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November 19, 2010

Do you find yourself constantly searching for topics that are top priority? Do you wish that there was an easy way to see just your top priority topics quickly? Well you’re in luck, with the Power Filters feature in MindManager for Windows you can quickly and easily do just that. Here’s how:

1: Prioritize your topics with Map Markers:

Power Filter step 1

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2: Open the Power Filter box:

Power Filter step 2

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3: Choose the Priority you wish to filter by:

Power Filter step 3

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The filtered map:

Power Filter step 4

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This same process can be replicated with any of the different types of map markers available in MindManager version 9 for Windows. Do you have any quick and useful tips that you want to share? Leave them in the comments and let the community know.

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  1. Lars Jensen @ Mindjet

    If you want to see just one marker, there’s an easier way.

    Right-click the marker on a topic and choose “Quick Filter > Show Topics With This Marker”. When you’re done filtering, use Remove Filter as usual to show the entire map.

    Quick Filter is available for icons in MindManager 8.1 or later, and for tags (formerly known as text markers) in MindManager 8.2 or later.

  2. Tonyk

    Is it not time to display the name of the filter while you are viewing filtered items? That is something needed for a very long time, at least for me.

    • Lars Jensen

      Tony, I think you are referring to Saved Views. That’s the only way you can name a filter. We don’t show the name because you can continue to filter the map, and at that point the name would no longer be accurate.

      However, this reminds me that we could use a better indicator that the map is filtered. The Remove Filter button in the status bar is easily overlooked. Two ideas come to mind:

      1) A bar that appears at the top or bottom. This bar would have room to display the filter name (if there was one), and additional text in case the user keeps filtering.

      2) A graphic that appears in a corner of the map. This could display the filter name on hover, and with a tooltip that contains additional text.

    • Garrett


      We agree which is why we wanted to make sure we let everyone know how to take advantage of this powerful feature. I know i use it almost every day to make sure I stay on top of my tasks.



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