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Michael Deutch

February 23, 2010

We’ve got news, great news!

Mindjet is pleased to announce our newest member to the MindManager family of products:

MindManager for SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint Server is one of the world’s leading business collaboration platforms that helps teams connect and manage content throughout its information lifecycle. SharePoint solutions, deployed both on-premises or as hosted services, makes it possible to cut costs by lowering development costs, training and maintenance expenses and increasing IT and end-user productivity, all within a governable and compliant platform.

SharePoint sites tend to grow rapidly within organizations which sometimes cause challenges for users when they try to find and update their documents and tasks. Search and navigation throughout multiple sites is time-consuming. It’s also not possible for users to create and interact with aggregate views of SharePoint content. That’s why we created MindManager for SharePoint.

MindManager for SharePoint provides faster and easier ways to find, organize and update SharePoint tasks and information. With MindManager for SharePoint, you can create personalized interactive views (maps) of SharePoint data to save time accessing and updating your content within SharePoint.

You’ll enjoy all the power of MindManager with the new capability to display synchronized data that lives inside SharePoint.

Instant Dashboard Views

With a click, you can build a dashboard to display all of your assigned tasks & issues across multiple sites. Update % complete or task priority directly in your MindManager map and it’ll instantly update in SharePoint or use the topic link to open and edit the record directly inside of MindManager.


Interactive SharePoint Site Maps

Create your own personal dynamic SharePoint site map to one or more sites. You can annotate topics with icons, tags and text notes. Add new SharePoint content with the special ribbon command or create private subtopics that contain your ideas and research before adding the information into SharePoint. The freedom is now yours.


Custom Project or Process Dashboards

Organize and layout SharePoint content the way that you want to see it. Each branch of your map can use custom filters to dynamically display content that meets your needs.

Here are a couple of dashboard examples. The first, displays project information collected from three SharePoint sites and presents it all as one aggregated view that you can use to update status, filter and focus attention on top priorities that cut across multiple projects.

The second map, organizes information by people. This example illustrates how a manager can quickly consolidate tasks and issues for each of their staff and use the map to align priorities, monitor progress and resolve issues as a team.

They’re both fast and easy to setup and the best part is that you’re the boss. You decide what content to include in your maps!

Project & Program Dashboards

Program Dashboard

Facilitate Staff Meetings


Visual Search Results

Users can also search for keywords across one or more SharePoint 2007 sites. Results are displayed within your map with active links to each record.

Visual Mapping

In addition to the new capabilities above, you get the power of MindManager to brainstorm, solve problems, conduct research, facilitate meetings, develop strategies and plan and so much more…

This release is immediately available in English, German and French.

For more information:

And, stay tuned to the Mindjet blog, where we’ll cover this product in future posts!

25 Responses to “New from Mindjet: MindManager for SharePoint”

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  5. Ary Velstra

    If you install MindManager for sharepoint across your normal MindManager 8.2 version and wish to enter a valid new MM for Sharepoint licensekey are addins and mapparts not available anymore, or work not as good as before. The solution to solve this is cumbersome and not working yet.

    We will advise our customers to hold installations until this is solved completely

  6. jimmcdaniel

    I've tried to find out what SharePoint is but even after looking at the Microsoft site, all I see is marketing-speak about its wonderful benefits. I've at least gleaned that it involves an enterprise database allowing sharing of data. I'm a one-man operation so I don't think I have any need for it. However based on some conversation here it seems that MM8 is turning into MM SharePoint thus requiring me to pay for this feature as an upgrade whether I want it or not. Is the MM8 product going to fork so I can upgrade without this feature? If not then after more than a decade of using MM everyday, I'm going to have to research a replacement and start converting my entire library to it.

  7. jimmcdaniel

    I've tried to understand what SharePoint is, including looking at Microsoft's web site, but mostly see vague marketing-speak that tells me little about what the product really looks like. I have at least gleaned that it involves an enterprise database and is marketed to large companies. On the other hand I am a one-man-office and would seem to have no need for it. Based on the discussion here I'm concerned that will have to pay to upgrade to MM SharePoint if I want to keep my MM8 up-to-date. Is there a fork in the MM product that allows me to upgrade but not buy MM SharePoint? If not, then after well over a decade of sticking with MindJet I will have start researching some other mind map program and converting my large library of maps over to it.

  8. R. Hodge

    For me MindManager has missed the boat with this release. I am not going to pay $499 to add Sharepoint capability to my existing MindManager 8 install if all I am doing is creating a portal to SharePoint. That is what SharePoint is all about, you're are competing not complimenting SharePoint and I think that is a mistake. To leverage both MindManager and SharePoint across an enterprise is not cost effective. Don't get me wrong, I like the MindManager product very much for what it is intended to do. Now it seems like you are trying to force fit the product into a niche it is not suited for. I would rather see efforts spent on adding increase export capability to SharePort document libraries or as viewable web parts.

    • Nigel Goult

      I agree that the pricing of MM SP might need re-thinking, however, just for clarity I think the cost for an “upgrade” from MM8 to MM SP is actually about $149.

      The MM SP functionality is very good and I think that the market may well dictate future pricing.

    • MichaelDeutch

      R. Hodge – for existing customers like yourself, it isn't $499. The price to move to MindManager for SharePoint for MindManager 8 customers is $150.

      The new capability lets users build dynamic maps populated with SharePoint data. That's just the start. From there, they can add topics, annotate, tag, filter, sort, search and so much more.

      SharePoint is great at managing the workflow of documents & other items like tasks & lists. It's not the ideal tool to think through those tasks, issues and documents. That's where MindManager shines. This release lets you tap into the power of both tools together.

      Find your content, organize it the way you'd like to see it, tag it, re-order it, add notes, add subtopics with your thoughts & ideas, etc…then, when you need to update status or record details, it's a click away!

  9. S. Svendsen

    Is this why my MindManager 8 still won't with SharePoint 2007 as described on the tin? You want me to buy the software again? I have given up on it at least. If not on your slate, please at least fix MM8 so checking documents in and out works. It has been broken since forever.

    • MichaelDeutch

      S. Do you have MindManager 8.2? There were some issues addressed in MindManager 8.2 with regards to checking documents in and out.

      Per our support team, you can use this method…
      1) Find the URL of your map in SharePoint. You can do this from Internet Explorer by navigating to your document and retrieving the properties. The URL will look something like this:


      2) In MindManager, go to the MindManager button -> Open.
      3) In the File name: dialog at the bottom, paste in the URL to your map and click Open.
      4) The map should now be open in MindManager for editing.
      5) Go to the MindManager button at the top left. When you click this, you should now see the Server option in the menu to check out/in the document.

      This process would be simplified if your SharePoint drives are mapped in Explorer.

      If you have further issues, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support team. They're there to help you :)


  10. MichaelDeutch

    Nigel, thanks for the heads up! Not sure how this slipped past our team but they're working on it right now. As far as I understand, this only impacts people who have expired MindManager 8.x trials. I'll post an update here ASAP.

    For everyone else, the current installer / trial should work without any hiccups. If you experience any, please let us know here:


  11. MichaelDeutch

    Nigel, thanks for the heads up! Not sure how this slipped past our team but they're working on it right now. As far as I understand, this only impacts people who have expired MindManager 8.x trials. I'll post an update here ASAP.

    For everyone else, the current installer / trial should work without any hiccups. If you experience any, please let us know here:


    • nigelgoult

      Hi Michael.

      Just for clarification. The details surrounding my experience where:

      1. Installed MindManager 8 some time ago.
      2. MindManager 8 trial expired.
      3. Activated MindManager 8 with licence.
      4. Using product fine for months…and months…and months 😉
      5. Downloaded and installed MindManager 8 for SharePoint
      6. MindManager 8 starts and informs me trial period has ended.

      I hope that helps. Just wanted to clarify that a licensed working version become Read-Only, NOT an expired trial version.



  12. Nigel Goult

    A friendly “heads up”.
    If you are thinking of trialling the new MindManager for SharePoint edition released today be warned that you may find it will launch as an expired trial stopping your use of MindManager.
    On tests I did today, it appears that the MMSP edition uses the original MM8 trial flag and therefore thinks the trial has expired (providing of course you are not still in your trial period).
    The only way back to a working system (without buying a licence) is to uninstall using Windows Control Panel and then re-install a previous edition.
    I’m not totally sure this is going to be the same for all instances but make sure you have an installer of your current edition handy ….just in case 😉



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