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January 20, 2010

MindManager8forMacI know that there has been lots of discussion about MindManager 8 for Mac. I am happy to let you all know that our great engineering and product teams are almost finished with the release and it will be available very shortly.

Because we are so close to the release of the new MindManager 8 for Mac I wanted to share with you some videos of what’s new in the product. I hope you all enjoy the great new features that we have built into MindManger 8 for Mac as I know the teams here are as well.

I will continue to update you as more information becomes available, but don’t think that Steve Jobs is the only one announcing new Mac products the end of this month.

19 Responses to “Mindjet MindManager 8 for Mac preview”

    • Garrett

      We are working on the next version of Mac. I can’t give you a time line because i don’t even have one yet. I will make sure to keep you posted as soon as i get new information.

  1. Dmitry Zavrazhnov

    Garrett, Hi!
    I’m wondering how does the presentation mode work in MM8 for Mac. I’m having trouble finding it
    Best regards,

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    I’m considering the update…but I’m also considering switching to a competitor over this. As someone who must mobile office (really…I don’t even have true office space with the non-profit)…my Mac and my iPhone are literally my office.

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  6. Garrett Scott


    Thanks for the comment, we are really excited over here that we got this product out to our loyal, and patient, Mac customers. This iPad announcement also has us very excited about the possibilities. Knowing that it is essentially a big iPod or iPhone we would essentially extend the iPhone app. We are all intrigued about the capabilities of the new device for sure.


  7. Travis Campbell

    Congratulations on getting this done. No doubt many MAC users have been waiting for this. Will this software then work with the iPad (announced today)?

    Looking forward to it, and again, congrats.


  8. Sandro Semenzato

    the number and convenience of the new features is really effective and the online conversion capabilities are simply fine (offline would be a welcome plus). but what about a presentation mode ? any plan to implement it in the near future ? A must have for my activities …

  9. Ona Roth

    The new capabilities sound wonderful. Can’t wait. I also, am not always in a place I can connect to the internet. The office is fine, the house is OK, but when I’m out at the lake….well….not doable. I would pay extra to have the capability to access offline.
    Thanks, and WAITING!!

  10. Vojislav Car

    Conversion on server is not acceptable. That means that version 8 for MAC is in the rushing-to-fail-just-to-be-released mode, and is not completed. Better to wait 1-2 months and make all work properly, than to release half-finished version, just to be released.

  11. Garrett Scott

    We are working quickly on an add-on that will be available for download shortly after the release that will allow for the transformations to occur locally not in the cloud. I will keep the community up to date with progress on this add-on and will let you know as soon as it is ready for download.

  12. Bernd Niedermeier

    I hope you will provide an offline conversion capability. How can you run into the trap of cloud computing trap? Can you imagine what it means if you’re working on a plane or somewhere else considering the often ridiculous access rates for WLAN at hotels, public spaces, airlines? It’s absolutely mandatory to have the conversion capability without having to access the internet – otherwise you could have Mindmanager running in the cloud as well.. Furthermore I’m not feeling comfortable with having my files being uploaded to any server for conversion as they often contain confidential information and you might have some challenge to convince IT guys that your server connection is absolutely safe…

  13. Papick G. Taboada

    Is the online convert option the only one available? I often have to convert mindmaps to word documents when I am offline.
    All the online features are not usefull to me – and IMHO are not added value.
    What about the HTML exporting? The Windows version had something like templates, I used that feature are lot.



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