MindManager 8 for Mac + Mindjet Player = Maps for Everyone!

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Michael Deutch

October 2, 2009

MindManager_Mac3We’re getting closer to the release of MindManager 8  for Mac. Over the last few weeks, we’ve shared some of the future highlights of MindManager 8 for Mac including integrations with iCal, Address book, iChat, and MobileMe.

Guess what?

It gets more a lot more interesting!

MindManager 8 for Mac will export maps to the Mindjet Player format which lets anyone or everyone open and interact with your ideas, plans, and strategies!

The Mindjet Player transforms maps into an interactive, read-only format that is universally opened in either a browser (e.g. Safari) or via Adobe Reader 9 as an interactive PDF file.

Let’s say you and your team develop a map to collaborate together on a creative brief for an upcoming product launch. After flushing out your ideas and plans, you may need to share this content with an agency that doesn’t have MindManager.

Original map screenshot

In the past, that might have been an issue. With MindManager 8, export your map into the Mindjet Player format and you can share it with everyone!

Player map screenshot

Anyone who views your maps with the Mindjet Player will be able to…

  • Navigate with both keyboard & mouse
  • Expand & collapse map branches
  • Display topic images, notes, & task status
  • Open hyperlinks
  • Zoom in & out
  • Fit map to screen
  • Center map
  • Find next & previous
  • Print

Stay tuned for more previews, including more ways to share your maps with others!

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26 Responses to “MindManager 8 for Mac + Mindjet Player = Maps for Everyone!”

  1. xco

    I’m a great MindJet fan. Though previous versions were lacking. I’ve been using beta 8.x. And guess what? I still haven’t figured out what’s new. It may be more stable; but is it really more functional? Among many other things, I’d like to see tabbed windows (like Safari), so that one project’s MindMaps are in one file not 20.

  2. Tavis

    I was excited to hear that version 8 for Mac would allow me to export my maps to swf or interactive pdf. I’ve been playing with the beta, and have hit a wall with what I understand is a limitation on the size of the map you can convert. I can covert the small little sample maps over to swf just fine, but my map that I use to track and log a lot of customer information doesn’t work. When I export, the “upload” screen stays up for quite a while, with no progress whatsoever. Then it times out, without any additional error information.

    What is the limit? Is it file size? Is it number of topics? Attachments? Are there plans to offer the user some useful information when the conversion fails, other than a generic “timeout” comment?

    If I can’t get this to work, I’ll have to rethink coming up with my own OPML interpreter. Ugly.

  3. Nick Osborne

    I already own Mind Manager 8 for PC and love it. I am about to migrate to a Mac, do I have to pay for another full Mind Manager licence or can I transfer my current licence over? Seems a bit unreasonable to have to pay for another whole licence when I already own one and will cease to use the PC version.

    Thanks, Nick

  4. Michael Deutch


    We’ve added a lot of capabilities for importing, exporting and sharing maps into MindManager 8 for Mac. We’re evaluating the presentation mode for the next version in 2010.


  5. Mark

    Will there be presentation mode in MM8 Mac or not..?
    I’ve held off going to Novamind in the [fading?] hope that a decent presentation mode would be in MM8 Mac, but if that slipped out again, then Im off to migrate…

    I don’t want some vague list of features, we’ve been waiting years for this release, so a concrete list of commited features is not too much to ask from a product that is apparently shipping any day now..??

    Please advise!

  6. Michael Deutch

    Stefanos, sorry! Glad we’re still on your radar. We, like most organizations, must make difficult resource decisions at times! Mac is back though and we’re going to support it with some great enhancements. Of course, it’s window’s cousin has 12 years of extra development! We’re working hard to bring it up to parity!

    Cris, that’s a possibility for the future!

    Steve King, if you have purchased maintenance and support and it is still active, you’re set. If not, you’ll need to either acquire a second copy or purchase the upgrade after the release.

  7. Michael Deutch

    Eduardo, which ones do you miss the most?

    Britta, contact our customer support. They can answer your question and guide you to the best possible outcome for your scenario.

    Jan, thanks! We’re evaluating integrations (import / export) and beyond for future releases. We’ve got a lot planned to enhance your mapping!

    Rob / Magnus, unfortunately not yet! I’m forwarding this on to product management to ensure that it is on their radar.

  8. Steve King

    I already have MM Mac 7.
    Can I use that license to buy another version of MM Mac 7
    so as to qualify for a discounted version of MM Mac 8?

  9. Stefanos Karagos

    Hello from one of your former evangelists,

    I have to admit that when you released v8 without the Mac version my frustration was big enough made me use other mind map tools, after of 10 years using MindManager…

    Now I’m waiting for your new Mac version and I hope that you are listening your users carefully 😉

    BTW If you need a beta tester I’m right here again



  10. Philip Johnson

    I purchased MindManager 7 for Mac at the end of May (4 months ago). Does that mean that I can “Get MindManager 8 for Mac free when you purchase MindManager 7 for Mac”? If not what will the upgrade fee be?


  11. Magnus Sjögren

    Hi; will there be a presentation mode in MM8 for Mac. I really miss that function.


  12. Rob Bushway

    will support for displaying ink from maps created with the windows version finally be coming? This backward compatibility has been missing since the initial release in version 6.

  13. Jan Peters


    finally we are getting there! I haven been workling as a MM trainer for quite a while and are now training/coaching companies in GTD and OnePage with MM as their primary tool. How about integration/syncing of Evernote / OneNote?
    I got lots of interested users :-)
    Furthermore, any plans for blogging with MM (theres has been a solution (Map4LiveWriter – remember?) but it phased out for some reason.
    Thanks in advance for any reply.

  14. Andrew Wilcox

    Hi Britta, I am a MindManager Reseller and so far there has been no transfer license arrangement from PC to Mac. My advice is to retain the MM8 license for use on your Mac running under Parallels or similar. You made find there are things you can’t do on the Mac even number 8 that you did on the PC.

    Second piece of advice is buy MM7 for Mac now and you will get free upgrade to MM8 for Mac. This will save you the cost of a meal or two out. :)

  15. Britta

    I am looking at changing from a PC to a MAC. Is it possible to switch my MindManager ver 8 for Windows license into MindManager ver 8 for MAC version?
    Or do i have to buy a new license?

  16. Eduardo Pimazzoni

    Hi there!

    I’m an old user of MindManager for Windows and now for MAC! Hopefully, we’ll see great improvements coming to version 8. I just would like to see most features and functions already seen for Windows platform. I miss a few of them.
    Keep the good one!



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