MindManager for SharePoint – Connecting to SharePoint Sites

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March 26, 2010

MindManager for SharePointAlmost a month ago we released MindManager for Sharepoint. There has been lots of interest in the product and I figured now is a good time to give you some more insight into how you can use the product.

We all know that SharePoint is a great asset to large organizations and project teams that have to collaborate and share information across teams and groups. In this article and video you will learn how to connect SharePoint sites to your MindManager for SharePoint application.

The first task you must master is connecting to multiple different SharePoint sites and the multitude of ways that you can do them.

Rather then give you a long bulleted list I thought I would simplify things for all of you and give you a great video from our training staff. You can find this one and many more on the Mindjet YouTube page.

Stay tuned for more tips for MindManager for Sharepoint. I know this is a relatively new product but I would love to hear your tips if you have them.

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