Quick Tip – Copy & Paste Marker Groups

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May 24, 2011

When creating multiple maps, the key to project efficiency is standardization. A quick way to standardize your maps is to create custom tags & markers that can be applied to a variety of different maps. First thing to do is create a Tag Group that can be used with a number of different maps (for this example, Departments).  Next, right click on the Tag Group and select “Copy”. On the newly created map, the “Paste Marker Group” link will be available. This pastes the copied Tag Group into the new map’s Marker Library. Now you have the same tags available for both maps which will bring you one step closer to getting project members aligned.

Copy and Paste

4 Responses to “Quick Tip – Copy & Paste Marker Groups”

  1. egizzi

    A better idea would be to have a shared library of resources. Using your way means if I change the marker group in one map, I have to do it manually in all the other maps.

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  1.  deshawn

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