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July 25, 2011

Many of you are already expert users of MindManager 9 for Mac.  You’ve mastered the new filtering feature and you’re deft at creating interactive slides from you map (if you are not familiar with these new features, take a look at the What’s New in MindManager 9 for Mac post). 

Here, we’ve supplied some tips to customize MindManager and take your experience to the next level.

Tailoring Your Toolbar to Meet Your Needs

Customizing your toolbar is a great way to increase your personal productivity.  Include only your most important and frequently used features and remove the rest for a more streamlined interface.

To customize your toolbar, simply select the View Features in the main menu and select “Customize Toolbar…” at the bottom of the menu (Figure 1). 

MM9 Mac Custom Toolbar

Figure 1: Customize your MindManager toolbar

Now all you do is simply drag-and-drop the icons of your favorite and most frequently used features into your toolbar, or just right click and select “Add” (Figure 2).

MM9 Drag-and-Drop Icons to Toolbar
Figure 2: Select the icons and drag-and-drop to your toolbar

Once you’ve added your key features, you can adjust how they appear in your toolbar.  You can either display just the icons, just the text, or both…and if you want to fit as many icons as possible, you can select the small size option to shrink each one.

Creating Your Own Markers Groups and Icons

MindManager comes loaded with useful icons and markers already pre-defined and ready for use.  But what if you want to create your own marker set?  For example, let’s say you’re a project manager and would like to attribute tasks to various departments.

MindManager 9 for Mac allows you to customize the labels for existing marker sets or create your own from scratch!  If you prefer to use one of the existing marker sets and just want to rename them, you simply right-click on the text of the marker you want to rename and select the “rename” option in the pop-up menu and edit as you please (figure 3).

MM9 Mac Rename Option

Figure 3: Rename existing marker set

If you prefer to create a custom marker set, all you need to do is select the “+” icon at the bottom of the Markers Inspector and select either New Marker Group or New Tag Group, depending on what type of icons you want to create.
From there you can title your new marker or tag group (Default label is Group Name) and select the icons you want to use either from the icon library (Figure 4) or customize with your own.

MM9 Mac Customize markers & tag groups

Figure 4: Customize markers and tag groups

Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts

If you ask a power user what the most important functionality is of their favorite application, they’ll likely tell you the keyboard shortcuts.  Fortunately, Mac OS X offers the ability to change your keyboard shortcuts so it makes more sense to you and how you like to work with the application.
To customize your keyboard shortcuts, go to the Apple menu and select “System Preferences”, then “Keyboard”, and then “Keyboard Shortcuts” (Figure 5).  From there you can select the “+” symbol and choose the application.  Now you can customize the shortcut for each menu command.

 MM9 Keyboard Shortcuts
Figure 5: Customize your keyboard shortcuts

NOTE: This is a feature of Mac OS X. This is NOT a MindManager feature; as a result we have not tested for full compatibility.

Creating Your Own Map Templates and Styles

As you know, MindManager for Mac offers a number of out-of-the-box map templates designed to help you start mapping faster and more easily.  What you probably didn’t know is that you can also create your own map templates.  Once you’ve created your map, you can save it as a number of different file formats including a Mindjet MindManager Map, Map Part, Map Template, and even a Map Style.
If you want to customize the style of your maps (topic shapes, lines, colors, etc.) then you can follow the same process (Figure 6). 

MM9 Mac Save As Template

Figure 6: Save as map template or styles

Create a map with the styles of your choice and then save as a Mindjet MindManager Style.  And when you save to the default location (?~/Library/Application Support/Mindjet/MindManager/9/{language}/Library/Styles), your map style will automatically be saved to your Style Chooser!

Hopefully these advanced tips will help you make the most of your MindManager experience and take your MindManager skills to the next level.

9 Responses to “Become a MindManager for Mac Jedi!”

  1. Patrick Duffy

    Hi in the Windows version 14 I have pulled in some images and icons to my Library – I cannot find how to do this in Mac V10. Can any body help? Are there any add-on packs out there?

  2. JacquelynTS

    I agree with Mike W. and Ona — very disappointing that it’s not fully Lion-compatible.  I, too, have had constant crashing — a real drag since I use my maps in teaching (and I’m still involved in teaching three grad courses this summer).  Hope there is a fix available VERY soon!  Love my Mindjet for Mac otherwise….

    • Stephanie J. Neill

      Hi Jacquelyn & Ona,

      We will have an update available on August 16, 2011.


      • martin joseph brej

        thanks for the heads-up on the upcoming dot release / patch, stephanie.  like many others here, i, too, am a longtime, passionate mind manager user (on windows and mac).  it is a great tool–essential to my work and personal lives.  looking forward to customizing the toolbar as described in the article above–and to the crashes stopping!

      • stopthecrashes!

        That is so long to wait!  I am dead in the water on my mapping projects since my upgrade to Lion.

        Please release a beta fix sooner!  It could not be worse than guaranteed crashing.

  3. Ona

    I must agree with Mike W.  I’ve done all the above but would very much like to be able to “USE” Mindmanager.  Having upgraded to Lion, all I get is crashing.  I’m in the middle of a major home remodel in San Francisco that I was contracted and CRASH.  I’ve gone to OmniFocus to try and keep things together.

  4. Mike W.

    Interesting blog covering toolbar tailoring, something now broken if you are using OSX Lion. Kind of feels like rubbing salt into an open wound!



  1.  Mindjet, quo vadis?

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