Mindjet Mobile 1.1 Updates Now Available!

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July 20, 2011

As promised we are rapidly developing our iPhone and iPad apps. The 1.1 versions are out and our first update to our Mindjet mobile apps are now available on iTunes! In this update you will find that we’ve made improvements to:

  • The Look & Feel
  • More Idea Shapes
  • Line & Fill Color Options
  • Copy Feature

Changes to the Look & Feel

In this update we’ve included MindManager priority markers and icons from the MindManager icon library. With this update we’ve really tried to bring the desktop look and feel to our mobile apps.

Mindjet 1.1 update

Figure 1: MindManager Desktop Look & Feel – Now Offering Priority Markers & MindManager Icons

More Idea Shapes

Now you can place your ideas in rectangles, ovals etc…

New Map Shapes

Figure 2: More Idea Shapes


Line & Fill Color Options

Now you can customize the color scheme of your maps.

Line & Fill Colors

 Figure 3: Line & Fill Color Menu

Copy Feature

Introducing the copy feature, now you aren’t limited to cut & paste!

Copy Feature

Figure 4: Copy Feature


Don’t have Mindjet’s mobile apps yet?

No problem! They are available on the iTunes app store today!

If you’d like to share your feedback with us directly, please feel free to email mac@mindjet.com.

25 Responses to “Mindjet Mobile 1.1 Updates Now Available!”

  1. Parag

    Trying to use the Mindjet Maps on my iPad . I am unable to get the style function of the map and also unable to format the map.

    • Michael Deutch

      Parag, what do you mean, style function? And, what are you trying to format? Was this a new map that you created with the iPad?

      • Parag

        Thanks Michael. No I was going through the help feature map. In it we have Formatting Maps.>>>>Change map style>>>>>Press “Style” in tool bar while you are in the map view screen. It is not possible to do it. No tool bar opens up. So there is no way to change the style.

        Similarly in synchronize map>>>>Keep synchronization switch to ON in Map editor. How does one get to the Map editor?

        • MichaelDeutch

          Parag, we’re working on a fix for the first issue. Generally, when you tap the screen, a tool bar appears. The problem is that it disappears too quickly. We’ll fix that. The second issue you mentioned has been addressed in subsequent releases. It sounds like you’re on an earlier version. Which version are you using? 

  2. Marco Gruber

    Hi Stephanie, this version for iPad is at least a good start but there still is lots to be done. For my purposes it won’t really help until I can open our well-designed maps in their original formats on my iPad. So I stay curious…

    Best, Marco

  3. Nixmac

    How do one update to this version from earlier versions.The update does not show up in the iphone app store app.

  4. Dr Khalsa

    Looks great. I have used this since your earliest versions and accross my company as well. But not launching android support at the same time is perhaps a resource issue with you but a user issue in my network. Please address whether this is in development and when or if we need to migrate. Thanks. Dr Khalsa

  5. Andres Lamus

    I just like know if you have any future plans to develop a mobile edition for playbook. Do you have any? When do you think this will be possible?

  6. Michael Rickey

    I like the fact that you’re finally looking at mobile support again. I had your Palm version oh-so-many years ago. I’m not happy with your decision to support iPhone/iPad first.

    Android phone and tablet support would be better, at least for me.

  7. tiredad

    Your delay in brining out an android app is pushing me to mindmeister as it provides the functionality and cloud based mobility I need. Ignoring other mobile OSs is just daft. Please raise your game.

    • parkertrewin

      Thanks for contacting me. I am presently out of the office. Please contact the following for urgent issues: Press: mindjet@perkettpr.com Social and SEM: troy.larson@mindjet.com

      The information in the email is confidential and intended solely for the addressee.
      Access to this email by anyone else is unauthorized. Any copying or further distribution
      beyond the original recipient is not intended, and may be unlawful. The opinions
      enclosed are those of the sender and do not necessarily reflect those of MINDJET.

    • Mikiefer

      I use thinking space pro on my android phone and it works well with existing Mind Manager files as well as saving in a format that Mind Manager can read.


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