Lion OS X Compatibility Coming Soon!

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July 26, 2011

We know all you Mac lovers out there are excited to finally have Lion OS X released, and you can’t wait to run MindManager Version 9 for Mac on it! Well, we have good news for you. Mindjet will be releasing an update to MindManager Version 9 for Mac in mid-August 2011 that will grant the application Lion OS X compatibility. The update will also include some version 9 bug fixes.

If you have any feedback, feel free to send it to

46 Responses to “Lion OS X Compatibility Coming Soon!”

  1. Djp

    This is rather funny, since, after researching mind mapping software, I was all set to get Mindjet for the Mac and the accompanying iPad app.

    Well, I have Lion, so now I know that this won’t even work.  And the fact that such an expensive product wasn’t updated on time, even when almost every other company lower on the totem-pole managed to make their software work, is rather disturbing.

    I am a businessman and am well aware of the fact that price does not necessarily translate to value, and companies can get used to the profits and sales while letting the underlying product slip. 

    But I was still holding in there, and I bought the Mindjet iPad app.  Wow, that thing has been out for quite a while now, but it’s still second-rate.  You can’t even move the topics around; I think they have some strange two-finger drag that is supposed to do that, but it’s completely unworkable.  I had used Ithoughts a long time ago on my Iphone, and I just purchased IthoughtsHD for the iPad, problem solved.  

    Quite disappointed…

    Still, it appears to me that Mindjet Mac is the most fully-featured mind mapping software for the Mac, so I think I have no choice but to ultimately give it a try.

  2. Marketalbot 379

    Rarely do I post anything on the internet. But I do feel strongly that this has been mishandled by mindjet. I don’t think that there is much question that your product is the best on the market, however I find this lack of customer support to be completely unacceptable. The tone of your assurances about a compatibility update is almost as if you are doing your customers a favor by making your product functional. I am not a complainer by nature, so I hope that you accept my criticism in the spirit in which I’m sending it. 

    • parkertrewin

      Thanks for your comment.  We are working to get Lion out as quickly as possible and into our customers hands.  We have a strong, active and vocal customer community that voices their concerns and, as I’ve mentioned before, we’re a better company because of it.  

  3. Tanguy Swinnen

    being a “Mac lover”, and also a “iPad lover”; 
    (used to be) mindset lover … I just switched from iThought to MindJet for iPad. I have to say to I’m not totally convinced but I’m counting on better compatibility between files, and higher chance to be able to seamlessly work on both platforms on the same Mindmaps.

    Now, I’m wondering: does Mindjet plan to release an iOS5-compatible version 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or 1 quarter after iOS5 has been released ? This is only a way for we to gauge MindJet “new” dedication towards the mac community.

    Of course I cannot recover my bucks, the delay for MM9 made me seriously consider other products; unless MindJet makes REAL efforts towards Mac community, I’m pretty sure that I’ll do my market research again and witch as soon as the competition releases stag interesting.

    Sorry guys, I have had a very good story with you, I learned to take advantage of mind maps concepts with you, but as far a dedication is not mutual, we cannot carry on our road together.

  4. mike

    UNfortunately I fully have to agree with guest, the whole program has got a deseaster, I lost have aday at my customer and two new files got corrupted – you ast soon or you’ll lose customers

  5. jjrio

    it is painful the MM 9 failures in Lion. We have a supposed premium tool but the reality is that other cheaper tool have better support.

    I am going to consider seriously alternative because it seems that MindJet does´t care so much Mac users :(

    • Stephanie J. Neill

      Hi Jorge,

      My name is Stephanie and I’m the product manager for MM9 Mac — can you shoot me an email at I’d like to follow up with you directly.


  6. Rob Miles

    For those of you trying to recover your corrupted mmap files, here’s what worked for me. It did require me to delve into the Mindjet file structure, find the corrupted XML and fix it. Not for the faint hearted, but if you have invested days in preparing a map, its worth the effort to recover it.

    The Issues:
    A mixture of invalid XML that was saved after I added notes to the map and an unrecognized language setting.

    The Recovery Process:
    You need WINZip for mac -free version works. (I’m doing the recovery on Snow Leopard – haven’t tested WINZip on Lion.)

    1) Make a copy of your corrupted mmap file.
    2) Use “Get Info” to change the extension from .mmap to .zip
    3) open the file in WinZIP
    4) drag “Document.xml” to the desktop
    5) open in a text editor (I use TextWrangler – it makes it easier to identify the XML errors)
    6) make the XML corrections – see my XML corruption list.
    7) drag the corrected document.xml back into the zip file
    8) Use “Get Info” to change the extension back to .mmap
    9) The file should now open o.k. (If it doesn’t, just keep tracking down the error messages and fixing the XML)

    The Actual XML Corruption
    1) The tag that appears as part of the tag was malformed, the closing ” (quotemark) was left out!!!!
    2) The is not actually recognized as a valid language. So I changed it to (English Australian – which I found from a file that wasn’t corrupted.)

    I’m sure there is a list of other parts of the XML that may be malformed or contain invalid settings based on your circumstances – but I hope my experience helps someone. Even if its just making certain the dev team checks to make sure they have fixed these two bugs.

  7. WS

    will you also fix the disgustingly pixely priority and project completion icons as well?

  8. Guest

    Hello Mindjet! I am using your product since the very first version that was released for Windows. And it was a satisfying experience in the Windows world. When I moved over to the Mac world I got what I searched: A stable OS and a reliable work environment. With MM 9 you finally did some step to bring the Windows functions over to the Mac world. To be honest: The price was high and the speed was low as well as loads of functionality have been implemented only half-way, for example the WORD-Export. That is poor and basic functionality is missing. Now with Lion your entire program is a mess! It has ruined almost half of my work tools and I am forced to switch back to windows in order to be able to work, to earn money. I cannot understand why you take “sweet words” and waste your time with this but do not spend this time into development of a good next version for what you charge a huge amount of money and test it into a major release of the update you develop for! Is your development for the Mac environment just a marketing bubble to say: “We are on Mac either”? I am very disappointed and a release towards mid of August is not a good choice to satisfy your customers. Time to find another solution…

    • parkertrewin

      Thanks for your candid comments. Sorry we’ve disappointed you.  I think the best thing is to take up your concerns directly with our head of customer support, Ray Polanco.  To do this send an email to with “Lion Follow up” in the subject line.  Ray said he’d be on the look out for it.

  9. Guest

    Congratulations, Mindjet! Lion is out, planned for month, and you are not able to deliver in time. moreover, the mind maps opened with mm9 crash in lion and cannot be recovered. thanks. And you will deliver mid august. you just lost a long-term high profile customer. with 16.000 clients. enough is enough. your company politics is substandard. 

  10. parkertrewin


    I want to thank you and acknowledge your comments. I also want to let you know that we have heard them and are sending out the following email to our Mac 9 user base.  It will go out to the Americas region as soon as possible and to other regions as soon as they can be localized.


    Mindjet Service Announcement: Important news about MindManager compatibility with Lion OS X

    Dear Valued Customer,

    We know that many Mac users have been anxious to see Lion OS X released and are looking forward to running MindManager Version 9 for Mac on it. 

    We apologize that we didn’t tell you about our update path at release and for any problems that this incompatibility may have caused you.  We have also made sure that we will include
    compatibility communications with future product releases.

    We also wanted to let you know that Mindjet will be releasing an update to MindManager Version 9 for Mac on August 16, 2011 that will enable full Lion OS X compatibility.

    Thanks for your continued support.


    Finally, thanks for sharing your passion in this blog and in the various online forums and communities. Your involvement is valued, important and makes us better.

    • Mark Storm

      May I suggest you’ll send out an e-mail to your MM8 customer base as well as they not only had a perfectly working product until recently and now have to upgrade simply because Mindjet won’t fix the problems under Lion.

  11. Phllc

    It is unacceptable that Mindjet would continue market Mind Manager 9 for Mac, without providing a notice that it is NOT compatible with Lion.

    This is just plain sneaky and deceptive.

    Shame on Mindjet management!  Shame!

  12. Ralph Weiss

    Dear Stephanie,

    Thank you for your update re the Lion/MM9 incompatibility issue.
    It would be helpful to know your role and level of responsibility at MindJet.

    I think MindJet executives need to reflect on the appropriateness of this, cheery mid-August “look at what you’ll get!” response.

    I also think it important to reflect on the impact on your customers and employees in delegating responsibility for managing this situation to your front line employees.An appropriate response is public acknowledgement, apology, and plan to repair the damage caused to individuals and companies through failure to notify users.In February 2010, Toyota President Akio Toyoda publicly owned their gas pedal design flaw, followed by individual letters of notification and tracking by local dealerships to set up recall appointments. long-time MindManager user.

  13. Mark Storm

    I can only say that I thoroughly agree wit these
    comments. Until last week I used MM8 (perfectly happy with it) but that doesn’t
    work at all under Lion (and won’t be fixed according to the support team). So I
    upgraded to 9 (trial) to find out that even this version, which has been
    released not even two months ago, ‘sucks’. MM’s response: “we advice you not to
    buy MM9 for the time being”. Honest but completely incompetent. All in all a
    major cock-up.


  14. Grant Purdy

    This is unbelievable.  Beta versions of Lion have been around for months.  How on earth can you retain any credibility as a software house when you cannot keep up with the development in the second most important platform for your products.  There is no way that you would have this attitude to a Windows system upgrade.
    I have used your product since version 1 and I have promoted it worldwide to my clients.  This is the reward you give for such trust:  execrable service.

  15. Sdblindsay

    Come on this is really sub optimal. If I had know I would never have upgraded, to coin and Aussie phrase it’s a crock. Disappointed!

  16. BobG

    Stephanie, Possible to highlight for us the specific issues you are targeting for Mid-August implementation? If you a/the product manager, I know that you don’t want to set expectations and not deliver and I understand the testing and decision making about what makes the cut and what gets pushed out. But I am, and it appears significant number of others are suffering delivery and credibility issues due to the promotion without preparation. I’ve got large events to manage what I have to essentially start over because of this. Can you give us some insight, potentially with “will haves” and “probably haves” by mid-August. Thanks for considering this.

  17. Notdisclosed

    This is ridiculous. There is no excuse for the lack of Lion compatibility other than a lack of commitment to Mac customers.
    If they will not support me then I will not support Mindjet.
    I’m switching to Omnigraffle. According to their website they are Lion ready (I’m taking the free trial to validate the claim).

  18. Stephanie J. Neill

    Hi Everybody,

    Just want to let you know that the release date is August 16, 2011.


  19. BobG

    Stephanie and Product Management folks: 

    Thanks for taking the time to reach out via blog with this status and next step – it’s at least helpful to those of us who have bought MM9Mac – we’re struggling. I’m running MM9 on Lion but regretting I migrated. I’ve been on MMWin for years, migrated to MacBookPro on Intel with MM7Mac, then 8, now 9 – so I speak from masochist point of view. Mindjet can only continue this behavior for so long before you lose all credibility with a significantly growing market. I agree with the provious comments, certainly including AC’s: …”Perhaps MindJet could send an email to all subscribed MM 9 for Mac users to alert them to the time period etc. It would save users trawling the net looking for a fix.” An industrial-strength software developer proactively reaches out to registered customers who have paid at this level to proactively alert them as to the issue and the remedy.  I really want to stay – but it’s tough to recommend when Mac continues to be a stepchild.

    I trust that you are listening…  

    • Stephanie J. Neill

      Hi BobG,

      Thanks for your comments — we are listening and will be sending an email out to our users ASAP.


  20. Ona

    When I asked Mindmanager the other day after losing a large project file, this was their response:
    In the meantime, I would advise that you complete your project on a machine with Snow Leopard.  If you do not have MM9 installed on the machine, you can access the install file on our website at Support > Product Resources > Downloads.  I apologize for any inconveniences that this may have caused you.   

    How many Macs do they think we have laying around?

  21. Ona

    I’m just plain tired of all the excuses MindJet is giving us.  From the delayed release of Mac 9 to now this.  Why are so many other Aps usable and not MindJet?  I sincerely feel its time to look else ware for a program.

  22. Past loyal customer

    This absolutely SUCKS to hear. I love the “warm” tone that was tried. 

     Mindjet is the most expensive option for mind mapping tools and this is the support we get. I will pass this along  the next time I would have otherwise offered a recommendation.  To everyone- Checkout iThoughts app on the iPad and iPhone. THAT developer knows how to take care of customers and write software. And will allow me to ultimately move away from MindJet!

  23. Rafal

    Are you joking, in mid-August? How do you respect your clients – MindManager almostdoesn’t work.You sell products to corporate clients. We need it to work.I am surprised, Lion’s version for developers was available long timebefore. You have had a lot of time to prepare your product.I am shocked.

  24. Andre

    Well, MindManager 7, on the other hand, seems to be working fine under Mac OS X 10.7 Lion…

    By the way, you know you are not dealing with a company that is serious about Mac OS when an announcement like this starts by “We know all *you* Mac lovers…”. We all should have paid better attention before committing to MindManager…

  25. Guest

    Same here.  Already corrupted one of my work files.  Untimely update is very disappointing and renders mind manager useless until then.  

  26. Stefan Hagen

    Mid-August – that’s a joke! I use Mindmanager almost every day. 

    Moreover, I had a Mindmapping-Training with one of my customers the other day. When I opened the software on my mac, the toolbar crashed. That was quite embarrassing.

  27. AC

    Thanks for the update. Perhaps MindJet could send an email to all subscribed MM 9 for Mac users to alert them to the time period etc. It would save users trawling the net looking for a fix.


    • Oliver

      Big like to AC . . . we are seeing a lot of Stephanie J. Neill asking individial posters to write to her personally. I am sure we’d all like to hear the answers to their questions. This is a very odd way of looking after your paying customers who have a non-working piece of software, were being given no warning that the software would not work under Lion, nor any explanation as to why. I have posted several comments and have actually written to Support. Despite me being on record, I had to find out about the August 16th update from trawling the net myself. Bad show, MindJet!

  28. SergeyAseev

    This should be done before the release of 10.7, rather than a month after. I’ve already killed one important file, it just stoppedopening. I do not know what to do ….



  1.  Mindjet, quo vadis?

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