Increase the Visual Appeal of Your Maps with New Images from Mindjet

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June 24, 2009

Have you been looking for new images to add increased appeal to your maps?  Well, we’ve heard your suggestions and are happy to let you know that starting today you can find those new images in the MindManager Image Library Add-In.

So what’s new?  Check it out, here:

Say goodbye to lackluster maps.
Add sizzle and visual interest with Mindjet’s new Image Library Add-In featuring a collection of over 300 bold, rich images – guaranteed to bring your MindManager map to life.

Make your maps memorable and engaging.
Create that wow factor by embedding powerful images that add visual depth and aesthetic appeal to your task lists, project plans, brainstorming concepts, meeting agendas and much more.

Insert these images within topics and notes to effectively communicate your ideas, highlight key information, and improve overall engagement and recall.

What’s Included?
Expand your existing MindManager image library by adding over 300 brand new images. Images are sorted and grouped under 5 key categories.

Save Valuable Time.
Gain quick and easy access to an expanded repository of images that’s right at your fingertips. New images are stored within the MindManager Library tab, reducing the need to conduct unnecessary image searches outside your MindManager application.

Communicate More with Less.
Spend less time crafting lengthy, wordy explanations to communicate your point. Insert impactful library images instead to effectively and succinctly convey your thoughts and ideas.

Seamless Integration with MindManager.
Download the add-in and within minutes, access an assortment of new Library images.

Overall, embedding images within your MindManager maps will help with:

  • Improved communication, recognition, engagement and recall
  • Enhanced learning and concentration
  • Information retrieval
  • Creative thinking, memory retention, contextual relevance

The MindManager Image Library Add-In is compatible with MindManager 7 and 8 for Windows.

See the press release here.

About the Author: Phil Novack is Manager, Global Communications of Mindjet.

9 Responses to “Increase the Visual Appeal of Your Maps with New Images from Mindjet”

  1. Tim

    I agree w/ all the other negative comments about this add on ON TOP OF the fact that MM 8 freezes my computer whenever I right click on a topic. I have crash reports for every day since i bought it 8 months ago w/ no help from MJ and no refund. Interesting that MJ says their product has a “lackluster” look before this add on and then charge for it.

  2. Mindjet

    Phil Novack

    @ITIL and @Stephan: You’re welcome!

    @Matthew: We’re working on enhancing the set of visuals available for Mac.

    @Anon: Thank you for your feedback, and we’ll be sure to pass on the feedback to the team.

    @Jim: Not including the price upfront was an oversight on our part — apologies for that. The price of the Image Library Add-In is $29, 29 Euros, 25 Pounds Sterling, and 3,900 Yen.

  3. Anon-y-mouse

    One last point & it’s a comparison. Broderbund’s ClickArt (& there’s others available too) offers 400,000 premium images for $9.99. You’re offering 300 for $30.
    That $.10 per image seems like an awfully large profit margin. Again I strongly suggest a goodwill gesture on MindJet part by giving this away to their valued customers who’ve purchased MM, or maybe have purchased at least 2 versions.

    ClickArt ref URL:

  4. Jim McGee

    Why is it that I have to click through three screens to discover the pricing for this add on. I realize that seems to be typical web practice. Here is my typical web response. If you feel compelled to hide the price from me, I feel compelled to ignore your offer regardless of its potential value to me. Petty? Probably. But I can hope that eventually we will train the web away from stupid sales tactics.

  5. Stephan

    Hi Phil,

    I can remember talking with you about the clipart issue during GTD summit. So Thank you Phil for the good news :-)


  6. Anon-y-mouse

    Addendum to my #3.
    I apologize in the pricing as that was for the JVCGantt bundle. That said the MM8 standalone prices are still steep enough to warrant these images to be included free of charge since the original image library has not been improved since v5. Or at least not so its noticeable.

  7. Anon-y-mouse

    So MindJet would have us believe that these extra images should not have been part of the new feature set of version 8. Even w/ a hefty $249 upgrade price. Or brand new price of $399. In this economy as many businesses are trying to entice customers with giveaways, MindJet wants us to shell out yet another $30. Let me see if I can find the right image add-in for this topic [censored.jpg].

  8. Matthew Lang

    It says the add-in is only compatible with Windows versions of MindManager. What about those of using Mac versions of MindManager?