MindManager 7 Mac – Snow Leopard Update

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Michael Deutch

August 28, 2009

Mindjet is committed to providing compatibility with Snow Leopard. We’re planning to release an update to MindManager 7 for Mac by September 15th that will completely support Snow Leopard.

This update will be available to our customers free of charge.

Stay tuned, next week I’ll also be sharing some exciting news about MindManager Mac.

36 Responses to “MindManager 7 Mac – Snow Leopard Update”

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    While I agree with this approach, there are a couple of other issues. First, I think at some stage the cycle through should clear the task icon entirely. Second, do you set up the shortcuts to cater for the people who want to cycle through 10%, 25%, 35% etc – or just those who want to do 0%-25%-50%-75%-100%?

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    Just want to let you know that you lost a customer who was ready to buy 2 more liscenses. I have switched to Mindmeister, and so far it is GREAT, webbased, and much easier to share.

    I switched mainly because:
    1. They have an iphone app, and you only talk about maybe getting one someday
    2. You stopped supporting my not too old version (6) of Mindmanager that ceased to work when I got Snow Leopard for my Mac.
    Note that it has been only about 2 years since I spent a ton of $ on MM6. That’s some crazy bad shelf life for you to stop supporting your product so soon.

    Usually I would just ignore/move on from your product, but your lack of service on these issues despite my requests led me to post this “stick it to ya” comment.

    You lost a customer in this guy…right as our non-profit is starting to really grow. Your product was okay…but wow you messed this one up.


  5. Kenneth Kane

    7.0.538 SL “fix” version has more problems. Now when I create an MMAP or an XMMAP file, this file is NOT compatible with Apple Mail nor with Entourage. When I tried to email any new MMAP or XMMAP files I created AFTER installing 7.0.538 (which was after I “upgraded” to SL), the email application crashes as soon as I click to attach this file. Both apps will crash so it isn’t a microsoft problem (this time). There is definitely something funky in 7.0.538 that is mucking about with the MMAP file formatting. HELP!!!

  6. Yuan GAO

    Michael Deutch
    I read every thread in this post, you are a nice person, thank you for the upgrade finally we could use it.

  7. Kevin Kennedy

    Same here, I got MM6 only a couple years ago and don’t see the need to pay for an upgrade to MM7. Installing Snow Leopard killed MM6.

    At least companies like Parallels offer a special Snow Leopard upgrade fee instead of using Snow Leopard as a way to exploit customers and force them to pay a hefty upgrade fee like Mindjet.

    Very disappointed.


    I have not owned MM6 for more than a few years, so I’m obviously not thrilled that it is no longer supported.

    I’m considering the update…but I’m also considering switching to a competitor over this. As someone who must mobile office (really…I don’t even have true office space with the non-profit)…my Mac and my iPhone are literally my office.

    I cannot tell if Mindmanager has even developed an iphone synch-able app yet. So…why shouldn’t I switch to something like Mindmeister?

    Please understand I don’t mean this to be rude. I’m truly looking for a good reason to stay with your company.

  9. Michael Deutch

    Aaron & Alan,

    Mindjet stopped supporting MindManager Mac 6 on June 1, 2009. You can see our supported products and their lifecycle here: https://www.mindjet.com/support/offerings/lifecycle.aspx

    If you want to take advantage of Snow Leopard and MindManager together, the only alternative is to upgrade to MindManager 7. And, if you get the maintenance & support, you’ll be able to upgrade to MindManager 8 for Mac without additional charges.

  10. Alan

    Ah! I’ve had the same problem, unable to edit existing map topics or create new ones. This is critical I use it so much.




    I have mindmanager 6, and do not have the need nor funds to upgrade to version 7 or 8 as I run a very small non-profit.

    However, we did bite the bullet in getting Leopard. But the update I downloaded only applies to MM7, not MM6 that I currently use.

    Now what?

  12. Michael Deutch

    No need for alternatives! The MindManager solution has been tested and it’s now in the hands of our web team to add to our website. Barring any problems, it should be released TONIGHT! Again, I apologize for any inconvenience. I’ll be posting here in the blog when the update has been published.

  13. Richard

    For those who are unable to use MindManager right now, like me, there is an alternative: OmniGraffle. Google it. It’s cheap, and it makes mind maps. It does not have all of MindManager’s features, which is why I bought MindManager, but they did recently include the ability to make mind maps, although they call them “brainstorming diagrams.”

  14. Michael Deutch

    Dave, maintenance and support policy is “Receive free upgrades to new versions of the same product during the coverage period. This is the most reliable and economical way to stay up-to-date with product releases while avoiding higher upgrade costs in the future.” If you purchased support when you purchased the software, you’re covered. If not, you’ll need to purchase the upgrade.

    Thierry, I’d upgrade to 7 with maintenance and support. You’ll be able to get the update for snow leopard and then a free upgrade when MindManager 8 is released.

  15. Dave

    I purchased MindManager 7 for Mac earlier this year. Will I receive the free upgrade to MM8?

  16. Michael Deutch

    Dan, I hear your frustration and apologize. Without getting into the why’s, it unfortunately happened. The solution has been developed and it is now being tested. It’ll be live on our site ASAP.

  17. Dan

    i have a hard time believing that a company as finely-tuned as mindjet would get caught flat-footed for a somewhat early release of snow leopard. sloppy and shoddy development, or asleep at the wheel. long story for another time, but i just bought MM 7 at the sale price so i can get the 8 upgrade when it comes out. anyway, hadn’t seen the snow leopard warning on the blog (as i bought through an email update), and then i find out i cannot edit mind map topics, which makes the program useless even with outline editing. now i just wished i had saved my money.

  18. ms

    very disappointing discovery. i work with mindmanager on business critical issues on a daily basis, its one of my most important and used applications. please speed up the necessary update to make this work on os 10.6

  19. Dennis

    A workaround… It seems you cannot do anything having to do with typing, so if you create a new topic in a text editor, then click on a node, then paste, it works. All other functions, i.e., tagging, moving, etc. seem to work.

    Also OPML import seems to work just fine, so you create a map in a another mindmapper or outliner, then bring it in using FIle > Open on the opml file.

    I, for one, think it’s pretty lame that this is not ready on day 1 of Leopard release.

  20. J Voiovich

    Alright everyone, I found a workaround (I know, this isn’t perfect, but bear with me). If you are searching this far, I know you are interested.

    I can edit content in the MMAP file in two ways:
    1. Edit content in the OUTLINE view – it works.
    2. Paste in new links from text edit (just keep both open)

    Yes, this sucks as well, but using ConceptDraw has not been a pleasant experience. It works, integrates with their project software, but the Mindjet product – old as it is, is my favorite, and a favorite of my PC-based clients who use it for planning.

    MM guys – you may want to spread this around. It may keep users from bolting.

  21. J Voiovich

    Thanks guys; we know you’re jamming on it. Here’s the thing to take to heart. If you wrote a crappy application that no one found value in, no one would care that you’re not compatible.

  22. Michael Deutch

    Jay & Bob,

    I appreciate your concern and frustration. Yes, it is top priority.

    The developers are working on it as we speak. Then, it’ll be certified / approved by the quality team. The 15th is the latest we hope to get it out. Ideally, like you’re asking for, it’ll be sooner.


  23. Cowboy Bob

    Hi… I hope that you place the highest priority on fixing version 7, before 9/15! MM7 is an essential application for us… David, if you can post any workarounds that would be great. — CB-B

  24. Jay

    Brutal!!! – just wend to prepare for a meeting scheduled for this afternoon and now I am in the middle of trying to find new software.

    I love the Mindjet over almost all others – but i have always felt like a step child to MindJet. Maybe with the new updates I will feel better..

    Between now and then, i have to find a new software and then see what is next.

  25. J Voiovich

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for responding back. I’ve really grown accustomed to the MM7 product, and use it for a surprising variety of projects. That’s where some of my frustration comes from – it’s important to us.

    If you guys want to float a dev version of your fixes, I’d be happy to help you guys beta test.

    Right now, I’m testing the ConceptDraw product, and although it’s not quite as smooth as yours, it works on SL. I also like that it integrates with its scheduling Gandt chart ap – right now I use a combination of MM7 and iTaskX to do that. Your Mac version doesn’t integrate right now (and I’d prefer not to emulate Windows on my machine).

    Let me know if I can help. – J

  26. Michael Deutch

    David, as I’m told, there is an issue preventing topics from being edited.

    J – regardless of the modest changes, it did indeed impact our application. Apple’s early release of the operating system caught us and many others by surprise. Our developers will implement and test the fixes for mindmanager 7 for release on (or before) the 15th.

    Also, stay tuned for my MindManager Mac 8 announcements. It’ll bring mac and windows much closer together and in some ways (thanks to our taking advantage of the apple operating system) pull ahead of the windows system.


  27. J Voiovich

    While you’re at it, it would be awful nice of you guys to integrate the nicer PDF export that the PC version has (allowing collapsible levels).

    The Mac version is not at the same level as your PC product.

    I have upgraded to Snow Leopard and am pretty surprised to see this. Very disappointed actually. SL is a pretty modest update.

    Unfortunately, I use the MM program extensively and will likely need to explore other options if you guys are not back up and running before Sept 15.


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