Mind Mapping in a Connected World

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November 29, 2010

Over the last several weeks you’ve been hearing from some new voices here at Mindjet, and I’d like to add mine to the mix as well. As Principal Architect I oversee the technology blueprints from which we create the innovative solutions you have come to know and love. My responsibilities include laying a  foundation of principles, patterns, and platforms upon which we build our products. I work closely with our talented engineers in a hands-on role where I engage with every phase of the development process.

You may already be familiar with our flagship product, MindManager. It has long been considered the standard by which others are measured for creating informative and visually compelling mind maps. Each mind map starts with a central theme which then unfolds progressively outward as additional concepts and ideas are knit together using topics, relationships, notes, images, hyperlinks, attachments, and much more.

In addition, MindManager can take you far beyond traditional mind mapping. When connected to various sources of information, MindManager becomes a dynamic information dashboard, helping you organize and analyze everything in a unified, elegant visual experience. You can use our graphical map markers to quickly classify and annotate information as it comes in. Our convenient drag-and-drop interface helps you efficiently organize and act upon information, as it happens.

To demonstrate some of these extended capabilities, we have created a sample Twitter application using our web-based mind mapping canvas and its application programming interface (API). This is intended to be a proof of concept for what is possible when we leverage the power of mind mapping to bring order and meaning to the noisy chaos of information overload.

We invite you to try our free demonstration application by clicking the link below (Note: you will need a Twitter account to connect):


We are actively working on this application and several others like it, and in the coming weeks you will see more of these technology previews as we continue exploring the possibilities of mind mapping in a connected world. We would love to receive any feedback you might have. Please use the links in the mind map or use the Mindjet blog to send us your comments and questions.

21 Responses to “Mind Mapping in a Connected World”

  1. Nigel Goult

    Hi Tom,

    Nice example.

    I too echo @NickDuffill regarding the API.

    One suggestion. It may be better to have the individual areas of Twitter on individual topics. I could see a serial Twitter user having a map that quickly become unwieldy with the data all streaming from one topic….just a thought 😉


    Nigel Goult

    • Tom Evans

      Agreed – one of the challenges of streaming data is that it can quickly become overwhelming. This is in fact one of the primary reasons we chose Twitter for this demo. The beauty of using a mind map in this case is its ability to filter and organize information, neatly folding secondary information out of view, but never more than a a click away.

      There are a few configurable settings in each of these maps, such as ResultCount and MaxTweetCount. (Hint: To find these settings, try using the Search tool at the bottom of the mind map.) Currently set to 5 and 25 respectively, you may modify these settings to tailor the number of tweets that are visible at one time.

      There are a few more special features in these maps that may not be readily apparent at first blush. Read the tips under the “Getting Started” topic in the map(s) for more information. Follow me on Twitter at @twe_mj or search using keyword #twitterjet for additional hints and help!

  2. iscogd

    It’s nice and demonstrates the power of MM catalyst, and could be further develop as stand alone application. same could be done for Facebook groups.

    • Garrett

      You hit the nail right on the head with your comment, this is a great demonstration of what Mindjet mapping technologies can do. We will be building out more of these demos in the future so stay tuned.

    • Tom Evans

      We have not formally published the API for MindManager Web as yet. However, we are working actively to extend and enhance the MMW component for third-party integrations, including provisioning API keys, writing demonstration code (SDK), and documenting implementation guidelines/best practices. Stay tuned for more information about this and more in the months ahead.

        • Tom Evans

          There is a COM-based API for MindManager that has been used by many third-party developers to build custom add-ins for our Windows desktop client. Unfortunately, the API documentation has lagged a bit behind our releases (it was last updated with MM8). The good news is that we are working hard to improve in this area. As you can see from this technology preview, we expect to deliver significant new integration options for our customers and technology partners in the near future.

          • Jose

            Until there is a new API with better documentation, is there any way of having answers to specific questions that are impossible to find now? I am trying to develope several applications and sometimes there is no way to find answers to some questions. What can I do when I want one of those answers? Is there any knid of support for this type of situations?

          • Tom Evans

            Along with the SDK improvements I mentioned earlier, we are planning to roll out a new developer support program in the coming months, which we anticipate will address some of these concerns. We will be taking a community-oriented approach, so in addition to the API docs and example code, you will be able to collaborate with like-minded developers to share ideas and facilitate Q&A among peers.


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