Mindjet Announced MindManager, Version 9 for Windows launches on August 10

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Michael Deutch

July 13, 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I had to get on and share some exciting news. Last night, Mindjet made an important announcement!


That’s right. MindManager, version 9, is coming! It’ll actually be here before you know it — August 10th to be exact.

And, more importantly, we’ve packed this release with capabilities that you’ve been asking for!

MindManager 9  is built around the following three major themes:

  1. Accomplish more, faster: If you’re using MindManager to get your work done, and we’ve made it easier to bring relevant information into your maps with less effort. This will let you maintain perspective, work in context without having to constantly switch apps looking for the information you need to complete your work. For instance, you can tap into Outlook’s wealth of emails, tasks, notes, etc.. and bring in any or all of that information into your maps. Our new Outlook integration is built upon either pre-defined or simple-to-create queries that synchronize information with MindManager. You’ll setup your Outlook branch once and it’ll continue to refresh and present up-to-date content without any additional effort on your part. What will you do with that info? Make better plans, strategies and decisions!
  2. Planning for everyone: We recognize that many professional project managers use MindManager for developing plans. But we asked the question, what about the rest of us? The marketers, developers, HR managers, etc… We need planning tools that let us build out quick lists of the things we need to get done in order to make any plan a reality. MindManager does just that. In MindManager, Version 9, we let you build out a plan and then, instantly, visualize it in our new integrated project schedule (Gantt chart). We also provide guidance by highlighting where trouble spots exist (e.g. if someone is assigned too many tasks to complete on any given day).
  3. Communicate more effectively: We’re also excited about a brand new way to present your mapped concepts, strategies and plans. With the new MindManager slide show, you can create slides from any topic within your map. Unlike other presentation software apps which let you ‘broadcast’ your message, MindManager’s slides are still interactive, letting you collaborate instead of simply present ideas. Capture feedback, track new action items, and evolve your content while delivering your presentation.

Beyond these major improvements, we’ve also made many improvements including:

  • Enhanced usability and interface improvements
  • Significantly faster performance
  • Integration with Microsoft Office 2010
  • Improved integrations with Office applications
  • Brand new galleries of images, icons, and map templates
  • And much, much more…

Stay tuned for more news as we get closer to August 10th!

29 Responses to “Mindjet Announced MindManager, Version 9 for Windows launches on August 10”

  1. Fepu

    Sorry THAT WAS UNCLEAR I replaced my old modem and router with the router with the DGN 3500 yesterday

    • MichaelDeutch


      Mindjet has retired MindManager Pro 6 in June of 2009. We do that periodically to focus resources on maintaining current and building future versions. When a version of MindManager software is “retired,” live Technical
      Support is discontinued for that version. Self-service support through
      the knowledge base and forums remains available.

      Feel free to post in the Mindjet forums or one of our community groups (e.g. Yahoo). You can find these sites from the Mindjet website here: http://mindjet.com/community/overview.

      Wish I could have been more helpful.


  2. Fepu

    Hi All
    Running MM6 Pro and after replacing router Netgear DGM 3500 N300 Wireless modem router yesterday now MM wont run
    I uninstalled the program and re installed it but now get

    “Core initialization


    MM6 Pro wont launch at all
    Help!!!!! exams in 3/52

  3. ghd hair straightener

    Great post, I myself can totally relate to “can’t read my own handwriting”. Evernote has been an increasingly present part of my meeting and seminar routine since the iPad came along, but clearly a mindmapping tool would be superior to a text-only solution (such as the present stage in Evernote)n

  4. Rafael

    $149 for the upgrade after paying $349 for full version, and ~$129 more than 5 times (X5, X5 Pro, Pro 6, Pro 7, 8, Mac Upgrade…) I believe this time I will stop being such a sucker. It is really sad to pay all this premium I really don’t see anything great in this one. And after using the ipad and all this great applications for just 1-10 bucks this business model is starting to bother me… I like MindManager, but I will start looking for other options

    • Jim

      Rafael, I agree. Some of the improvements in MM8 were ok and I thought worth the upgrade, but my overall impression was that I was a sucker for upgrading in that MJ promised great stuff, but that new stuff had bugs that they didn’t ever fix or improve so that it was as useful as they could be. It’s frustrating to have a company create innovative features that show great promise, and get my hopes up but then fail to make the incremental improvements and bug fixes that would make them meet my expectations.

  5. Alistair Doran

    Great to see Mindjet moving forward with version 9, however it is a pity about the upgrade price and the fact that it is not 100% compatible with office 2010.rnrnI’ve used version 6, 7 and 8 all of which I have found a great improvement on the previous version, however I have to say that with the price being suggested to upgrade to version 9 I will be thinking twice before I do.

  6. Alistair Doran

    Great to see Mindjet moving forward with version 9, however it is a pity about the upgrade price and the fact that it is not 100% compatible with office 2010.

    I've used version 6, 7 and 8 all of which I have found a great improvement on the previous version, however I have to say that with the price being suggested to upgrade to version 9 I will be thinking twice before I do.

  7. Frananglero

    I think it should be more integrated with MS Office and it would store web pages as in UltraRecall or in Zotero, information is always changing. Also the notes part must be more stable and easy to work, MM 9 must have tab navigation otherwise will be useless to migrate from MM 7 or 8.

  8. Jim

    In recent years MJ has focused MM on project management. However since I left engineering management, I've been more interested in using MM as an information database for my entire life and projects with more focus on writing (storing research, arranging and correlating ideas). I find that MJ has not added much that facilitates that. I've also been very interested in the web and Word export as a way to take my creative work to publication. While these features work, they work crudely. The web export has bugs that have never been fixed. The Word export could be enhanced with just a few improvements that would make it far more useful (less formatting work after exporting). I've input these suggestions but fail to see that MJ cares about them. I've used MM so long I can't remember when I started (15 years?) and basically use it as a foundation for everything I do. I'm reluctant to buy into more marketing hype about how great the new version will be unless I see that it will actually improve my own applications.

    • MarsKy

      Agree with you Jim – MM seems to have forgotten improving for the individual user. I've tried versions 7 and 8 and can't find any reason to move from version 6. What I want is improved mapping options (e.g. bowtie diagrams) and importing/ exporting (e.g. with MS OneNote). All this business oriented sharing is no doubt good, but it's not a function I need, and even in my small company's structure (a consultancy which does lots of data & information research and management) MM does not offer a structured format for data sharing, in comparison with say OneNote or TreePad.

      • Yed

        Totally agree – I use MM6 everyday and I tried v7 and v8 trials and couldn't find any real reasons to upgrade over v6 – I'm really hoping MM9 adds some new features for everyday productivity (and I'll upgrade!)

    • igoldsmid

      Jim – have you tried “Personal Brain” or “Connectedtext”. Those two are great for that.

      • MarsKy

        LOL – I spent the weekend playing about with Personal Brain. Gave me a personal brain haemorrhage. Desparately wanted it to work, as I believe 3D mapping would suit me. But with everything spinning as you select a different node, I kept getting lost in my maps as they got bigger.
        A 2D alternative is the open source Visual Understanding Environment (VUE): http://www.vue.tufts.edu

  9. John V

    Will we be able to add tasks with a “minutes” unit in addition to hours, etc.?

    • Michael Deutch

      The imports and exports with office 2010 x64 will work perfectly. There is an 'add-in' that installs in x32 that, for instance, allows you to highlight and send content to your map. This isn't available in the x64 version. For me, that hasn't been a problem since I drag / drop content from Office into my maps. Did you use the feature that I mentioned in the x32 version of Office? I think many customers do not even know it exists b/c it's hidden within the 'add-ins' ribbon.

    • Michael Deutch

      Hawj, you'll be able to access Google apps using MindManager's browser. That way, you can map out your content and reference it while working in the Google app. From an import / export perspective, that isn't yet in the product for Google or Open Office. I'll pass this on to our team.

  10. Alexander

    Nice new feature set, eager to try it. Piti that I've just bought MindManager 8 three weeks ago… seems that I will not be eligible for a free update :-(

      • PC

        Same boat as Alexander. I bought mine new. Argh, should have read more of the site. Just too eager to see if MM8 is as good as people say it is for dissertations.



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