Snow Leopard Update for MindManager 7 Mac is Now Available

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Michael Deutch

September 4, 2009

An update to provide Snow Leopard support for MindManager Mac 7 was fast-tracked and is now available.

You can download the update here.

For users needing this update immediately, contact Mindjet customer support and add SNOW LEOPARD UPDATE in the subject of your request.

This update provides compatibility for Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard. There are no additional enhancements or fixes. If you are a user who has not yet upgraded to Snow Leopard, then you do not need to install this update.

20 Responses to “Snow Leopard Update for MindManager 7 Mac is Now Available”

  1. Mike

    I’ve heard there are some wildlife groups trying to get Apple to do more stuff with the actual S.L.’s lol. I don’t know- people are saying it’s good PR for Apple- they should jump on that.

  2. mark

    Just downloaded the patch & it seems to be working (I couldn’t insert spaces in the text in a topic – pressing the space bar gave me a new topic instead of a space).
    Agree with the earlier about update system – I 1st checked for updates to the software and was told I had the latest version & only found this patch via Google.
    PS as a long term user of your Windows software I have to say the Mac version is a very poor 2nd – hope the new version does a bit more than integrate iCal- fingers crossed)

  3. Ary Velstra

    We try to pick and publish all important news for the Dutch mindmanager community on the MindMUG User Group Blog. Check it out or use mindmanager news feeds
    The SnowLeopard item was already published.
    Of course even we may miss some info sometimes

  4. Jon Cobler

    Hey MJ Team,

    I was one of the many frustrated users when MJ wasn’t ready for SN on the Mac side of things. While my initial expectations were not met, I really do appreciate your transparency on your blog and twitter to keep us up to speed.

    Here’s to getting right the second time!


  5. Michael Deutch

    Koga & Wim, Yes, definitely. The web site will be updated tomorrow, the 10th. We posted the fix in the places where we could add it to the web immediately. Our web site is currently staged so we need to add content on scheduled dates (e.g. 9/10). Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Wim

    Hello Guys,

    Congrats with the way you are communicating with your clients. By communicating on your blog, reacting promptly and in all openness to the comments. Now at least you know for sure your software is critical for many of your clients. :)

    Maybe you should communicate about this update on your website too. When I check for new updates from MM7 application, it said there were no updates available. When I started googling, I happily found out about this update. I’m sure you were planning to do so.

    Thanks a lot.

  7. koga

    Please can you add this update to the update system packaged with the software?

    I’m not sure every customer will read the blog…

    Many thanks for the update!

  8. Justin

    Wow I nearly panicked got an exam to do. Saw the 15th Sept 2009 but then saw update ready for download.



  9. Hansjoerg Klimetzki

    Thanks for making this available earlier than planned. Works great and your efforts are much appreciated.

  10. Dan

    i bitched earlier about the snow leopard predicament, at least i can now say thanks for handling this much quicker than you originally intended. every little bit helps.

  11. Kolin Hutchison

    My apologies for the abruptness of the chat conversation. We try to keep chats short and direct, and we certainly stay on if we believe there will any issues experienced. In this case, we should have confirmed that it would be ok with the customer to drop off prior to doing so. However, we do not expect any issues with the new download.

    Director Customer Support & Service

  12. Michael Deutch


    Sorry about the chat! Does the fix work OK for you now?

    I passed on this thread to the director of customer support.

    Let me know if there are any issues and I’ll folllow up with the team ASAP.


  13. Robb

    its not good to add insult to injury when falling short. Check out this exchange with one of your support people.

    Time of chat: 9/4/2009 1:34:45 PM
    Length of chat: 00:04:18
    Your name: robb
    Chatted with: TechSupport Agent2

    10:34 AM TechSupport Agent2: Hello, robb. Thank you for contacting Mindjet.
    10:35 AM TechSupport Agent2: My name is Diane. How can I help you?
    10:35 AM robb: sure
    10:35 AM robb: i need to get the patch for snow leopard from you per the message boards. ive been dead in the water for several days.
    10:35 AM TechSupport Agent2:
    10:35 AM TechSupport Agent2:
    10:36 AM TechSupport Agent2: When installing a new operating system, it’s always a good idea to check to make sure your software is compatible with it.
    10:36 AM TechSupport Agent2: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    10:36 AM robb: doing so now…please wait…ill tell you if it worked
    10:36 AM TechSupport Agent2: Please open a new chat if this does not work for you.
    10:36 AM TechSupport Agent2: Thank you for contacting Mindjet. Have a fantastic day!
    10:36 AM Notice: TechSupport Agent2 exited session.
    10:37 AM robb: i assumed a company like mind jet would be compatable with snow leopard since the development sdk has been out for months…..
    10:37 AM Notice: I’m sorry, your Agent has left the chat. If you would like to chat with another Agent, please click the End chat link below and open a new chat from the website chat link.


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