Hot off the press: Mindjet Catalyst on NY Times and more…

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Michael Deutch

October 6, 2009

wwwThe launch of Mindjet Catalyst has received some amazing coverage today!

Check out some of the buzz, hot off the press!

New York Times: Mindjet Launches New Idea-Mapping Tool for Online Collaborators

ZDNet: Mindjet takes on Cisco with Catalyst

eWeek: Mindjet Catalyst Adds Web Conferencing to Visual Mind Maps

Web Worker Daily: WWD Interview: MindJet CEO, Scott Raskin

Stay tuned for more news and tips on how to put Mindjet Catalyst to use with your team!

2 Responses to “Hot off the press: Mindjet Catalyst on NY Times and more…”

  1. Michael Deutch


    There have been significant advancements in its architecture and, along the way, many, many improvements in both design and usability.

    Some of the new features include map templates, web conferencing with others (outside of your Catalyst account) and the ability to share your maps with anyone.

    Personally, I’m really excited about where Catalyst is and where it’s going! We’ve got great plans for Catalyst. Keep watching, I’m sure you’ll change your mind if not now, very soon….

  2. Isaac

    Sorry but I do not understand the big deal around the catalyst. It is same web application and higher price. No innovation and no revolution.


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