10 iPad/iPhone tips to get you mapping on the go!

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June 14, 2011

Today our new mobile apps, Mindjet for iPad and Mindjet for iPhone, are live on the iTunes store. ( See my earlier post.) They are the latest additions to our product line as we extend our leading mapping capabilities across platforms and mobile devices. We’ve launched what we believe is the most usable mapping application out there. They are both easy to use and universally compatible with Mindjet’s .mmap file format, so you won’t lose any information when moving from device to desktop and back again.

1. Creating a map: Hit “+” at the top of the screen. Enter name, choose color and then hit “done” in the dialog box.
iPad Project with Menu map imageblog

2. Working with topics: To create a topic, tap and hold down over the parent topic then swipe the arrow that appears in the desired placement. When done a dialog box will appear. Complete the dialog box to format, add notes and add icons and pictures.

3. Editing or deleting a topic: Double-tap the topic to display the dialog box. Edit details inside the box, or select Delete.

4. Expanding & collapsing a topic: Tap the topic.

5. Displaying the “in-context” menu for cut, copy, delete and save actions: Double-tap and hold the topic.

6. Changing Settings: Go to your device’s Settings folder and pull up Mindjet under Apps – there you’ll find a range of options, such as unsynching from your Dropbox account, including an outline when you email your maps, and selecting text options.

7. Reordering nodes: Drag and drop the topic to the new position.

8. Changing the topic’s parent: Drag the topic over the new parent and hold it for a split second. The parent will then enlarge and you can drop the topic.

9. (My personal favorite) Undoing/redoing: Shake your iPhone/iPad after a cut or delete operation.

10. Saving and sharing maps: Select the “book” icon at the top of your screen to open the file menu box. At the bottom of the dialog box you can either select “transfer” or “email”. Select the map that you want to perform the action on and complete the information that is asked for in the dialog box. You can also save and share your map via DropBox. To do this hit the little cloud icon at the top of the app and login into your Dropbox account.
iPad Dropboxblog

There’s a lot more you can do. Have fun experimenting and playing with it and you’ll be a master in no time flat. Let us know what you’re up to and how you’re are using it and we’ll share some of the best stories right here.

In the meantime, happy mapping!

21 Responses to “10 iPad/iPhone tips to get you mapping on the go!”

  1. Mark Wallner

    I just added the Ipad app – was working fine till I created my first may on the pad.
    Now I can not open the file. I can delete, create new ones and then see them. But to open a saved file – is having issues.  Love the app other than this.

      • Mark Wallner

        All is working well now – it must have been an issue with iPad, but most likely me.
        After the 2nd day I have not had any problems and creating various map – love maps.

        Thanks for follow up.

  2. jdoree

    I want to change the dropbox account that Mindjet syncs with but I don’t see how this can be done. Do I need to uninstall and then reinstall Mindjet?

    EDIT: I figured it out. I had to go into the settings for the app in the iOS settings and turn on sign out. Then I got signed out and was able to sign in again with a different account.

    Hopefully this will help someone else out.

  3. Keithjmorgan

    Does the book icon referred to above ref the drop box area only work on the iPad – I cannot get it on my i-phone 4
    Keith Morgan

  4. g!

    Hello Stephanie.
    I bought the app for Ipad, but when I try open a .mmap file which have a password apears a message than the file is corrupted.  I saw the file with my trial desktop version and the file is ok, but I can´t edit.

    Do you know if it´s possible a bug with the password protected files?

  5. Rodrigo Campuzano


    I just downloaded Mindjet for iPad and would like to know how can I keep a map synchronized in both my iPad and my Desktop, or do I need to keep doing it manually?
    Thanks and keep improving it.

    • Stephanie J. Neill

      Hi Rodrigo,

      Right now it’s a manual synch, but auto-synch is on the roadmap.


      • Paul D

        surely there should be a way of keeping the document in dropbox and accessing/editing it from desktop, iphone and ipad? I have put my whole business (20 staff) on the desktop app at significant cost, and am now waiting for proper iOS device compatibility. I have it on my iphone but the “cloud” to synch to dropbox doesn’t appear anywhere. Do I have to buy the iphone app again?

        I suspect that MM is not working too hard to get drop-box working well because then users will prefer to use DropBox than MindManager’s overly expensive cloud-based collaboration suite (Which I think should be free for the first 2GB like Evernote, Dropbox etc).

    • Stephanie J. Neill

      Hi Lily,

      We will continue to add functionality to the app as we update. I’m glad you’re liking the app so far!!


  6. Bill

    Thanks for these tips Stephanie. I’m a longtime user of the various Windows-based versions of MindManager and so am looking forward to being able to seamlessly add both my iPad and iPhone to my mind mapping workflow. I am, however, a little confused by all the cloud icons sprinkled across both (iPad/iPhone) apps. Could you please clarify the functions of each?

    On my iPhone there is a cloud for each of my maps as well as one at the bottom of the display. On my iPad, I also have a cloud for each of my maps (displaying to the right of the map names) and one at the bottom of the Maps dialog window (listing the maps themselves) but I also have on at the top of each map.

    When I change the colour of a map on the iPhone, I’m not able to replicate (sync) that change over to the iPad despite pressing each of these cloud icons and ensuring that sync is turned on for both.



  7. Max

    I really like this app, but to be honest, I expected as much functionality as in my mindmanager-desktop-tool. What is about linking, commenting and formating? I hope to get this features with the next update of your app.

  8. Michael Coopersmith

    I originally bought the iphone app and was disappointed with the app.  I have been using Ithoughts HD for my iPad and was hoping the Mindjet iPad app would be a big improvement.  Well for the most part I am happy with the app with the exception of the dropbox integration.  How can the app only sync to one folder in dropbox.  This means I need to change my workflow  and how I save the docs.  Did anybody look at iThoughtsHD dropbox integration to see how it should be done?

  9. Augie

    Are we experiencing a corporate paralysis? Current paying customers have been complaining here in the blog and on FB about pricing and (non existing) upgrade policies since at least June 1st. Now facebook comments are closed and this blog is left on its own. No answers, no explanations. Silence.

    As a manager I try to follow this rule: Don’t be afraid to make decisions, if you are wrong, you can always make a new and better decision. Mindjet, think you are wrong …

    • Stephanie J. Neill

      Hi Augie,

      We are definitely listening to the customer feedback on the blog, on fbook and LI. We’ve been responding as best we can while also taking in the feedback and discussing action items.

      Product Manager, MM Mac & Mobile

  10. Bobm

    Just for giggle, I did buy it and it already crashed during a transfer.  But worked on the second try.  Another major bug is when you go to open a map.  Since it includes all the directory infomation from the location you got it, there is not enough space in the list box to see the name of the file so you have to open each one until you get the one you want.  How did they get this one so wrong?

  11. Bobm

    I agree with David.  I’m sticking with Ithought for now because it appears to have many more features.  The only thing I don’t like about I thoughts is that if you transfer a Mindmap from your desktop that has office lnks, you lose them all.  If the mindmap for Ipad kept the full integraty of the orginal map, I would get it.

    • Stephanie J. Neill

      Hi Bob,

      I hear your point. What gives Mindjet the edge is its ability to keep the full integrity of the original map when you transfer it from desktop to mobile and back. That means you don’t have to worry about losing boundaries, icons, images, attachments, Excel ranges, etc. when you open a map on your mobile device, because our mobile applications preserve all that data for you. You just open it back up on your desktop and voila! — exactly as you left it.

      Additionally, we are already working on a 1.1 to provide more features for our users.

      Product Manager, MM Mac & Mobile

  12. Howardd21

    Congrats on the new app!  I am concerned about the Shake to Undo; some of us use the iPad with an external keyboard when doing a lot of text entry, such as creating a map.  A screen button would be helpful.  For now I will stick with iThoughtsHD, it seems more open and feature complete, but I will keep an eye on your app.   

    • Stephanie J. Neill

      Thanks for the well-wishes, David, and the helpful feedback! I hope you like what you see as we continue to roll out updates!


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