Important Reminder about MindManager® Version 9 for Mac® and Lion Compatibility

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August 2, 2011

An important reminder for all Version 9 for Mac® users:

Please note that MindManager® Version 9 for Mac® is not compatible with Lion OS X until the next update, which will be available on August 16, 2011. Until that time Mindjet advises you to not use MindManager® Version 9 for Mac® with the Lion operating system.

If you have already installed Lion and want assistance then please contact Mindjet® at

19 Responses to “Important Reminder about MindManager® Version 9 for Mac® and Lion Compatibility”

  1. Tech

    In my last correspodence with support I was told that the reason I was having troubles with Mindmanager 8 is it was not compatiable with Lion. So support suggested I need Mindmanager 9. I took there advice and purchased 9, its was like extortion buy the new product and all will be OK.  What a waist of time and money thats been to add insult to inury it does exactly the same thing as 8 did. Where is the compensation for my lose of productivity ? I can understand maybe a couple of days with a glitch. But this is ridiculous how long has lion been out now ?

  2. Ciaranocoileain

    What about version 8 users. This update does not help us. This is infuriating. 

    • Bob

      So people WHAT’S THE SOLUTION for MM8 users?! I have tried emailing your company and posting here now in three different places asking this question. NO ANSWER!!

  3. Ona

    Am I the only one that realizes we are getting “lip service” until the update comes out?  No one is really concerned, and I doubt doing anything individually to help us that are simply left out in the dark.
    I was in the middle of a $100,000 project when all this blew up.  I’m sure some are worse off than I, but this should be a lesson for anything mindjet promises.  
    Anger does not describe my feelings.

  4. Bob

    Let me second and third all the of the loyal user customer comments here.  Mindjet, the way you guys have handled managed this situation is absolutely abysmal!!!  In today’s world even the freeware apps I use on my Mac where Lion ‘ready’ once Lion rolled out.  And as many have said here, Lion was no surprise.  Apple has had various development betas out for months and months.  So one has to ask WHY did not someone in your company at least think to at least check the compatibility for us on the newest product which came out within a couple weeks of your release of MM9??!! 

    In addition, many of us Mac folks started with MM7, upgraded to MM8 and in my case as with others too if you check your forums, tried MM9 found it sluggish (on Snow Leopard) and also did not feel the few ‘features’ that were added was worth the $129 to upgrade.  I’ve asked what about Lion compatibility on MM8 and haven’t got anyone in your company to give me a straight answer either way.  I’ve even tried asking on your forums where you made the announcement of MM9 and Lion.  While my post was ignored by your staff, the one below me was replied to with what seems to be the standard here – please email me at  While that request wasn’t made to me – even if it was it appears the response is the same.  I agree with Oliver here, if you all have something to say, post it for all to see.  You guys have a know problem with this, so address it openly.

    I know Mac probably a small part of your business but come on!  Many of us loyal MM users started with your Windows version, still recommend the product for use as I have for the numerous clients I used to consult for and now with my product development and marketing teams in my company.   While I’m the only Mac user in my company, I’m still the one that OKs all the purchases.  I bought MM back when it was V3 and have upgraded loyally with almost every release.  But what do you think my feeling will be when my staff comes and asks me to upgrade to MM10 on their Windows machine?  

    • parkertrewin


      I hear your frustration. I apologize for the delay. To address your specific question, MindManager Version 8 for Mac is not compatible with Lion.  Understandably, we have encouraged Mac 8 users who want Lion to upgrade to version 9 to give these users this functionality. 

      The reason that we’ve suggested that you contact is we’ve found that direct communication is the quickest and best way to resolve customer issues. 

      Again, I apologize for the delay.

  5. Grant Purdy

    Rather that posting an “important reminder” should you not be issuing a grovelling apology.  What possible use is your reminder to me when I reply on MindManager for my business and I have already  installed Lion.  You could had lease warned us before Lion was released.

    This is an unbelievable response from a major software developer.  Beta versions of Lion have been around for months.  How on earth can you retain any credibility when you cannot keep up with the development in the second most important platform for your products.  There is no way that you would have this attitude to a Windows system upgrade.

    I have used your product since version 1 and I have promoted it worldwide to my clients.  This is the reward you give for such trust:  execrable service.

    • parkertrewin

      Grant, I hear your concerns and have talked to our VP of Customer Service and Support about this. If you’d like to discuss this more he suggested that you contact him directly and he said he’d arrange a call.  He can be reached at  Please put “Lion Update” in the headline and it will be flagged to his attention.

      • Grant Purdy


        I followed your advice and wrote to your VP Customer Services and guess what?  No reply!

        I guess that just confirms MindJet’s attitude to customer service – at least those that use Macs.

  6. Richard Lindesay

    Great, looking forward to the update!  Although it’s not the best that I have to wait, I don’t mind as MindManager is still my favourite application.

  7. Ciaran O Coileain

    As a longtime mac user this very poor service. I have invested in 4 versions of mindmanger. It is safe to say I will not be continuing to utilize the technology and will look at alternative solutions.  

  8. Oliver

    This is very upsetting. No notice was given in advance. I also downloaded Lion and only then found out MindManager is no longer working. No notice was given on the website. Nothing. We know that Mindjet knew about the compatibility issues. After all, Lion was out there for everyone to test their software on.
    I use MindManager daily in my business. This is actually losing me money.I am sorry, but for want of a better word I have to call this performance pathetic. I am with all the other comments.

  9. Jeff

    Mindmanager used to be my favorite program, but now just sunk to the bottom of my list as I can’t use it on my Mac.  Wish I knew, better yet, wish you were on top of Lion…

      • Oliver

        Stephanie – since you’re asking a lot of people who have posted comments to shoot you an email … maybe there is something you can share with us all instead of us having to contact you directly. It would be a start for winning back some positive impressions. 


  10. Ona

    I downloaded Lion the day it was released and opened Mindmanager.  Yes, it sure would have been nice.  I’m very tired of the only response from Mindmanager being don’t use it.  Day late, dollar short.

  11. Peter Schnall

    This reminder would have been much appreciated before Lion was released.
    Dr. Peter Schnall 


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