Mindjet’s iPhone App is Now Available!

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Michael Deutch

September 17, 2009

Mindjet for iPhone & iPod Touch We’re excited to announce the official iPhone™ and iPod™ touch app from Mindjet!

Mindjet for iPhone (& iPod touch) works with MindManager for PC, Mac, and Web providing access to your maps everywhere you go. It’s fast and easy to use!

Check out the highlights…

  • Expand and collapse topics
  • Cut, copy, past, move and merge topics
  • Add icons and change topic colors
  • Format topic shapes
  • Attach topic notes
  • Align and arrange topics
  • Zoom and scroll in both landscape and portrait modes
  • Use as a stand-alone app or upload & download maps from MindManager Mac, Windows, or Web.
  • Email maps as attachments
  • Build maps in any iPhone supported language

Buy Mindjet for iPhone in the iTunes Store

Create Maps in Landscape Mode:

Strategy Meeting

Create Maps in Portrait Mode (Topic Notes Displayed):


See It In Action:

Purchase Mindjet for iPhone at the iTunes Store

Get productive and have fun mapping on the go!

About the Author:
Michael Deutch is Mindjet’s Chief Evangelist, content contributor for the Mindjet Blog and the Mindjet Connections newsletter. Get more from Michael on Twitter.

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72 Responses to “Mindjet’s iPhone App is Now Available!”

  1. thao

    I use the Mindjet app on App Store but why I cannot upload midmap on my Iphone to Mindjet connect ? I dont see any transfer button in the left corner as instruction.

  2. Make an iPhone App

    It’s an excellent app for watching and modifying your mind maps. I discover it useful particularly during my go, when that strategy just bursts up and needs to be taken.

  3. Penn Cat

    I download a fee copy of mindjet for iPhone. why the versio is mostly different from the the demo video?

    • parkertrewin

      Its currently available in many countries outside the US.  To find out more go to iTunes.

  4. Philippe

    The current version 1.1 appears to sync through Dropbox.

    Here is my question: I use task icons on my maps that I can click on my desktop to cycle through quarter complete, half complete etc.

    If I upload one of these maps from my desktop to my iPhone and use the iPhone Mindjet App can I tap on my phone screen to cycle through quarter complete, half complete etc.?

  5. Lukas Barrios

    Mindmanager is an amazing programme, however the app is HORRIBLE! Please change two things

    1) Open Maps from dropbox etc
    2) Open .mmap format

    Without these changes the app is completely useless.

    Thanks a lot.

  6. SM

    An ipad version with syncing to various file services including a corporate DAV server would be nice

  7. steve

    love the app. Please add dropbox integration… it is still a little difficult to exchange files.

  8. Obaeyens

    Nice application but I can’t get the data to my PC. No I have no wifi on my PC active and the other options also seem not to do anything. Send via Webmail stops the application and nothing happens. It is basically useless.

  9. Mattias Revelj

    Yes, really good but the as Obikela says, it would be such a big leap forward if you could use it together with let’s say dropbox, iDisk and so forth.

  10. Obikela

    Nice app with high potential (but would be great), if the Mindjet would allow to open files stored on iDisk-Access, Dropbox, Box.net or/and google Docs. Until then, quite a journey to transfer files on iphone back and forth…

  11. Obikela

    Nice app with high potential (but would be great), if the Mindjet would allow to open files stored on iDisk-Access, Dropbox, Box.net or/and google Docs. Until then, quite a journey to transfer files on iphone back and forth…

  12. Obikela

    Nice app with high potential (but would be great), if the Mindjet would allow to open files stored on iDisk-Access, Dropbox, Box.net or/and google Docs. Until then, quite a journey to transfer files on iphone back and forth…

  13. chris w

    Just purchased mindjet for iphone and trying to run on my Ipod touch 32G (3rd gen ipod touch ie: iphoneOS 3.1.2).
    It immediately crashes after the splash screen – no messages, just returns to the main ipod screen.

  14. Sean DSouza

    I found the video very useful. :)

    It changed my perception of how to use it on the iPhone. What wasn’t clear was the xmmap function though. Would I need to change all my files to xmmap to upload them to my iPhone?

  15. odm

    is there a free or VERY low cost upgrade plan for Ithoughts registered users ?

    because I would be glad to get the benefits of the Mindjet integration as a mindmanager user for years but would find EXTREMELY UNCOMMERCIAL to charge twice the price for the same product

  16. David

    I’m not sure all I’ll end up using mobile mapping for, but so far I use it for:

    – Notes in meetings. I create a new map and tap in all the notes. I then email the map to my work email so I have a backup. I have to show everyone in the room what’s on the screen so they don’t think I’m texting people.

    – High level planning, organization. So: personal mind-mapping. Especially when I’m on a plane and have a lousy seat so have no room to open my laptop

    – Reference maps. I download 4 or 5 maps that have all the stuff going on for my major tasks. I don’t update those, but just use them for random information queries.

  17. Jocelyn

    This looks very promising to me – I’ve tried several iPhone mindmapping tools and don’t like or use any of them. It’s too time-consuming to build a map on an iPhone. I imagine most MM power users would find it frustrating. But what I REALLY want to be able to do is create maps on my PC and download them to the iPhone. That would keep me on top of projects, tasks, research, etc. that I store and track in maps, and make them portable, accessible, and editable on the road. Looking forward to trying this!

  18. geonista

    Right on MindJet! I been using iBlueSky and is ok but MM is superior and as a long time user from v5 to v8 I am so happy to pay the$8.00, with this app MindJet scored a 10! awesome.

  19. Andrew

    The Transfer page is definitely iThoughts. Kind of a bummer – since I had purchased iThoughts the week before – and unless they changed the price, iThoughts is $3 cheaper.

    Thomas – you can purchase apps right over your iPhone.

  20. Craig

    Wow! Just finished watching the video. I love this! Next to my computer, my iPhone is my most used (and useful) business tool. I can’t wait to download this and put it through its paces. I can imagine what I can do with it planning my next seminar presentation or brainstorming a client’s web site structure on the fly. I’m excited!

  21. thomas

    Seems ok, but what is the price?
    I can’t download & install iTunes because of no admin rights. I may be wrong (hope I am!) or stupid (hopefully not…) but there seems to be too much of a hazzle to buy anything online from Apple.

  22. Steve Rubel

    I am confused too – seems like a virtual clone of iThoughts, minus a few features. Did Mindjet license iThoughts to do a co-brand? If not the UI is so close it made my head spin. It’s all very confusing for the consumer.

  23. Erik Spitzner

    This is iThoughts. No question about it. Best mind-mapping app for the iPhone. Been using it for about a year now.

  24. David

    This does look like iThoughts… which is a great move from mindjet from my point of view! I’m very, very happy with iThoughts and mindjet building on that makes me optimistic about the future of mind manager and mind mapping on the iPhone!

    My only question is whether the products will now go different directions and thus (since I’m a mind manager guy) will I have to buy a copy of this app to get the cooler integration that I hope will be coming between mind manager on the iPhone and Desktop.

  25. Jens Hoffmann

    @Karen Hughes:
    To transfer a mindmap from MindManager 7 Mac to Mindjet for iPhone you have so save it in MindManager Mac manually with an extension .xmmap. This seems to be an hidden feature.

    Then you can upload it.

  26. Karen Hughes

    What is the best way to transfer files to the Mac version of MindManager? The only one that seems to work for me is OPML, which loses a lot of the information. MindManager for Mac doesn’t seem to be capable of saving files in any of the formats required by the iPhone version.

  27. Patrick

    Looks suspiciously like a MindJet branded version of iThoughts.
    Interesting product name, wonder when MindManager for iPhone is coming then.



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