Say ‘Hello’ to our new iOS apps: Mindjet for iPad and Mindjet for iPhone!

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June 14, 2011

While we await the launch of MindManager Version 9 for Mac (on track for a June 23rd release date), we’re happy to announce that Mindjet for iPad and Mindjet for iPhone are now available on the iTunes store! Look for them there under “Mindjet for iPhone” and “Mindjet for iPad.”

iPad Project with Menu map image

With Mindjet’s new iOS apps, you can create new maps on the fly and work with existing maps stored on your device, or in a Dropbox account. Both apps are optimized to make the most of the form factor with intuitive interfaces, including in-context menus and streamlined workflows. The best part is – you don’t have to worry that all that important data will be lost when “round-tripping” maps from desktop to mobile and back, because all map attributes are preserved. This will help you stay productive whether you’re mapping on Mac, Windows, iPad or iPhone!

Here’s a short list of key features:

  • Finger slide topic creation: Just slide your finger to create a new topic!
  • Drag and drop functionality: Organizing information is fast and easy!
  • In-context menu: Menu display at your fingertips to cut, paste and delete topics!
  • Dropbox® integration: Synchronize directly to Dropbox!
  • Large map navigation: Makes browsing large maps a breeze!

If you like what you see we hope that you rate them and post a review!

Want more background on our iPad and iPhone apps? Check out our earlier blog post.

51 Responses to “Say ‘Hello’ to our new iOS apps: Mindjet for iPad and Mindjet for iPhone!”

  1. Alex

    does sync supports to sync between iPad and desktop in a way not only to transfer the map but also sync the data in the map, that I have always the actual version on both hardware?
    If not: when will that happen?

    • parkertrewin

      While not all your desktop data may be viewed in Mindjet iPad it preserved. All data integrity is maintained.

  2. ewj

    The statement below is from your original iphone app. How is that different from  what you are saying about your current iphone app?

    *** This is the official iPhone™ & iPod touch® app from Mindjet,
    the #1 mind mapping vendor with over 1.5 million customers across
    various platforms ***

    Now you can have the power of visually connecting ideas and information
    right at your fingertips. Mindjet for iPhone brings your ideas to life
    allowing you to create, view, edit, upload and download mind maps
    anytime, anywhere on your iPhone or iPod touch.

    Mindjet for iPhone works with MindManager® for PC, Mac, and Web giving
    you ultimate flexibility and full access to the same information from
    your iPhone or desktop.

    Mindjet for iPhone is built for individuals who want a quick, intuitive
    way to capture and communicate information and ideas as they emerge.

  3. Harold van Rijen

    What a disappointment! I bought the first iPhone app in 2010 and paid €5,99 for it. It never worked properly and now I have to pay the same amount of money for the upgrade to a (presumed) properly functioning app? This is so unfair to the early adopters. I have MindJet MindManager on my Mac, I never used in on my iPhone would really like it on my iPad if it worked. However, I will NEVER, NEVER buy it if this is the way Mindjet treats his loyal customers. 

    • parkertrewin

      Harold, you may have missed this from a later post. Please contact Ray Palanco our head of customer support at for live follow up. He will see what kind of accommodation we can come to that continues your satisfication with Mindjet. Please reference this blog post with “A Letter to Previous Mindjet iPhone Users” in the subject line of the email. Thanks.

  4. organicblack

    This was just put in the app store:

    I am an evangelistic Mindjet MindManager user, been using it
    since 2001. This app is worth neither downloading nor the best app to use with
    MindManager.  I am disappointed in
    Mindjet and this app.

    Over the past ten years, I have pleaded and begged companies
    to get MindManager and they all did. This app is not fully compatible with that
    product. This app is a basic mind-mapping program, something I might use for
    taking notes but nothing more. Importing any type of complex map (with dates or
    editing relationships) is worth less than using a PDF or excel   export

    First off there is no reason to create an iPhone and iPad
    app, it should be one universal app.

    In late 2009, Mindjet released their first iPhone version. They
    took that one out of the app store and put in this one. This is a little better
    but handles fewer formats.  The thing
    that makes me angry is when I went to download this I had to pay again (no
    credit for downloading the original version one. This is a not so subtle
    admission that the original version was bad and only devotees/suckers bought
    it. My hope that they would update it proved false.  Therefore, I do not expect this to be

    So what are your alternatives? The best one in the app store
    is iThoughts. It does more with imports and exports along with doing it easier
    and better.

    Lastly, I will not stop using Mindjet but have given up on Mindjet’s
    ability to create a decent iPhone or iPad product.

  5. Pedro Cassian

    I like that I can finally view the maps i made on a computer on the go, and edit them as well and get them synced through dropbox, however:

    I wanted to be able to make maps as quickly as I can make them on the computer, this is not the case, I have to touch and wait and then drag to add a single bubble, its a bit time consuming, I connected it to my bluetooth keyboard with hopes I would be able to navigate and create maps as fast as I can on my comp but it wasnt the case

    Also, dropbox creates a new folder and stores and looks for maps there, I have maps all over my comp in differnt folders for different projects, which would be ok i guess, but unfortunately if I use the dropbox app and navigate to where I keep my maps and open one with mindjet manager, it doesnt seem to update the original one, it just seems to save the map on the device, even If i hit the cloud button it wont update it

    I guess I could keep the app and when I go with clients just use the dropbox app to show them the computer made maps, but i dont really think ill ever be making maps on this, its just not very efficient, at least with its current features, It would be more efficient to make a long list of subjects in the notes app and send it to myself and when im on a computer just copy paste it into a map and rearrange things, a brainstorm mode would be useful for the ipad Just type alot of things quickly (even quicker with a keyboard) and then just drag around the bubbles, but perhaps with a little better response time than now to make it more efficient

    well these are my 2 cents, I hope the upgrades are good, I kinda feel like I paid too much for its current functionality, but im really considering getting a macbook air and having the real mindjet manager on it

  6. Andre Teixeira

    Nice one, Mindjet. A class act in valuing loyal customers… I bought the Mindjet app for the iPhone as soon as it was launched, about 2 years ago, for $10 (or so I recall). It was, to say the least, underwhelming. But, hey, this is Mindjet, they are the leader in mindmapping software worldwide, they surely will update and upgrade this product continuously. Nope. Not one single update. IN 2 YEARS!
    Now they launch a new set of products. OK, finally I’ll get my $10 worth with a product that will be at least useable. Again: nope! They didn’t make this new product an update to the original one.
    And then… To add insult to injury, this new app is not universal!!! If I want to use it on my iPhone and iPad, I’ll have to pay a total of $17. Not that I can’t afford it, but the writing is all over the wall: MINDJET DOESN’T MIND LOSING ME AS A CUSTOMER.
    I am seriously considering just throwing away all the MindManager licenses I have purchased for Mac and Windows.
    What? You want me to upgrade to MindManager 9? YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING!!!

    • Ulli

      I like you comment very much and FULLY agree. I have been a loyal Mindjet customer for MANY years and have been using all sorts of versions both on Windows and Mac computers. Have iPad and iPhone and am a strong believer in and promotor of mindmapping. Also, I have bought iThoughts HD which I think is a great app.

      The start with the new Mindjet App a few days ago – knowing iThoughts HD – to say the least – disappointing. If you listen and hear that the big thing is supposed to be “powerful roundtripping”…, well, that won’t be enough. And then, at least the Dropbox function should work seamlessly from the very beginning.

      Really, the Mac version 8 was a BIG disappointment, and, knowing MM9 for Windows very well, it is a rip-off for customers. Now we will have to upgrade again for a pretty steep amount of money to get to MM 9 for Mac to just get even par with MM 9 for Windows… . You gotta be k… .

      Again, I agree, it is getting to the point where you start thinking to just forget about Mindjet products and work with other software. It is a shame that existing customer loyalty is treated so badly. )-:

  7. Mikewilliams Vt

    Just got the app. Nice job! Thanks for putting it out. Great to have access to my maps while on the go. Still trying to figure out Dropbox integration… Not seeing my Dropbox folders yet. Any on-line help?

    • Mike Duensing

      For Dropbox, click on the cloud icon on the top bar of the Mindjet app and it will prompt you to login to Dropbox if you are not already logged in. When you want to sync your maps, click again on the cloud icon, and your maps will by sync’d to a folder named “Mindjet” in your Dropbox main folder. You can manage your Dropbox connection and other app settings by navigating to the iPad or iPhone Settings app and then choosing Mindjet settings.

      • Mikewilliams

        If I have a mind map already in Dropbox ( not created on iPad) should I be able to see it?

        • Mike Duensing

          Mike – If you move a map to the Dropbox folder called “Mindjet” and then hit the cloud button in the Mindjet app it will sync.  If there are further questions for this let’s have you talk directly to Stephanie Neill at   Thanks!

    • Mindjet

      I click the cloud, but nothing shows up in the Dropbox Mindjet directory.

      I did figure how to open an existing .mmap. Open it in Dropbox and then when it doesn’t open use the Open With command.

      Some type of Help on the Dropbox integration would be much appreciated.

      • Mike Duensing

        There are 2 ways to work with Dropbox files – 1) Drop a map into the Dropbox Mindjet folder then click on the cloud to sync, or 2) From the app, click on the folder manager (book icon), then click the Edit button, then click a map you want flag for syncing, then set “Synchronize map” to ON.  We definitely will be adding Dropbox help to the next rev.

    • Colin Horner

      You need to copy maps on your PC  / Mac to the Mindjet folder in Dropbox created on the set up of MJ iPad app.  Not really full sync with Dropbox but workable.

    • Thomas Wrobel

      The Dropbox integration is really not good. Apart from the fact, that Mindjet just deletes files it does not know, which is really a no-go, it does not support folders. 
      I really was waiting for a iPad app from Mindjet, but this is not it! And I just paid € 6,99 for that!!! I guess I’ll continue using iThoughtsHD.

  8. Augie

    Being a longtime windows mm user I of course bought the iPhone app last fall when switching smartphone … A disappointment! An when I moved to Mac in Jan of this year I bought the upgrade from windows … A disappointment! Spent a long time with a Mindjet chat operator a couple of nights agoe trying to get some kind of offer for the new Mac software that promise to do what’s been in win for long. And now an iPhone upgrade that is a “new” app – Mindjet… Do you really love your current users or did you forget us?

    • parkertrewin

      The  new Mac 9 product
      comes out in on 6/23 and we’ve worked hard to bring the features to parity with
      its PC counterpart.  We hope that does the trick for you.

      • Augie

        I am glad your hard work pays of in a new version of the product that is in parity with the Windows version / my expectations of the product i bought in January of this year. My point is – i should not pay for this upgrade since your previous version wasn’t ready for the market!

    • Beyondhr

      I’m in exactly the same position. The original iPhone app should be upgraded automatically. I am an avid mapper and even a trainer but cannot believe you want to charge me for an app that finally works (and was useless before – I don’t even keep it on my phone) The iPhone app wasn’t ready, now is, and should be upgraded. If that was done for early adopters I could live with paying for iPad version. As it stands, not gonna happen and I’ll keep pointing my clients to Ithoughts.

    • troylarson

      Yes, there will be seperate pricing.

      $6.99 – for the iPhone app
      $8.99 – for the iPad app

      • Peter Morris

        I guess for that price it’s certainly not going to be as “Carlos Fandango” as MM for the PC and seems cheap enough to pay for over and over again. Whether you’d want to and forgo out on all the wonderful functionality that MM for the PC has, is a decision you’d have to make for yourself.
        Love MM for the PC and that’s where it’ll stay, for me.

  9. Scubert

    So, what you are saying is I need to buy Mindjet for my Mac, iPhone and iPad? Why not at a minimum make the iPhone and iPad universal?

  10. Previous App Owner

    Are you doing anything for those of us that purchased the previous app?

  11. Victoria Bampton

    Ok, so what has this got that iThoughts HD hasn’t?

    And if we buy it, what reassurances can you offer that this will continue to be supported, unlike your previous iPhone app?

    • Blaine Mathieu

      Hi Victoria. Mindjet is not attempting to be in a feature war with any other provider of mobile solutions, but we do feel very good about the very powerful roundtripping of complex maps between our mobile apps and the desktop, as well as the super-easy usability of our new mobile apps.

      Regarding whether these apps will be supported, let me assure you that I have built an organization at Mindjet that will be aggressively supporting and updating these apps. This has been the #1 priority of mine – that we will not launch an app that will not be continually enhanced. Stay tuned for the first update!

      Blaine Mathieu
      Chief Products Officer, Mindjet

      • Scubert

        Not a clear answer on the second question. I too have the “old” iPhone app and now you want me to buy the “new” iPhone app. See Augie comment.

        I have been using Mindjet products Win and Mac for years, love them, just not liking the iPhone/iPad support. How many times do I need to buy it and will it sync?

        • parkertrewin

          @Scubert, the iPhone app is built from the ground up so there’s no upgrade pricing offered.  The .mmap format can be leveraged on PCs, Macs and mobile without losing valuable

          • Eric S. Mueller

            We were told the original iPhone app would be able to use the .mmap format. It didn’t. I’m sure I’m not the only customer who feels ripped off.

      • Eric S. Mueller

        So, what stopped you from supporting the original iPhone app? You released it, we paid for it, you never updated it or supported it. It didn’t do what you said it would, like read MindManager maps from the desktop. Now, you completely cut it off, and expect us to buy 2 new apps, one for the iPhone and another for the iPad if we use both. Other developers are capable of creating one app that will only need to be purchased once and run on both. Then you say you plan to support this one. Why was the other one not supported? We bought it and were barely able to use it.

        I’m sure you can understand the frustration and skepticism, and “just buy this one (twice if you have an iPad too) and trust us we won’t do that to you again” is hard to swallow.

      • Beyondhr

        You did launch an app. The iPhone app many of us bought. You’re not enhancing it you’re expecting a repurchase. ???

      • Victoria Bampton

        I’m not asking for a feature war.  I’m asking you to sell it to me.  You must know your program and the competition, so I’m asking you what I’d gain by switching to this app, that I don’t already have in my existing apps.  What’s the USP?

        • ThomasK

          The USP is that you can round trip complex maps with the Mindmanager desktop version without losing information from your maps. No other app can do this. This is a big thing for me – but for some it may not be as important.

          • organicblack

            Not really true, Ithoughts does do some of  it. I have both products. In fact, Mindjet does less of a true import.  If you do a  complex map (with links, editing, or dates) in the Mindjet desktop product then import in the iphone  version, do not make any changes or you will lose information.

          • Stephanie J. Neill

            Organic Black,

            Did you experience a data loss issue with Mindjet for iPhone? If so, can you please send me a note at [mobile @] describing the problem, so I can help you out?

            Mindjet for iPhone & Mindjet for iPad preserve all map attributes created on MindManager desktop, and no data is lost upon “round-tripping” maps from desktop to mobile and back.


    • organicblack

      iThoughts has everything this product has and iThoughts has more and it is even better integrated that the Mindjet product.



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