MindManager 8 for Windows Service Release 8.2 – Release Notes

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Michael Deutch

December 16, 2009

Here are the release notes for today’s service release (SP2) for MindManager 8 for Windows:

MindManager 8 Service Pack 2 Release Notes

Download your update now:

6 Responses to “MindManager 8 for Windows Service Release 8.2 – Release Notes”

  1. Rickhubbardconsulting

    Do you have any updates that will fix the issue of Mindmanager 8 not doing a SAVE AS in Windows 7.  I like MM8 better than MM9.  I don’t want to upgrade.  I just want it to work in WIndow 7.

    • parkertrewin


      I’ve forwarded your comment to product management and we’ll get back to you soon.

    • parkertrewin

      Looks like we’ve got a particular issue noted in our release docs related to Win 7 and MM8.

      Issue: Save As does not work when saving to a WebDAV (e.g. SharePoint, eRoom, etc.) location.

      Please post a ticket with our technical support and/or clarify whether or not this is the specific issue he is experiencing. You can post a ticket at http://www.mindjet.com/contactus

  2. Garrett Scott


    Let me try to help you out and answer your questions. Recently, (about 2 months) we did launch an iPhone app (found here: http://bit.ly/4FBadi).

    As to your second point about not supporting 6, our policy regarding these backdated releases is that periodically these products need to be retired so that we can focus our resources on the more current releases. This was the case with MM6 being retired in June of this year after three years of support. We are excited about the pending launch of MM8 for Mac which is highly anticipated and you can join the beta here:



    Just want to let you know that you lost a customer who was ready to buy 2 more liscenses. I have switched to Mindmeister, and so far it is GREAT, webbased, and much easier to share.

    I switched mainly because:
    1. They have an iphone app, and unless something has changed recently…you only talk about maybe getting one someday
    2. You stopped supporting my not too old version (6) of Mindmanager that ceased to work when I got Snow Leopard for my Mac.
    Note that it has been only about 2 years since I spent a ton of $ on MM6. That’s some crazy bad shelf life for you to stop supporting your product so soon.

    You lost a customer in this guy…right as our non-profit is starting to really grow. Your product was okay…but wow you messed this one up. #CustomerServiceFail

    If you are wondering about why I switched to MindMeister (other than MindManager not supporting my fairly recent purchase), I suggest trying the MindMeister demo. http://www.mindmeister.com/?r=680



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