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Michael Deutch

December 2, 2009

MindManager_MacOn the 19th of November we announced that MindManager 8 for Mac will be released at the end of January in time for Macworld 2010.

In that post and within social media, many have asked for an updated version of the beta while others expressed their desire to try it out.

We listened!

We’re excited to invite you to participate in our public MindManager 8 for Mac Beta program.

In the Beta version, you’ll find the following new features:

  • Mindjet’s “Share” feature lets you quickly upload and share your maps with friends and colleagues via email or social networks like Facebook and Twitter
  • Integration with Apple’s iCal, iChat, Address Book, MobileMe, iPhoto
  • Integration with Microsoft’s Entourage, SharePoint, and Office Live
  • In-topic hyperlinks
  • Gesture and Magic Mouse Support

Coming shortly (these features will be enabled automatically within the Beta in 1-2 weeks):

  • Import Apple iWork Pages 08 and Microsoft Word 2008 for Mac
  • Export Apple iWork Pages 08 and Microsoft Word 2008 for Mac
  • Export Apple iWork Keynote 08 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2008 for Mac

Note: We’ll communicate via the Mindjet Blog when these new services are turned on.

Beta Download Instructions:

We suggest that you only install pre-release software on computers suitable for testing. Mindjet is not responsible for any data loss while using beta / pre-released versions of our software.

If you experience any problems during the software download or installation, please contact our support team at www.mindjet.com/contactus.

Download the beta now!

How to provide feedback or report an issue:

Please report any observed issues, problems, and provide any additional feedback for the duration of use.

The feedback we find most critical are any issues surrounding reliability, stability and readiness of product for the marketplace.

Once an issue is detected, please:

Thanks for participating. We look forward to your feedback.

30 Responses to “MindManager 8 for Mac Beta Program”

  1. Michael Deutch


    Here’s the deal, if you purchase MindManager 7 for Mac via Mindjet’s online store, there’s this deal which EXPIRES Monday, 1/25:

    Limited Time Special: New license electronic purchase includes one year of free Maintenance and Support.

    What does this mean? Any and all upgrades offered within 1 year of purchase would be delivered as part of the Maintenance & Support agreement.

    The price for MindManager 8 for Mac will increase significantly. I recommend picking up your copy of 7 to take advantage of the lower price and free M&S.

  2. Ron L

    I’m considering converting to MindManager for Mac from another product in the next week (need it immediately).
    I’m aware of MM 8 for Mac coming up. If I purchase MM 7 for Mac, what upgrade cost (if any) am I looking at to move to MM8 for Mac please? What is brand new license cost for MM8 looking like as well please?

  3. Roger Cavanagh


    The tech support form that you point to for reporting bugs is not configured correctly to allow the selection of the MM8 Mac beta. I submitted report anyway, and hopefully the info will be processed correctly.



  4. Adam


    I was really excited to buy MM after seeing a colleague present at a workshop using the program.

    After playing around with the trial version of MM7 for Mac I disappointed that v7 (or v8) does not/will not have a presentation function. Why not? It seams like such an obvious thing to include in a program that visually captures ideas.

    Sorry, but you have lost my support for what is otherwise a good program :(

    • Garrett Scott


      Mindjet’s Product Management team evaluated all requests for this release including the Presentation mode. While we definitely see the benefit for presentation mode, there was significantly more customer demand for the ability to import content into your maps and export out to other formats. Mindjet will continue to work with you, our customers and carefully monitor feedback so that this feature can be considered for a future release.

  5. JoongHeum

    I was really disappointed…. MM is the only reason why I cannot remove Parallels……

  6. P.G.Taboada

    Just had a look at mm8 4 mac. As already stated – I can’t see any reason why to upgrade. Did not miss MacOSX integration, but I miss core features from mm 4 win. Web export in MM 4 mac is awful, can’t use.
    What was de reason again why we should upgrade?!?

  7. Lars@Mindjet

    Bob, I filed the anchor point issue as a bug. Thanks again for bringing it up.

    Regarding add-ins, I don’t have anything to announce but I encourage you to use our web feedback form to request this.

    Regarding filtering and text markers, I agree that these features should be easier to use. I’ve added them to my (long) list of product design to-do’s.

  8. bob


    Hopefully this method works ?

    Layout control; would be great if you could fix any differences in the layout options.

    Text Markers; MY APOLOGIES they were there, just not obvious how to create.

    NB: I’ve been experimenting saving marker groups to file, but MM8-Mac crashes when I try to import to anther file … hope you can look at that one too ?

    Looking back to my initial post (err … rant !) things maybe not as bad as first impression, especially if the above items can get sorted … although I see other posts note feature parity lacking in other areas.

    Now … ResultsManager … for me, this is THE add-on that takes MM8-Win to a whole new level in the business environment … any likelihood we’ve ever see such add-ons being able to work with Mac version ?


  9. bob


    Have responded to your last comment twice … things are not appearing on the blog page ?


  10. bob


    Sorry if reply seems slow … an earlier post does not seem to have appeared on the blog !

    Layouts; would be great if you could fix that one :-)

    Text Markers; MY APOLOGIES test markers were there, once you spotted how to access / input.

    NB: I’ve been experimenting with exporting marker groups to file .. MM8-Mac seems to crash when I try to import into another file :-(

    Looking back at my first post (err … rant !) things maybe not as bad as first impression, although I see other folk have issues with missing features that affect the way they use MM …

  11. Lars@Mindjet

    Bob, I see the Tree layout issue you are describing. I’ll look into it. Thanks for the additional detail.

    Regarding “Still no text markers…”, I’m not sure I understand. Text markers are available in Mac version 7. To create a text marker group, click one of the downward-pointing triangles next to an existing group. (This is far from obvious, and should be improved.) Is that what you meant?

  12. Jeremy

    Where is the MM8 (Win) feature parity? Presentation mode is a key feature and still lacking in MM8 for Mac – looks like it’s going to be back to Parallels…

  13. Bob

    Lars, thanks for opportunity to input comments.

    Layout – the thing that catches me out the most frequently is ‘tree’ layout of sub-topics … once I select ‘tree’ all the sub-topics default to an inside anchor point and the anchor point drop-down is greyed-out .. whereas in MM8 Win I can still select an Inside / Outside anchor point … small thing but it means I’ve got to get back to a PC to finalise !

    Filters – I appreciate that there is the Mac theme / style to follow, but the current method of filtering by building up layers of ‘rules’ is cumbersome when compared to the tick-box layout of MM8 Win. Also, whole groups of icons / text markers can’t be selected (as in MM8 Win), just individual items within a group. Was hoping filtering would have progressed a bit closed to the (awesome) power filter in MM8 Win.

    I can see that MindJet have put a huge amount of effort into the new features like linking to iCal, Catalyst, etc, but if basic bits are ‘left behind’ in the development process it hinders the overall appeal of the Mac version.

    Just my view … thanks, Bob.

  14. Augusto Pinaud

    have been playing with MM8 for a while, I was part of the initial beta test. When I leave my PC at the beginning of 2009 and install MM7 for Mac, I was so much in shock that I install Parallels so I keep using MM8 for PC.

    For me personally, MM8 for PC change the way I interact with MM, MM8 for PC change MM for a nice application to a Must tool. Sadly that was not my same experience with MM7 for Mac.

    When I got invited to play on the Beta test of MM8, my first action after 15 minutes was finally remove parallels from my mac, MM8 for Mac produce the same effect that MM8 for PC generates when I installed the first time, move MM for Mac from a nice software to a Must tool.

    During the beta times, the Betas expire, and it was always painful for me to open MM7.

    Also you need to take the following into consideration, and I commend the Mindjet team for this; they have work hard on bring the Mac experience to MM and not just copy the PC atributes and look.

    That look like a small thing, but they have invested in a team that understand the Mac in order to create the product, and not simply move the code from one platform to the other.

    All the delays Mindjet has had with this product has been on the interest of bring a quality product to the market, not a product with special features (bugs).

    Delay a software development is expensive, and I am sure that the decision of delay MM8 for Mac has been a painful and expensive one for MindJet and I commend them for that. It’s hard to stick to high quality in a world where people want everything instant.

    The Mindjet team is really responsive and open, And looking forward to get positive feedback and do the best they can with the tools they have.

    ** I have no affiliation with Mindjet, I have been part of the Beta Test group for MM8 for Mac, I am a fan of the company, the product and the people that make Mindjet produce such a great tool

  15. Lars@Mindjet

    Bob, I’m with Mindjet, sorry for not making that clear.

    Thanks for the clarification. I don’t think these items are trivial at all. Filtering and text markers are important tools.

    Can I ask you for an example of anchor point inconsistency? I thought the two platforms had identical capabilities in this regard. Maybe we have a bug.

  16. Bob

    Lars, not sure if you’re MindJet or interested party ?

    My most immediate concern is the anchor point controls.

    Depending upon which sub-topic layout is selected, the range of anchor points is not the same as (less than) the Win version – I can exercise layout control in Win that I can’t in Mac !!!!

    Still no text markers, much use is made of these in the Win environment, again, something that can’t be done away from my PC.

    Filtering – MM Mac filtering lags far behind what is readily achievable in Win.

    Folk might see these as trivial, but it means that if I edit maps in Mac then I’ve got to get back to a Win machine to tidy up the layout, etc. Basic stuff !

    I don’t tend to get involved in publishing my maps electronically, so for me, the core package hasn’t really improved – it’s like having some new stuff (that I don’t use) bolted onto version 7.


  17. bob

    MM8 (Win) is fundamental to my working day, and MM7 (Mac) almost as important when at home, so I too was disappointed when the delays were announced.

    But not nearly as disappointed as I was when I started up MM8 (Mac) …

    The ability to connect to other Mac software etc is all very well, but MM8 (Mac) STILL can’t access or control basic layout and formatting options that are present in the Win versions (for the last 3 generations).

    Having used it for a couple of hours now, I really can’t see that it’s given me anything useful over version 7.

    I never truly expected Mac-8 to fully catch up with the Win-8 version, but I was hoping for some gains in terms of basic functionality & control.

    I’m stunned … for all the wrong reasons !

  18. Michael Zook

    MindManager for MAC plays a major part in what I do every day. The announcement of MindManager 8 for MAC delay was very disappointing. Thank you for your decision to release the Beta.



  1.  MindManager 8 for Mac Beta Program | ?????????

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