MindManager 2012 Coming Attractions: Directed Brainstorming

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July 26, 2011

Preview the latest and greatest features right here. Become a brainstorming blackbelt with our built-in three step process that will make you “the Karate Kid” of your team!

With MindManager 2012 you will stimulate and capture the best people’s brightest ideas.

MindManager has always been great for capturing and displaying ideas generated during a brainstorming session. Now we’ve added a process to help you define what problem you are trying to solve, inspire original ideas, and categorize and refine those ideas so that you can proceed with a defined action plan. MindManager 2012 takes you through a three step process to make your brainstorming sessions more productive:


  • Step 1: Define Challenges:  Clarify the brainstorming topic by adding your own questions or using our pre-set of questions.
  • Step 2: Generate Ideas:  Spark insight via new brainstorm flash cards.  Use words images and questions to help you look at the topic in a fresh way.
  • Step 3: Categorize and Refine: Make the information work by categorizing, sorting, and refining so you can then act on your best ideas.

Coming soon! MindManager 2012. Produced by Mindjet and starring you.

31 Responses to “MindManager 2012 Coming Attractions: Directed Brainstorming”

  1. Pkelsey

    I have upgraded to every new MindManager since the 90’s with significant disappointments in the value add associated with each upgrade. I am currently a MindManager 9 user and now I am facing another upgrade cost. I am reluctant to upgrade to 2012 with the associated price. Do I have any options other than waiting for 2013.

    PK, VP of Sales and Marketing

    • parkertrewin

      Of course we think the upgrade is worth the cost and with the free sharing capabilities that are available through the Mindjet Connect integration sharing and working with other team members who aren’t Mindjet customers is as easy as filling out an email address.

      Alternatively you have the option of staying on your current version.

    • MichaelDeutch

      In addition to Parker’s response, you can also start to use our free mobile apps. If you’d like to share any thoughts about what would inspire you to upgrade (e.g. what features you’ve been dying to see), feel free to send me an email directly at michael (dot) deutch (at) mindjet (dot) com —- thanks!

  2. Steve

    Does Mindjet have any plans to allow maps to look like the mindmaps did when they hand drawn. iMindmap does that, but I would rather stick with MindManager, I don’t suppose 2012 will do that?

    • parkertrewin

      Great idea, Steve.  I know that we’re incorporating a lot of new features into 2012.  Hand drawn maps is a bit further down the road.

  3. Marco Gruber

    Sorry, folks, wrong direction – I’m surprised that your company still thinks that “better brainstorming” is a differenciator with respect to your (free) competitors. Who really cares about additional functionality with respect to “brainstorming”? What we’ve had so far is more than enough; but what we need is best-of-breed with respect to e.g. project management, planning tools, the ability to calculate within branches – and most of all: To get into the core processes of any enterprise with excellently designed “knowledge-maps” for “enterprise development”, Risk Management etc.

    Best, Marco

    • MichaelDeutch

      Marco, thanks for your feedback. Brainstorming is just the beginning, we have a lot of exciting new enhancements. I’d love to hear more about your ideas for making MindManager more enterprise friendly, let’s connect! I can be reached at Michael [dot] Deutch [at] Mindjet.com.

      Thanks again for your feedback!

      • Dashhund

        Concentrate on basics such as properly rendered icon sets and Mindmanager freezing whne saving a new Mindmap.

  4. Anne H

    The feature looks interesting. Kind of reminds me of a cross between ThoughtOffice, Roger Von Oech’s Whack Pack cards, and PICL chart. I like that I can add my own questions.

  5. Adam

    I concur.  I am a longtime user (since ver. 2) and fan of MM but am disappointed at lack of innovation so far – especially considering the cost of the program.  Are Power Markers going to be integrated with this version?  Why is it a separate purchase instead of a new feature?

  6. Matt Hern

    From parkertrewin’s comment it appears a September release is planned. So if I buy the MM9 for Windows licence when my trial expires (in 16 days) I will then be charged to upgrade to MM2012 I presume, since it is a major release. Is that correct?

    • parkertrewin

      Matt, you’d be included under our technology guarantee and would be upgraded to MM2012 when it’s available.

      • Matt Hern

        Thanks, that’s nice to know. I couldn’t find the technology guarantee when I did a search of the site. What are the conditions? Thanks, Matt

        • kellyalexandermiller

          Matt, the technology guarantee means that if you purchase (or upgrade to) MM v9 from now to when MM 2012 ships, you automatically receive a copy of MM 2012.  I will make sure that is clearly spelled out on the web site.

          • Calvin_sov

            This is true even if the purchase is just for the base software or does it require the support plan as well?

  7. Etwoolk

    That is one great step closer to good brainstorming, strategic planning, problem solving & decision making.

  8. Jonathan Hunt

    I cannot believe you guys have released yet another version without including Google integration.  I gave up on Outlook years ago and will be happy to upgrade from Version 8 once you get the proper integration to my Google calender.

  9. Mindmanager

    I am using MM since the late 1990s.
    In the past, I was rather dissapointed about the “new features” of MM, or rather of their absence.
    I do use MM to structure and control projects and the current MM brainstorm functionality serves me well.
    Rather than making a big thing out of small things and “wasting” our time I would apreciate a new featuers list along with a pre-releade demo / demo version.
    As opposed to the past I am not going to sign up without the visibility of value add:
    I did post a number of poroposals, and never heard anything:
    recent fillist with pins (like office)
    Improved web page generation
    Improved template handling
    Auto-Naming from main topic

    So please be smart and down to the point and show the customers the real value add.



  10. Michael Alachouzos

    “Spark insight via new brainstorm flash cards.  Use words images and questions to help you look at the topic in a fresh way”.  In other words, Tony Buzan (the existing MM) meets Edward de Bono — Right?  (Or am I wrong?).  I don’t think that that requires any fancy software.

  11. Ozzie matt

    Is the brainstorming aspect the main change with this update. I use MM as a project management tool mostly and don’t see much value in an upgrade at this stage from what I’ve read. Are there going to be more details release on any other improvements in this update?

    • parkertrewin

      Ozzie, stay tuned. We’ll be previewing more MM2012 features right here in advance of the the September release. 

  12. ARadcke

    Interesting, but do you consider that there are women too who use MindManager? Blackbelt, Karate Kid – that’s not the goal I want to achieve 😉

    • MichaelDeutch

      We definitely didn’t mean to offend — just wanted to highlight that this will take your brainstorming to another level! Regarding Karate Kids though — two-time Oscar winner, Hilary Swank was one too! (disclaimer: I didn’t like that movie so much). Check out this article, it’s about the worlds oldest and most senior Judo teacher. And, she’s a
      woman :) I think the article said she was a 9th degree black belt. Quite
      amazing for any gender! http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/07/25/DDUH1K958P.DTL



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