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September 10, 2010

As we continue to develop the Maps for That community we want to make sure we work your feedback into the building process. The first area that I have heard your feedback is the need for Categories to help group maps and make them easier to find. However, since this is a community built for the mapping world I thought I would get your opinions on what those categories should be. Please feel free to vote for the categories you think we need and add any that you think are missing.

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9 Responses to “Maps for That Feedback – Categories”

  1. Mark

    While I’m no taxonomist I’ve done similar work with web navigation. This however I think is a different problem. The classes in the poll above are mostly about content, when I think they should be about structure. The difference between most basic mindmaps (with a central node and a modest number of ideas surrounding it) is only of content, that is, what are the words in the boxes. As a template they are mostly uninteresting because you have to replace most of the words anyway.

    Useful MMAP templates would cover different ways of organizing ideas. Now, at the moment this is a special weakness of mapping software, which almost all assume a central node and no progression or movement. So what I want to see,both in templates and in software, is stronger support for moving an idea from point A to point B (and maybe beyond). Multiple central nodes that can be arranged in a sequence or process. Ways of evolving an idea from Complexity down to simplicity (or vice versa) across a page. Connecting disparate major nodes into a common cloud of ideas.
    These are all things I regularly do with pen & paper, but can’t do with any mapping software.

    So for your taxonomy, rather than representing all of man’s fields of endeavour, you are better off representing ways of thinking, and let the user add the data.

      • Mark

        Interesting read! I agree with his main points. There is one sentence that stuck out for me as being especially important, “Fewer people use [mind maps ] to converge again on key concepts and messages that they can communicate to others”. Why? Because the software doesn’t support this at all. As you move out from a central concept all the user can do is break points down into sub-points – there is no technical support for convergence of ideas. If there was ONE thing I’d like to see in MindManager 10 it would be that. It would be revolutionary.

        • Garrett

          Mark,nnThanks for sharing that idea that the categories should be more about ways of thinking rather than content, however I think for a site like this it helps to separate the content to provide an easier way for users to discover maps. This is very similar to how YouTube and other massive content sites pull their data together. While I am no taxonomist either this to me was a model that Maps for That should emulate.

          • Mark

            When building a model based on best practice it is important you’re trying to achieve the same things. YouTube is helping people find content to consume. Mindjet is helping people find ways to create content. The first model is focused on the content, the second is about the thinking process. It is likely that what is best practice for one is not best for the other. rnThat said, I recognize that this is also a change management task and you need to both bring along your users and be seen to supporting their needs. The content retrieval model is familiar to users and it is clear that many expect it. So by all means start there. But be just as sure as (good) intranets have changed from organizing information by owner to organizing it by usage, a similar change will one day be needed here.

        • Nick

          Mark – I could not agree more. The maturing of mind mapping software into information and knowledge management / processing is about five years overdue. This is probably why is it not “mainstream”.

  2. ajwilcox

    I thought there was internationally recognised library system for categorising called the Dewey Decimal System. But there also appears to be many more:nn there also needs to be a fiction category in your list. This could be cross categorised with To Do lists, Project Plans :)

  3. Steve Rothwell

    Hi Garrett – the poll selector above only lets you select a single category – not multiple


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