Using MindManager with Catalyst for Managing Projects Webinar

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May 5, 2010

One of the top uses of Mindjet products, especially MindManager, is project management. As countless blog posts and users can attest there are few tools out there that are better for managing complex projects and programs than MindManager. This power is multiplied with the addition of JCVGantt and Mindjet Catalyst. Recently, members of the Mindjet team offered up a webinar to show the power of combining MindManager and Catalyst to achieve success with your various projects.

As projects expand to include multiple inputs and resources, the need for multi-user contribution and central document storage becomes more important.  Watch this recorded webinar to learn how using MindManager with Catalyst can solve these problems by effectively managing team projects. We focused on how to develop and manage a sample product launch process, from project definition through scheduling and assigning resources to task completion.

Recorded Webinar
Product Launch Map Template:

During this webinar you will see our team members using our Product Launch Map Template. Because this is such a powerful resource I have included it for download for you all.

Webinar Q & A:

I have gone ahead and included the Q and A from the webinar for you to quickly browse as those who attended live asked some fantastic questions:
MM and Catalyst Webinar Q&A

Additional Project Management Posts:

Streamline Project Management with Project Mapping

Back in September we did another Project Management focused webinar with Dr. Andrew Makar, an IT program manager with project delivery experience in the Automotive and Financial Management industries. Andrew is an enthusiastic leader who combines project management theory, mind mapping, and project execution into practical application. View the recording here.

Getting Projects Done with MindManager 8, Google Docs and Basecamp!

This was a fun post that illustrates how to start using MindManager 8’s topic links and embedded browser to create powerful interactive project dashboards that work with online apps like Google Docs and Basecamp.

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