Hot Tips: Tracking upcoming deadlines

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April 26, 2011

One of the most useful additions to the “out of the box” features of Power Markers is the ability to track upcoming due dates with Automatic Markers.   Once you’ve set it up, tasks that are coming up or past due will automatically appear in the Hot Lists tab, making it faster and easier for you to track upcoming deadlines.

To set it up, you’ll need to add a little bit of code called an “Automatic Marker definition” to a marker. Watch this tutorial for step-by-step instructions for how to add an Automatic Marker for your tasks that are coming up in one week.

Once you learn how it’s done, you can follow the same steps to create additional Automatic Marker definitions for other task due date ranges, such as:

•    Overdue $task:duedate:overdue
•    Tomorrow $task:duedate:tomorrow
•    This week $task:duedate:this:week
•    This month $task:duedate:this:month

If you add or modify markers to your map, you’ll want to turn Power Markers off, and then on again to make sure your markers are properly applied.  Also, note that there’s a 40-character limit for new icons, so in some cases, you may need to truncate the title of your new marker.  Click here for more information on adding Power Markers.

5 Responses to “Hot Tips: Tracking upcoming deadlines”

  1. Andreas Friedrich


    thanks for your great tip!

    How can i create a definition like “TODAY”?

    ” Today $task:duedate:today” doesen´t work ;(

    • MichaelDeutch

       Andreas, this worked for me: Finish today $task:duedate:today 

      I needed to refresh the active legend branch and then make sure the configuration was up-to-date and enabled. Once those pieces were pulled together, the text marker appeared correctly on my topics and within the PowerMarkers pane. 

      • Andreas Friedrich

         Ok that´s a special case for me…

        You muste order the definitions like this:

        •    Overdue $task:duedate:overdue
        •    Today $task:duedate:today

        •    Tomorrow $task:duedate:tomorrow

        •    This week $task:duedate:this:week

        •    This month $task:duedate:this:month

        If you add “today” as last entry in the definition list and set the option “mutually exclusive” in the options -> nothing will be listet for today

        And thats correct – think think think.

        It works fine for me 😉

  2. Howardd21

    I like this; but the number of steps and complexity is a bit overwhelming to really understand apply it.

    I like the way the dialog works for Microsoft Outlook Task views, especially the Tasks in the To-Do bar. The tabbed interface and ability to select fields and set filters makes the info available to the user.

    In the Power Markers add in I see similar power but it is hidden with cryptic steps and strings of filter clauses.


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