he is a featured blogger on the Huffington Post who has had over 5 globally recognized cover stories. In this webinar, Jim shared tips that have helped him become a thought leader in the water industry and secrets that allow him to write an article in an incredibly short turnaround time making him the first person editors call when they need expert content briefly.

Some of this webinar’s highlights include:

  • How Jim uses information maps to quickly summarize each book & article he reads –making it easy to access information when he’s writing an editorial or presentation
  • How he uses map templates for each piece he’s working on – allowing him to map out the purpose, general principles, expected outcome, brainstorm and next steps.

Check out his webinar in full and others from our on-demand webinar library. They are definitely worth the 30 minutes.

Don’t have a spare half hour?

No problem! We also have short, 15 minute on-demand demos with some tips on how to get the most out of MindManager for those of us that are time-crunched.

8 Responses to “Mind Mapping Helps Authors Write Articles Faster”

  1. troylarson

    Mac users, we apologize for the delay but we should now have a way for you to watch this webinar. There is one caveat to this solution; the file is a .wmv file so you will need to have a converter like flip4mac to be able to read the windows media file.

    This said you can access the Mac version here:


  2. Ralph Thompson

    There is no quicker, easier and more intuitive way to organize an article, blog, book, whatever, than Mindmanager. I experiment with many organizing and task management programs as part of a project I work on, but, ironically,  I always have Mindmanager in the background organizing the project. 

  3. troylarson

    Andres, this issue is being looked into for the cause of the problem, how to remedy it and how to prevent the error in the future. This issue does not seem to be happening with previously recorded Customer Webinars but we’ll keep an eye peeled…

    In the meantime, like you pointed out, if you’re using a PC, there are two options that may help you view this session immediately. You may either download the latest version of Windows Media player or download the video codec associated with this type of recording:


    Hopefully one of the options above will prove helpful. Your additional feedback is also appreciated.

    • Andreas

      Thanks, Troy, for the quick answer! I will try the link for the codec when I have another spare half hour to invest. I had watched other recorded webinars in the past, so your explanation of this as a snafu sounds plausible.
      As I said, I used Parallels on the Mac to view this, which runs Windows XP. No idea whether the codec will work with that.

  4. Andreas

    Can you explain to me why you make the recordings of these webinars exclusively available to users of the Windows platform? After all, you also sell versions of MindManager for the Mac – which I happen to have been using for years. But you keep making me (and others on the Mac) feel that we are second class citizens for MindJet. What a pity.
    In addition, if that is what you choose to do: why not at least have the courtesy to say so here on this webpage? “Mac and Linux users need not try” would do the trick. I now spent 15 minutes to find out, try it through Parallels, only to eventually be told that Microsofts MediaPlayer is lacking some silly G2M4 codec (which it also cannot download) so I cannot watch the webinar after all.
    It is sometimes difficult not to feel MindJet becoming complacent due to its success!

    • Garyturner

      Andreas, I received a survey questionnaire from Mindjet a couple of months ago and I made the same comment in the survey. Mindjet does appear to treat MacUsers as second class citizens and I wish I knew why. I get the feeling that Mindjet really does not want to cater to Mac users but is being force to –for some reason!



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