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October 28, 2010

Hi all.  Permit me to introduce myself.  I am Carola Fellenz Thompson.   I joined Mindjet about 6 months ago as Senior Director of User Experience.   My team’s role is to define the user experience of Mindjet products and ensure they fit your needs.

I’m excited to tell you about a project that we are just kicking off called “Map the Future”.   The goal of this project is to gain a much deeper understanding of who our users are and what they do.  We want to do this so we can better support you today and provide you even better products in the future.  The project will have two phases.  First, we will be sending out a short survey.   In the second phase, we will visit a sampling of our users at their work place. What we learn will help inform our design work for future products.

This will be an opportunity for you as a member of  the Mindjet community to help shape the future of Mindjet’s products.  Stay tuned to this blog.  We will announce how you can get involved with the Map the Future project next week.

32 Responses to “Map the Future with Mindjet”

  1. steve

    I also would love a link to Google calendar and tasks.
    That would really advance a great product!

  2. Riccardo

    Allow the grouping (bracketing) of a subset of sub-topics rather than the full branch, a-la xmind

  3. Hcr_mex

    I think, first of all, you should know your customer´s profiles. No one has asked me about my occupation, my job, how do I use the tool, etc…

    You also need to see how the computer industry is moving forward. What about Black Berry, Smartphones, etc? Why just iPhone?

    Where is GanttJCV?

    There are alot of thing to say…

  4. dedalus

    Me once again.
    Carola is the brand of a mineral water with bubbles in Vosges (Eastern France)
    Thomson is the name of a French hi-tech company specialized in weapons.
    Carola Thomson, water and fire, Venus and Mars, Mind of the Future… Oups !

  5. dedalus


    Deux limitations, par exemple :
    – impossible d’associer une bulle d’information au sujet central ;
    – impossible d’utiliser la commande “Map adaptative” (symbole à l’envers dans le menu), pour développer dans le sens gauche-droite, sauf pour un sujet flottant.
    On contourne la difficulté en masquant un sujet supplémentaire dans le 1er cas, en masquant le sujet central dans le second.
    P.S. J’ai autant la flemme de traduire en anglais que les anglophones ont la flemme d’apprendre le français.

  6. Kees Vogelesang

    Versions for smartphones and iPad (like) are needed.
    iThoughts and others are heading forward.

    Good initiative by the way.

  7. Guillaume

    I’ve answered the survey and got two things on my mind :
    1. ipad compatibility
    2. google calendar and docs compatibilty

    thanks for your efforts for continuous improvements

  8. Clarke Tim

    I agree that the Mac version needs to be brought up to the level of the PC version and support for the ipad.

  9. Tayler

    as i have moved to a mac so i no longer use mindjet. but the process of going from an outline, which is how i used MJ, to text is clunky, the spell checker is not up to standard. there used to be an excellent report outlining tool called Think. the key feature it had was the ability to hide subheadings so you do not have to see all the detail if you don’t want to. it would be great to be able to hide outline and even text sections in the same manner as you develop a document.

  10. Guest

    Mind manager is great but really needs the ability to make a timeline. Give us timelines!

  11. Gary Gilley

    One thing it was so user friendly to get started I did not seek training and now think i am missing out of some of the features

  12. Pbouttier

    took the survey but no room for comments?
    I have one comment, can’t find a way to move arms where I want, it always resets them and makes the page either wider or taller than I want it.

  13. Mike

    No questions asked on what should be added to Mindjet. I would request indication of support for iPad which is becoming a key executive and field appliance.

  14. Veronique Phalente

    Hi !
    I hope you will also develop french versions…
    I’ve got some other suggestions…

    Véronique PHALENTE
    Civil ingeneer – Architect – Guadeloupe

  15. Lonnie

    I suggest you put the contributors to the survey an opportunity for a drawing of some type item to cover the user’s time, I agree with Mat it should be a two way street. I came to this page for the survey link but do not see it. Have been using the Palm verson and iPod version, they are handy but not quite slick in their opreation. Keep the poduct improving and listen to users will always help.

    • Carola Thompson

      Hi Lonnie, Great idea. We actually wanted to do something like this but because we have a worldwide customer base and the laws that govern such drawings vary widely by country and in some case require oversight by outside agencies, we decided to keep it simple. We didn’t want to have legal challenges stand in the way of us getting good customer data.

  16. Pancho

    Great news
    I´m mindjet user for a long time… I´ve change from PC to MAc…. this version is underdeveloper in comparision…..

  17. Mat

    If we take time to help you on your project, so you can shape the future of your product, what’s in it for us the customer? Are you not offering in return for our precious time? I believe you have to refine your approach. It is a one way ticket..

    • Carola Thompson

      Hi Mat, For the survey which is Phase 1 of the Map the Future project, we are appealing to you and other users to donate a few minutes of your time so that we can learn about your role and at a high level what you do with MindManager. In the next phase of the project, we will be asking users to make a bigger time commitment and will definitely be including something in return for time spent with us.

  18. Richard Bludworth

    Im looking for Mac improvements – Here’s hoping youve got some in mind.

  19. Stefan Scheib


    sounds great. But I think this is about the fourth or fifth announcement of Mindjet in the last years that says “In the future we are listening to our customers”.
    Imagine what happened to the last initiatives… Yes, nothing. That’s just all marketing noise…


    • Carola Thompson

      Hi Stefan. This is a tough comment to respond to without sounding defensive. I could promise that this time will be different, but until you see results I would understand if you weren’t convinced. What I can say is that Mindjet is making a significant investment in the user experience. We now have a dedicated user experience (UX) team and this is new. Over the coming months you will see more blog activity from the UX team. I hope you join the dialog.

      • Stefan

        Hi Carola,

        I am using MindManager since 13 years and I consider myself a Power User. In the last 5-6 years I did beta testing, discussions with “customer advocats” (are they still there?), support and development teams, both in Germany and the US. The results (as improvements or bug fixes) have been very poor. And there are many other people/users with that experience (see e.g. the mindmanager yahoo forum).
        This forum is a source of a lot of very useful improvement suggestions and you’ll find a wealth on user experience. You should read through it personally!

        With MM9 we now have a version with old bugs and new unfinished functionalities (which I am used to) but the worst is that even some very useful add-ons can’t be used anymore.
        This is discussed in detail in the MM yahoo forum as well and quite some MM users will not upgrade to MM9. And SP1 didn’t help much to resolve the problems.

        I am still interested in giving feedback as a power user (and others as well, I am sure) but you’ll probably understand that I am very sceptical.
        What would be your concept to convince me/us?



  20. Ed Gibson

    Would be great to get an opportunity to talk about how to effect the local culture perspective. Sometimes we feel were trying to pitch a religion :-) Product is definitely for the visual thinkers and can be sometimes hard to sell to linear thinkers :-(

    Think were making forward traction though

  21. Jay (Jacquelyn) Scott

    I hope your project will include exploration of the future for the Mac version, as well! You have some faithful users among us!

  22. Chris Blatnick

    Hi Carola…welcome! This sounds exciting. It’s so great to see software companies that have dedicated User Experience teams! Yet another reason why I love Mindjet. :-)



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