Exciting Update: Import & Export Available for MindManager 8 for Mac Beta

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Michael Deutch

December 11, 2009

MindManager_MacAs promised, Mindjet is excited to offer the BETA file conversion service for MindManager 8 for Mac Beta program.

This new service offers the following import and export capabilities for your Beta version of MindManager 8 for Mac…

Export to:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Apple Pages
  • Apple Keynote

Import from:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Apple Pages

To access this new service, open your MindManager 8 for Mac beta software, select File and then Conversion.

Beta Download Instructions:

Interested in testing this out?

We suggest that you only install pre-release software on computers suitable for testing. Mindjet is not responsible for any data loss while using beta / pre-released versions of our software.

If you experience any problems during the software download or installation, please contact our support team at www.mindjet.com/contactus.

Download the beta now!

How to provide feedback or report an issue:

Please report any observed issues, problems, and provide any additional feedback for the duration of use.

The feedback we find most critical are any issues surrounding reliability, stability and readiness of product for the marketplace.

Once an issue is detected, please:

Thanks for participating. We look forward to your feedback.

13 Responses to “Exciting Update: Import & Export Available for MindManager 8 for Mac Beta”

  1. Janar Toomesso

    I have some remarks.
    1) If I want to added Calendar Event I cant insert there participants.
    2). If would like to convert MindManager fail to Pages or Word I should use the web browser, it’s should be easier ex. file/export/…
    3) There is no possibility to make new sheet and link it between topics (like you can to it in XMIND in http://www.xmind.net), it’s really important to have it in ver.8

  2. Patty

    Hi –
    I do not like this conversion feature at all! I agree with those comments about confidentiality and working on documents without being connected to the internet. I think this is a backward step if you are trying to reach the mac users.

    I have used MM8 for windows and I find that this version on the mac is inferior. I hope that the new release will include at least all the functionality that MM8 for windows had.


    • Garrett Scott


      With regards the the conversion/transformation feature being in the cloud, we will be releasing an add-on that will allow you to create these transformation locally. This will be available as a separate download shortly after the release of MM8 for Mac.

      Speaking about the functionality of MM8 we have listened to you, the users, and have closed what you all say are the biggest gaps: creating the transformations as well as syncing the calendar.

      Thanks for your feedback.


  3. Romain

    I am a strong user of MM8 Pro for Windows and now I am using also Macs. This is why I compared the two versions.

    So then:

    This MM8 for Mac version is not to compare with MM8 Pro for Windows, it doesn’t have the same functionalities. I refuse to use “the cloud” for converting, exporting or importing maps. It’s a question of confidentiality and functionality, I simply will refuse to send my files over the Internet without control of what will really happen to them. On the other hand I want to be able to work with MM without being connected to the Net.
    I understand that sharing or working in a group needs an online service, but leave the costumers a choice.
    If MM8 for Mac is a sort of tryout for a future MM9, I will not upgrade this one.


  4. Markus Gaedertz


    it seems, that the mac-user will be a b-user in the next mindmanagerversion too.

    The conversion via web don’t works. There is a transmission between the laptop and the server, but nothing followed.

    It is extremly importend, that the conversion will be part of the programm.


  5. JoongHeum

    2 problems cannot understand

    1. no ‘topic style’ functionalty
    …. only for MM for windows???!

    2. still not compatible with MM8 for windows.
    ex. font style/size is just ignored.

  6. Leapback

    My study-results became skyhigh, since I started to use the software of MindJet. In short words: ‘Fabelous”.
    Leapback, Almere, the Netherlands

  7. Rafael

    I am totally in agreement with Jerome. It will be a great success if this function is integrated within version 8. To many possible customers they can not like the alternative of the service via Web, like I.

  8. kiwispoon

    Further to my last post – tried conversion with another file and it worked – now I need to see what is different between the files

  9. kiwispoon


    I agree with Jerome, in addition when I tried to convert a map to Pages 8 format the conversion didn’t work (got a SQL error on the web page). I hope the export feature will be part of the program (ie like MM for windows).


  10. Jerome

    I did not understand that this export feature was a web service. This is definitely disqualifying this function for at least two reasons :
    1 – I need to proceed files when I am not connected to the net
    2 – I do have some confidentiality issues with most of my customers.
    Do you intend to integrate this function within the final release?



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