Integrate Gmail & Google Docs with Mindjet MindManager 8

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Michael Deutch

February 11, 2009

A few days ago I saw an intriguing post on Alan Yoshioka’s mobile musings blog about his experiments using both MindManager and Google together. Alan showed me a great new Gmail Labs feature that allows you to add emails to your maps! Needless to say, that got me really excited so I started exploring our integration with Google. Very exciting stuff!

First, here’s a quick MindManager tip. You can easily drag any URL (e.g. your Gmail account) from your browser directly onto a map or on a topic within a map. This is a fast and easy way to add links to maps and it works with most, if not all browsers. 

Now, for the exciting stuff. I created a map to quickly test MindManager 8’s integration with the following Google applications:

  • Gmail
  • Google Docs
  • Google Presentations
  • Google Spreadsheets 
  • Google Reader


What I like most about these Google Doc examples is that they are all collaborative. In other words, you not only link files to your maps but other members of your team can access and update the files too. Think about the possibilities! Updated progress reports, project status, finanical summaries, etc…

Here were my initial results:

Gmail:  I haven’t tested all the links within Gmail yet. I noted that you gain access to your inbox but not all the individual emails.

Having access to your inbox is cool, but not as nice as gaining access to each email. This is where Alan’s trick comes into play. There’s a Google Labs project called “Create a document”. Enable this add-in and you’ll be able to take advantage of some powerful email integration possibilities. With a click, transform any Gmail into a Google document. In the next section, you’ll see how this appears within MindManager. 

Google Docs:  Drag any Google Doc URL onto your map and you have instant access to view and edit your documents from within MindManager. As I mentioned in the Gmail section above, you can convert emails into documents too. Are you using MindManager to manage projects? Sales opportunities? Capture Ideas? Drag all your relevant emails and documents into your maps for future reference. 

Google Presentations: Spice up your next MindManager presentation by linking to slide shows built with Google Doc’s Presentations. When mapping alone cannot convey your message, combine the two for a powerful presentation. You’ll be able to present slides AND capture feedback or notes within your map.  

Google Spreadsheets: I linked to a test spreadsheet and it worked great. When you want to collaboratively work on spreadsheets and reference them in your maps, check this out as an option.


Google Reader: I use Google Reader all the time to check up on many blogs that I like to follow. So, I gave the reader a whirl as well. Guess what? Worked like a charm!


Thanks Alan for turning me on to this great integration!

Join the conversation: How can integrating with Google Docs & Gmail enhance your productivity? Are you integrating with other apps?

8 Responses to “Integrate Gmail & Google Docs with Mindjet MindManager 8”

  1. Michael Deutch

    Tim – I’m excited to hear that you may put it to good use, let us know about the results!

    Jason – You’re welcome :)

  2. Tim Schweizer

    This looks very promising! I’m using MM8 and Gmail, Google Doc, etc. all the time. Did not know they could be integrated. Could be useful to a major Google Doc project that launches next week that will involve participants from around the globe.

  3. ansumida

    I’m a follower of Alan myself and learn so much from him. He’s definitely way ahead of the pack but is most generous in his knowledge and keen adaptations to make one’s brain work smarter.


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