Sharing on SharePoint Just Got Easier with MindManager MapShare

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Michael Deutch

November 8, 2010

Introducing the New MindManager MapShare

MindManager MapShare

We’re excited to announce a new addition to the MindManager family, MindManager MapShare!

You may already be using MindManager to capture knowledge, brainstorm ideas and develop both strategic and tactical plans.

Part of the power of mapping is the benefit you get from sharing that knowledge or plans with others. But since everyone does not have MindManager installed, sharing was limited to maps exported to Word, PowerPoint, Project, or other formats. This took extra time and created duplicate sources of information which was often out-dated as soon as it was exported.

Starting today, you’ll be able to share fully interactive MindManager maps stored on SharePoint with everyone in your organization. You’ll also be able to add maps right into SharePoint pages!

MindManager MapShare lets you and your team:

  • Share ideas: View any interactive map stored in SharePoint, with just a browser
  • Save time and headaches: Skip exporting maps into Word, PowerPoint, or PDF files
  • Stay current: Update just your maps, without re-exporting every time you edit
  • Stay secure: Use MapShare with confidence inside your company firewall

Contact Mindjet if you’re interested to hear how MapShare can help you share ideas faster, easier and better.

For a quick peek at MapShare in action, check out our video:

For more information, visit the MindManager MapShare product page.

4 Responses to “Sharing on SharePoint Just Got Easier with MindManager MapShare”

  1. kellyalexandermiller

    There is no new version of MapShare for MindManager 2012.  We will be making an announcement next week about working with MindManager and SharePoint, stay tuned !

  2. Guisolan

    Where is it possible to download the wsp file for MapShare if we buyed MindManager Pro 2012 ? thx



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