MindManager Version 9 for Mac is now available!

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June 23, 2011

 We are pleased to announce Mindjet MindManager Version 9 for Mac

This release introduces powerful new capabilities that will help you easily create and share presentations, facilitate brainstorming through efficient information capture, and quickly lay out tasks and schedules for a range of activities and projects using built-in templates. MindManager Version 9 for Mac also offers an improved look and feel that makes it even easier to get started.

Looking for ideas? Here’s how a brain scientist uses Mindjet but, luckily, you don’t have to be one to get started.

“I’m a brain scientist and MindManager Version 9 for Mac works like your brain works.  The product’s new presentation capabilities take me away from the one-dimensional nature of PowerPoint, and allow me to quickly shift focus between big-picture-thinking and detailed topic areas – a critical advantage whether you’re presenting strategic plans or focused insights.”

-Stuart Zola, Neuroscience PhD, Research Center Director at Emory University

Here’s five things to look for in the new Mac 9 solution:

Speedy Info Capture during Brainstorming

Keeping up during collaborative brainstorming sessions can be challenging, especially when you’re trying to capture multiple inputs without breaking the flow of the session.  MindManager for Mac’s new Quick Entry Mode makes it easy to quickly capture ideas, allowing you to be involved in the brainstorming session, knowing that you can organize the information later. 

MM9 Quick Text Mode

Figure 1: Quick Text Entry

Making a new entry is as easy as typing in the text and hitting Enter.  All entries are stored in the Quick Entry window.  Once the ideas are captured, it’s easy to organize and add supporting imagery or information to provide more depth to the map.

Interactive Slide Presentations

Another powerful new feature is the ability to create interactive slides from your map content.  Because MindManager for Mac lets you select which portions of the map to include in slides, you can move seamlessly from collecting and organizing information to presenting and gathering feedback, all within the same map.

MM9 Slide Show

Figure 2: Slideshows on the Fly

One of the advantages of presenting information in MindManager is the flexibility to not only show the appropriate information and level of detail for each audience by opening and closing map branches just like you would in a MindManager map, but the ability to keep your audience engaged by adding feedback live during the presentation without having to pop out of MindManager and break the flow of the presentation.  Contrast this flexibility with PowerPoint or Keynote, where you would have to exit Slide Show Mode to add a comment to the original map and then go back into Slide Show mode to continue the presentation.

Project Planning Made Easy

MindManager has long been lauded as an effective project planning tool – allowing you to effectively assign and task information such as resources, timelines and progress.  We’ve also added a set of 19 pre-defined project management map templates designed to help you better manage the project planning process.  These templates are designed to help you save time, boost the quality of your work, and help you align teams and better manage projects.  With these out-of-the-box templates, whenever you start a new project you simply open the appropriate template and start filling it in.

MM9 Project Templates

Figure 3: Project Management Templates

Enhanced Printing Capabilities

MindManager for Mac gives you control over how your maps are presented with new WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) printing. You can print the entire map, with or without topic notes, on a single page. Or you can print individual slides. MindManager makes it easy to print out exactly what you need.   


Figure 4: WYSIWYG Printing

But that’s not all!  MindManager Version 9 for Mac has a number of other new features and enhancements that address customer requests, including:

  • Improved menu options
  • New project management templates
  • Updated icons, markers, and images
  • Local integrations with Microsoft Office Mac and Apple iWork
  • Import from Freemind
  • Improved filtering and select
  • And more!

To learn more about MindManager Version 9 for Mac, take a look at the resources listed below:

If you’re interested in purchasing a new license or upgrading to MindManager Version 9 for Mac today, check out our ecommerce store.

37 Responses to “MindManager Version 9 for Mac is now available!”

  1. santiago

    Will Mindjet EVER give us a Mac version of Mindmanager that is even close to the windows functionality???

    I just can’t understand why it is always the same BS! Windows version get’s great new features, mac only some facelifting and printing … great!

  2. Kevin

    I’m a frequent, but simplistic user of Mind Manager (i.e. I use the app a lot, but don’t do anything sophisticated with it). My concerns here are: a) will I have to upgrade because the new version of OSX “breaks” the application (like it did when I went to snow leopard) and b) why no app store version? I don’t like having to retain a login on the mindjet site just to get maintenance updates when the app store could manage all my updates for me.

    • Stephanie J. Neill

      Hi Kevin,

      Can you email me at mac@mindjet.com? I’d like to get a little more info from you so I can properly address your concerns.


  3. Dave Ianson

    What about those who have only recently purchased the Mac 8 version… are we getting a free upgrade. DI

  4. John

    It would be nice if the quick entry window persisted after the program exits – all those good ideas just went into the bit-bucket

    • Stephanie J. Neill

      Thanks for your suggestion — I like that idea! I’m curious how many other users would find this enhancement useful? 

  5. Stasyska

    I have had to buy two (2) licences for MM, one Windows and one Mac. I use fusion to get to the Windows one because of the excellent export as web pages. Not there yet on v9 for Mac? Pity. The web export is a refreshing way to present when everyone is zoned out looking at PP pages. Can’t understand why the two versions are so disparate.

  6. David Cole

    Your link for a trial on this page goes to the Windows version. As far as I can tell there isn’t a way to get a Mac trial.

  7. MetaEd

    Can MindManager 9 for Mac import OPML files directly? I don’t see this option in the Import dialog box.  Thx.

    • Stephanie J. Neill

      Hi there,

      Apologies for the delayed response — yes, we do fully support import of OPML files.


  8. WS

    Hi there,

    Have had Mindmanager 9 for mac for a couple of days now and here is what I think:

    1. Glad you finally decided to implement local exporting to PDF format, thanks.

    2. Above you claim that there are “Updated icons, markers, and images”. I find this not to be true. Task priority icons and task complete icons are a total (pixely) disaster. They are not as smooth as the other icons… why? I have managed to reduce the size of said icons from the preferences, but they still look way worse than in the previous version..

    I’d be grateful for a comment, if you find some spare time…


    • Stephanie J. Neill

      Hi WS, 

      I’d love to speak with you further — can you shoot me an email at Stephanie.Neill@mindjet.com with your preferred method of contact, please? Email, Skype, phone, etc.


  9. bobf

    Wayne, you may be pleased to tell us about MM 9 Mac …. but as someone who’s just paid out for an upgrade I’m not at all pleased …

      • Doug Parke

        Hi Stephanie, I  just want someone there to tell us when the function ‘create linked map from topic” will be implemented under OS X. I don’t care about fancy printing or powerpoint. I cannot believe this function is not causing a palace revolt in the user base – it was and is one of the best productivity features on the windows version and I have to believe is being ignored by the development team. I switched to Mac and will not use MM on OS X until this feature is replicated. 

  10. Shark650

    when will the preorder emails go out?  I have a confirmation that I pre ordered, but have not received the follow up email.

    • Jbkauke

      Thanks, Parker. did that, got it downloaded but now I can’t save it in my applications folder because I get  a message window saying i don’t have permissions to replace the older version of MM mac 8. Now what? :-)

  11. Jbkauke

    The free trial offer on this page is the WINDOWS version–not what I wanted, obviously. Is there no free trail for MM Mac 9? Where do I access it?

    • Stephanie J. Neill

      Hi Jbkauke,

      You can start a free trial here: http://mindjet.com/mindmanager-mac


  12. Jbkauke

    Does MM Mac 9 include the Gantt integration feature like MM 9 Windows version?

  13. Pedro Cassian

    I hope Gaant charts make it in the next version, I’m not gonna bootcamp just for it, but it would definitely make my life easier to have it integrated

  14. Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne

    Please keep us posted on how Catalyst integration goes.  Looking forward to ditching the virtual machines and running Mind Manger on a Mac when that functionality hits.



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