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Michael Deutch

April 20, 2009

Welcome to another action packed week! It’s sunny and beautiful in California and I thought I’d share some sunny posts about mapping, Mindjet and other inspiring news!

How to Tell Your Story Using Mind Mapping Randy Englund, a project management consultant, shares how he leverages mind maps to enhance his communication skills!

The Social Media and Tweet Challenges For a little humor and mind mapping: Larry King vs. Ashton Kutcher with a dash of the Conversation Prism, a visualization created by Brian Solis which he uses to create his own brand’s social media MindManager map.

Where Do You Like to Mind Map? Brett Bumeter asks, where do you likt to map? Oh, I could go on and on with this one but some of my best maps were created on airplanes. Nothing beats unplugging from the day-to-day and letting my mind free to create amazing maps!

6 Human Needs Adam Sicinski’s latest work maps out the influence of our needs on our lives.

Mind Map Galleries Provide Places to Share Your Maps and Get Inspired Chuck Frey lists online sites to share mind maps or view maps for creative inspiration.

Baby Matterz is Using Mindjet Connect Baby Matterz is utilizing Mindjet Connect for real-time collaborative planning of an innovative education program that gets students to learn first-hand about the social, emotional, and physical development of babies and toddlers.

Living Building Challenge Tools: Mind mapping and Integrative Design Process If you’re up in Portland, Oregon this May, check out Mary Davidge as she and others present how they’re using Mindjet Connect to collaboratively research, track, document, and implement the prerequisites for the Living Building Challenge.  


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One Response to “Mind Mapping News”

  1. Brett Bumeter aka brettbum

    Thanks for the mention Michael. I too find myself on the plane a lot of times with MindManager. I even put together a 4 part video demonstration mindmapping on a plane with MindManager 8 and VoxEnable that lets you run MindManager with your voice (with the help of Dragon Naturally Speaking).

    That said, I haven’t gotten proficient enough yet with VoxEnable to try and use it during a group brainstorming session. :)