MindManager Version 9 for Windows – Service Pack 1

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October 6, 2010


Mindjet is pleased to announce the availability of Service Pack 1 for MindManager Version 9 for Windows. The service pack is now ready for download on Mindjet’s product download library.  Our product team has been hard at work since version 9.0 was first released to address a number of key issues raised by you, our customers.

Key improvements that you’ll see in this release are:

  • Export to MindManager Viewer (formerly Mindjet Player): We’ve removed the required internet connection to let you generate a MindManager Viewer file.
  • Export Multiple Topics to Outlook Tasks: In the initial release, the ability to export multiple topics to Outlook tasks was removed. We’ve added back this capability.
  • Quick Access to Print Preview: Print preview was added to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Resolved Various Crashing Scenarios: Various scenarios that caused crashes that were raised by customers and our quality team have been addressed to provide much greater stability.

Please see the Release notes embedded below for exactly what went into MindManager version 9.1. To get your hands on this update, you can download it here.

MindManager v9.1 Release Notes

Thanks to all the customers who have downloaded MindManager Version 9 and provided feedback. Our product and engineering team are already hard at work planning and scoping our next updates. Please continue to direct any issues or questions to our technical support team.  Thanks again and enjoy!

13 Responses to “MindManager Version 9 for Windows – Service Pack 1”

  1. Dmytro

    Maybe I am writing in wrong place…
    Are the any Map Parts plugins for Google Calendar, such as Google Tasks and Google Appointments, same as MS Outlook?

  2. Kunchit

    Thanks MindJet Team. Now it is not crach in Windows XP when exit Mindmanager anymore. Run fast and more stable than Version 9.0. Now I’m one of happy users. :-)

  3. Chrise

    It is now a much better product. Requiring internet connectivity in order to generate a MindManager Viewer file was a major impediment for me.

    • Garrett

      I am happy that we were able to make this work for you. Many customers had asked for this enhancement and we are glad to see that it is now available.



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