What’s New in MindManager Version 9 for Windows: The Power of Interactive Slides

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August 24, 2010


A New Yet Familiar Way to Present Your Maps

Have you ever found it difficult to effectively present and walk through a large and highly complex map?   Often times, your map contains more details than you want to present and the map may need to be reorganized for each unique audience that you present it to. It’s important to keep your presentation focused on the content that matters which is hindered when you walk through each branch in sequential order, where viewers may get distracted by the other branches and imagery on the map.

One of the coolest new features in MindManager version 9 is the new interactive Slide Show. Now you can create and manage a set of slides that focus on different sections or views of your map.  Also, the slide thumbnail viewer is very similar to that of PowerPoint’s which you are likely familiar with.

This new feature allows you to break up and organize your map into manageable components which will improve the presentation experience for you and your audience.  Of course, you’ll still be able to expand and collapse the branches within each slide or even add new topics based on your audience feedback – allowing you to give you a truly dynamic and engaging presentation experience.

MindManager version 9 slide mode 2

I hope you are as excited about this as we are!  Next time, we will cover MindManager version 9’s new integration with Microsoft PowerPoint which will allow you to directly import your map (and slides within MindManager version 9) directly into PowerPoint.

If you happened to miss any of the previous articles, feel free to click on any of the articles below to get caught up.  Thanks!

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That’s all for now!  Happy mapping!

Wayne Chan

Mindjet Product Marketing

17 Responses to “What’s New in MindManager Version 9 for Windows: The Power of Interactive Slides”

  1. guest

    I have a desk top computer where I do most of my work, and then have portable computer that I use when travelling.

    If I buy the software, can I install on both of my machines?

  2. Clement Gemayel

    Is there a command I am missing to specify a date range for a GANTT output both on screen and particularly in printing?

    • Garrett

      Right now there isn’t a way to filter the date range for the Gantt chart. It is a great idea and I will pass it along to our product team for their consideration.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m trying to create a map-part link for my RSS news feed with MindManager v.8 in Windows 7, and I keep getting an error: [“Web part add-in” data transformation script failed]. If anyone knows how to fix this error, please help …

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    1? ???????
    2? ???????
    3? ???????????
    4? ???????
    5? ?????????????????
    6? ???????????????????????
    7? ??????????????????
    8? ??????????????

    ???????????9:30-11:30 ??15:00-17:00 ???19?30-21?30

    • Wayne Chan

      Hi Roman,rnrnUnder the Slides drop down menu (View tab), there is an option for “Slides Page Setup” where you can select the orientation of the slide (portrait or landscape) as well as adjust the margins of your slide. I hope that answers your question!rn

      • Roman Garkusha

        As I see it’s not the thing I need. I need individual zoom of map parts for each slide so I could small branches make bigger size and big branches resize smaller to fit slide area.



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