Tao of Productivity with PR & productivity expert Steve Rubel

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Michael Deutch

November 3, 2009

steve-rubel-231x300 For those of you who follow social media & productivity gurus, you may be familiar with Steve Rubel. He is the senior vice president for Edelman Digital (PR agency) and has often been considered a thought leader on PR, Social media and productivity.

Yesterday, I caught this nice interview for the Tao of Productivity series with Steve on the blog, Homepages of Karthick Gopal.

In it, Steve shares, “I have become a huge fan of mindmapping. I use MindManager on my PC, Mac and iPhone to brainstorm ideas and solutions to problems. I like to mind map when I am in the air and use the time for ideation and to catch up on correspondence.

Check out the full interview here.

P.S. I love to map on flights as  well! It’s amazing how separating from land spurs on my own creativity and breakthrough thinking! Where’s your favorite place to get creative?

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  1.  the art of war

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