Update: MindManager 9.2 for Windows is now available!

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March 10, 2011

We are happy to announce the release of MindManager 9.2 for Windows.  This service pack offers the following updates to MindManager Version 9 for Windows:

Topic Alerts

Topic alerts allow you to schedule alerts such as reminders and recurrences to specific topics.  The alerts operate independent of MindManager.  So you can still receive alerts without the need to have MindManager open.  If you want to go directly to the map you are being alerted on, simply click on the alert and you will be directed to the specific map and map topic of interest.

Topic Alerts

Support for Task Duration Less Than 1 Hour

Have you ever noticed that when setting your task durations under 1 day (e.g. 5 hours) that the corresponding Gantt view still shows a full day?  This visualization now shows the actual duration for each day and the ability to show multiple tasks to occur in the same day.  This will allow you to have a more accurate representation of tasks and their dependencies within any given project.

Task Duration

Gantt View Filtering

We’ve now extended your ability to filter to the Gantt chart.  That means that any filtering of your map can now be reflected in the Gantt view.  This is especially helpful if you want a side-by-side view of your filtered map and its related timeline.

Gantt Filtering

Quick Access Toolbar Support

If you use MindManager the way I do, you rely heavily on your customized Quick Access Toolbar.  Version 9.2 has added full support for Backstage commands (File menu commands) so you can work more efficiently.  Add common commands such as Import, Export, Save All, and Print Preview just to name a few!

Quick Access Toolbar

Task Dependencies Now Compatible with Microsoft Project

MindManager currently allows you to show relationships between multiple tasks within a project by creating task dependencies.  Prior to these new definitions, users could inadvertently violate dependency rules.  With the latest fix version 9.2, that issue is a thing of the past.  Now that the dependency rules and definitions match those of Microsoft Project, MindManager will restrict you from violating that dependency rule.

Task Dependency

MindManager 9.2 also enables:

  • Faster start-up for new maps – Just double click on a blank area on the workbook tabs bar to begin a new map!
  • Faster formatting with the mini-toolbar – Just right click a topic to see the mini-toolbar with options for text, topic and layout formatting.

Mini Toolbar

  • Relationships preview and hints – See partial relationships when one of the related topics is hidden.  If you point your cursor to the end of a relationship, a hint will show the name of the related topic.
  • Copy and paste marker groups – Now you can re-create your favorite marker groups by copying and pasting them between maps.
  • Outlook queries support for multiple accounts – Now you can select and run a query on any folder in any email account in your Outlook profile.
  • High-contrast topic lines option for printing maps – Use high-contrast topic lines when printing your map for better visibility on high-resolution printers.

If you are interested in downloading this service pack (version 9.2), please visit our Download Library under the Support section of the Mindjet website.


  • Crowtherm

    How do you print a Gantt chart on version 9.2?

    • http://blog.mindjet.com MichaelDeutch

       Go to “File”, “Print” and there’s an option for Printing Gantt Charts.

  • Coolerking

    Still have no idea how to print preview a Gantt

  • Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne

    Great work. Love all the improvement in 9. Now if we could just get the same functionality in the Mac version….firing up the virtual machine just to run Mind Manger slows things down a bit.

  • http://www.thebaroom.com Pedro Cassian

    please add gaant charts to the mac version!
    I currently have to do a lot of rework taking my plans from MM to another program and back and forward

  • Wangpengsxx

    thanks for you share in this’s. Gantt is important to office work

  • Piter

    Great, thanks for returning back topic alerts.

  • SporNet

    Nice to get some features back, and those new ones are also great :)

  • Unclestan

    There is no working 9.2 link still.

    How disappointing (

    • http://www.mindjet.com/ Garrett

      All of the links are working properly. Please have another look. Sorry for any inconvenience you experienced.

      • Unclestan

        Great, thanks!

  • Guest

    The latest link I see available in the Download Library is for v9.1. Is that supposed to be like that?

    • http://www.mindjet.com/ Garrett

      We see that. There was a hiccup with the CMS system we use. We are working to correct it as fast as possible.

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  • http://twitter.com/vertus_design Roman Garkusha

    Gr8! Like these updates.