Robert Scoble and Michael Deutch Look Into Mind Mapping with MindManager

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Michael Deutch

July 24, 2009

On Tuesday, I met with tech enthusiast and video / blogger / podcaster Robert Scoble to discuss how Mindjet MindManager can make you more effective in your work and life.

In what seemed like a heartbeat, we had wrapped up 45 minutes of video where we discussed a variety of topics exploring the power of visualizing your thoughts, when and where to use Mindjet’s software, some basic illustrations of mapping along with some highlights of some key MindManager 8 features.

Robert writes the column Scoble on Tech for Fast Company, works for Rackspace’s web technology news site, Building 43, and posts in his own blog, Scobleizer.

Last night, Robert posted our conversation and commented, "I’ve been getting more interested in mind mapping lately (the act of getting ideas into the computer). I’ve found MindManager from Mindjet to be the best software out there and I sat down with their evangelist to learn all about how to use MindManager and why it’s important."

Check out the video here and join the conversation on Robert’s Friendfeed.


3 Responses to “Robert Scoble and Michael Deutch Look Into Mind Mapping with MindManager”

  1. neil

    Use MM its great. At the decomposed level, i often come up with a problem! Strange as it might seem after i reach decomposition i wish to work botom up. Dont ask why but because you did! I always end up with decomposition that fits into Ghost topic that is as important or enven more important than the central topic. I reaching another ‘brane in my thinking and it needs to be represented in my mind mapping to make the most of my thonking.A Ghost central topic or several of the on a map would be great to link up the decomposition in a differient dimention thus completing the in depth structures and growths as well as the surface decompositions. My mind do clearly see what is needed but with edividence of this hologramic represention in software existing i ask where do i go? My concept is valid im sure others all over the world using mm must arrive at the same place and stop at the same point where the software hasn’t leaped into beleif! Can you help?

  2. Michael Deutch

    I use F4 all the time. It’ll let you immediately focus on a branch, hiding the rest of the map. You can continue to drill down by pressing F4 in additional topics within the displayed branch. To return, select your parent branch again and press F4 to display the hidden branch.

  3. Peter Morris

    Great video. Everytime a watch/read articles I learn a little bit more. Today it was F4 and web services.