A Visual Guide to MindManager 8

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Michael Deutch

June 15, 2009

Mindjet partner in Poland, Explorer Consulting, has published a visual guide to using MindManager 8. Wojciech Korsak, the author, is an innovative mind mapper that frequently posts in several of the growing Mindjet communities.

Wojceich’s guide illustrates MindManager’s features and functions highlighting capabilities and how they are accessed via MindManager’s ribbon. It quick and easy to review and is geared towards new users of MindManager 8.

Here’s an example page that illustrates the ‘format boundaries’ feature:


10 Free Copies for Mindjet Blog readers:

Wojceich has provided me with 10 copies to give away to readers of the Mindjet Blog!

For a chance to win, add a comment below. Share how MindManager has made you more effective and leave your name & email address in the comment form. We’ll pick 10 replies from the comments and Wojceich will send you a copy of the eBook with a personal dedication.



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25 Responses to “A Visual Guide to MindManager 8”

  1. Merinos

    I am a graduate student from the Netherlands.

    Mindmapping has always been a great tool for visually diagramming all of the ideas, resources and action steps associated with a researchproject. I always did my maps by hand, because I had the feeling that the software did not had the functionality to create maps that fulfilled my needs.

    Mindmanager 8 seems to have this functionality. I bought the package and recently completed my thesis with the help of the program. Mindmanager enables me to create clear argumentation schemes with a seamless integration with other programs like word and excel. Wojciech Korsak’s guide would enable me to get even more out of this package in a fast and easy way!

  2. Brad

    I’m not a huge Trekkie, but the image that comes to my mind when I think of MindManager is Capt. Kirk sitting in his chair on the Enterprise. It is command central and he’s got a view of everything that’s going on and access to everything he needs to fulfill his mission.

    With a demanding job, a family & house, grad school, and even (though not enough…) some hobbies, I’ve been overwhelmed at times trying to keep on top of everything. The best solution BY FAR that I’ve found is setting up my own “captain’s chair” in the form of a dashboard in MindManager. Though I have much to learn still about MM’s capabilities, I can now easily keep an overview of my various responsibilities & interests at work, home, and school — and switch focus easily from one to the other without letting things fall through the cracks. If you’ve not yet tried a dashboard type map, get going! You owe it to yourself and others.

  3. Frank

    I am a Mindjet fan. I used the Mindmanager for several years, from v5 to v7. I am really like using it because it provides so many funs to me.

    It acelerates my study. When i study some new things, it helps organize the info and structures the system and let me quickly get the whole picture.

    It also help me organize the project management work. In my daily life, i use it to manage projects and control the schedule, resource and scope.

    I deeply appreciate mindjet’s great products and hope u can gain more great success in the future.

  4. Alfred Correira

    Being able to add spatial and typographic visualization capabilities to brainstorming sessions (both to support the process and save / propagate results) has been a big value-add.

  5. Craig Kennedy

    I’ve been a Mindmanager user since MM 2002. I’d always found it extremely helpful as a brainstorming and organizing tool. I upgraded with each new release and was pleased with how much more sophisticated Mindmanager was getting with each new version. It was not until Mindmanager 8 that I really came to appreciate the true power that Mindmanager could bring to my overall productivity. Being able to do all my research, planning and organizing without having to open other applications gave a real boost to my effectiveness. I love the internal browser window and integrated google search. I’m eager to see where Mindjet goes next!

  6. Ian Bourne

    We have ‘voice-enabled’ Mindjet MindManager which seems to have made mapping more accessible to some people. Check out: http://www.youtube.com/voxenable or http://www.voxenable.com.

    I wish there had been MM when I was doing my degrees, I was introduced to mindmapping in 1992 but then I was brainstorming on paper, drawing the map by hand and then typing it into an outline in Word!

  7. Hassan Jawad

    Users are really exited when they start using the Business Mapping technique in their job.

    We are happy to be a partners in Mindjet Revolution.

  8. gsepic

    I use MindManager in my everyday work to manage software development projects, and it was very helpful in note taking and lecture organizing during my MBA study.

  9. Adam Siemiginowski

    What a novel concept, teach visual thinkers visually.

    I’m fascinated by how Mindjet can grow to drive visualization and visual thinking in many technical applications through integrating with other software.

    Enterprise data/information visualization is severely lacking in simplicity and usability today… quick and easy tools to get individuals up and running are a must.

  10. rukidden

    I use MindManager in a number of different applications. The most important for me being as a personal dashboard to house all my projects, and next action lists. Its tight integration with Microsoft Office makes it a seamless partner when sharing documents, emails, contacts, and tasks. For those of us that already have an ongoing relationship with Office this is a must-have.

    The most recent way that I used MindManager was in developing a strategic plan for the small rural hospital where I work. You can’t ignore the wide support that MindManager has as well as the large community of mind mappers that utilize this product. Rather than have to develop a stategic plan from the ground up I was able to visit several mindmapping sites (where MindManager leads the group) and was able to pick and choose the very best parts from several strategic plans and put them all together into a cohesive unit that showcased what we’re attempting to do at our small facility. The ability to export mindmaps as interactive pdf files is invaluable when emailing all the dept heads the interactive strategic plan so they can review it before our next meeting. Thanks for such an excellent product. All of us MindManager users thank the Mindjet team from the bottom of our visually oriented hearts.

  11. Robert Mackay

    I have replaced Powerpoint with MindManager, ever since the co-workers have been impressed and followed me, I haven’t use it in its full capacity, but it always amaze me how more can be done in visual way. Seeing the difference between version 7 to 8, I believe this will grow even more than average user like me can think of.

  12. Rolf Siebelink

    I work at Microsoft in the Netherlands, as a marketing project manager. Of course there, the standard is to excusively use Microsoft software (MS Project, OneNote, Sharepoint and other Office 2007 products) for everything.

    However, MindManager has made such an impact that we have obtained licenses for our whole marketing department! Thanks to the perfect integration of MindManager with other Microsoft products :-)

  13. Rick Blaiklock

    A great idea – MM is slowly being adopted as a standard within my organization as people see the light. I’m in the middle of managing a major acquisition and it’s all in MM.

  14. Nkonye Adaikpoh

    I’ve used MindManager to organize my life (consisting of a job search, and my final project) while graduating from college this past Spring, and currently I’m using MindManager to build a website, organize projects, job searches, moving across the country and much more. Its been such a lifesaver. I have my personal dashboard as my desktop background, which I update every week and its very easy for me to see what’s due when, and what stage of my tasks I’m in. The hyperlinking and editing of MS Office docs is also phenomenal. Good job Mindjet.

  15. Luis Alberto Reyes

    Visual problem solving is the way to go. No other program gives me that solution in such an easy and structured way.


  16. Mitch Garcia

    Mindmapper allows me to express spatially my thoughts and ideas in a way that allows most people to “enter into” my process and with a bit of imagination they are able to own these solutions for their growth and business success. I work with non-profits and feel that there is a great need to provide these companies with cutting edge tools that will enable them to visualize their work-processes thereby giving them not only a business edge as to how they can grow there non-profit but an emotional edge as they use Mindmapper toward their indivial and corporate future in a successful way.

  17. Waveydavey001

    Mindmanager for me makes the impossible seem possible and puts some structure around my unstructured mind. This helped me produce a training guide that my boss said could not be produced.
    A visual guide would be very useful for mindmanager which is something that enables me to present visually to others.

  18. Brett

    I gave the MM8 trial a spin, but I haven’t made the leap to MM8 yet because I didn’t really find anything in the trial that made me “have to have it.” Maybe I just didn’t spend enough time with it; having this book to refer to might help me make the leap.

  19. Gene Blishen

    Just wrote a blog entry on MindManager and how it has become indespesible when startinga project and planning. Always amazes me on the myriad of functions it has.

  20. Gaston Wilson

    The sample looks awesome! I’ve been looking for something I can show prospective clients and MM users that displays the inner-workings more visually and this seems to be IT!

  21. Karlijn

    I really like working with MindManager. I am a student, and have to process a lot of information. Mindmanager helps me to be more effective, because I can map out all the informations, making links and seeing connections as I go. It’s also a fun thing to do, to create good-looking mindmaps. That means less procrastinating!

  22. Marcos D. Alves

    Mindmanager helps me to be more effective in many ways, the two most important being:
    a) my dashboard (I call it my “control panel”), where I keep links to all important information I need to better perform my job (as a hardware maintenance manager) as well as my task and projects lists, and
    b) incubation of new projects; for each new idea I start a new map and I keep adding information, documents and insights till the project is mature enough to be presented to my boss and the management team.

  23. asiriusgeek

    Sounds perfect for me. I am just getting to know Mindmanager and think it’s terrific, but I have gotten frustrated a time or two trying to figure out how to do something. More help = good!