MindManager 8.2 for Windows Beta Release Has Been Updated

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Michael Deutch

November 24, 2009

EN-w7-comp_rgb_SThere is a new beta version of MindManager 8.2 for Windows!

On November 5th, Mindjet introduced a beta version of MindManager 8 for Windows. We have a new build which you can download here: Download the beta now!

The development team have updated the beta to…

  • work with all supported operating systems, including Windows 7
  • resolve Mindjet Player publishing for corporate clients that had experienced proxy issues
  • improve SharePoint check-in / check-out functionality
  • update the Microsoft web service to work with Bing

For more info about this beta, you can also refer back to the original post.

Beta Program Details:

The beta program is open for all participants, both customers and the general public. You will not need a license key but the application will expire on January 15th, 2010.

Here are some noteworthy considerations for participants:

  • If you’re using MindManager 8 for Windows currently, the beta version will replace the current version of your application. Please write down your license key before proceeding with the beta so you’ll have no issues after the reinstalling and validating your key after the program expires. Click ‘About MindManager’ which is found on your ‘Tools’ menu to see your license key.
  • It’s possible to run the beta version concurrently with MindManager 6 and 7.
  • When you install the beta, your add-ins will be associated with the beta release. They will not function with an earlier version if you’re running multiple concurrent versions.
  • There is a possibility that 3rd party Add-ins will not work with Beta Release of MindManager 8.2 for Windows.
  • Opening a MindManager map file (*.mmap) will default to the Beta Release of MindManager 8.2 for Windows.
  • When you uninstall the Beta release, you will need to reinstall earlier versions of MindManager 8 for Windows, or repair the installation of the earlier version (version 6, version 7) of MindManager in order to re-associate the previous Add-ins and map files.

How to report an issue:

The feedback process is simple. Report any observed issues, problems, and provide any additional feedback for the duration of use.

The feedback we find most critical are any issues surrounding reliability, stability and readiness of product for the marketplace.

For this release, we’re still particularly interested in any issues with Windows 7, the new multi-touch capabilities (which requires special hardware to leverage), and saving maps directly into SharePoint.

Once an issue is detected, please login to your Mindjet ID and submit a case with your questions and/or feedback via our Technical Support Case form here.

Please follow the following steps to correctly identify your case:

  • For Product Version, choose “MindManager 8 Windows
  • For Product Build, choose “8.2xxx Beta
  • For Operating System, please indicate if you are using Windows 7

Beta Download Instructions:

As a reminder, we suggest that you only install pre-release software on computers suitable for testing. Mindjet is not responsible for any data loss while using beta / pre-released versions of our software. If you experience any problems during the software download or installation, please contact our support team at www.mindjet.com/contactus.

Download the beta now!

Thanks for participating. We look forward to your feedback.

7 Responses to “MindManager 8.2 for Windows Beta Release Has Been Updated”

  1. Michael Deutch

    Uncle Stan, Thanks for the thorough feedback. Our team will contact you.

    Wes, thanks! I’ll look into this with our product team to get a better understanding of this issue.

  2. uncle Stan

    What I have noticed so far:

    1) color scheme resets itself to the blue one (I prefer gray)
    2) after MM8 is open for hours it becomes increasingly slow and less responsive (memory leaks?)
    3) there is no way to specify proxy-server in settings
    – therefore impossible to use built-in browser for intranet sites
    – impossible to create interactive PDFs (single remaining benefit of 8 over 7 for me)
    4) MM8 is drastically slower to load than MM7

    missing features:
    1) long-awaited but still missing native Lotus Notes support (additional paid plugin is a bad and cumbersome idea, imho)
    2) simple built-in Gantt, why not improve and integrate JCVGantt?
    3) Show outline treeview for easy navigation in Map view
    4) Outline view should be scalable
    5) Spreadsheet view (exportable to MS Excel) would be a killer feature (just like in XMind, or better)
    6) Images management is scarce – there should be “Import imageS” feature
    Btw, why not integrate with MS Office Clipart engine and use Office collection as well?
    7) Make Ribbon interface optional (create an old-style menu option) – there are many people who switched to ConceptDraw or use MM6 just because of the Ribbon

    I reported these to Mindjet, but had no response
    whatsoever. Sorry for such a long comment, I just hope it can spark some discussion/action.

  3. Wes

    What benefits does a web based service for MJPlayer conversions have?
    It’s rather inconvenient, and a huge security issue for many corporations.
    For example, many companies require all applications using the internet to be thoroughly reviewed by corporate security for data leakage and other issues.
    This is an involved process, and one that would likely have mind manager banned, or restricted.

    Can’t figure why you would put yourself into such as poor position



  1.  I see the windows 8 review and is great .I post on my blog 3 links to download windows 8 for free and some video with boot up time and features

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