Creating Global Change with Visual Language, Thinking and Practice

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Michael Deutch

December 10, 2008

Today I attended a webinar about how to use visual thinking to change the world. I guess the logic goes, if linear thinking got us into this mess, maybe we need to use a different paradigm to find a way out. Why work visually? Well, I plan to dig into that question much deeper in future blogs. But most experts say that working visually will:

  • Appeal to different learning styles
  • Communicate internationally
  • Create compelling communications
  • Build alignment and helps achieve faster decisions
  • Shorten meeting times
  • Convey complex information quickly

The event was hosted by Ole Qvist-Sorensen of Bigger Picture and Tom Crawford of VizThink.  If you’re tired of traditional presentations, Ole facilitated a really nice webinar using a picture. Not just a slideshow but a very, very, very, very long picture. Tom announced that VizThink will be posting the webinar up on their site soon.

Like most things, I mapped it. Download a copy of the map here. If you’re not yet using MindManager, sign up for a free trial (Windows, Web, Mac).

Take a look into Ole’s personal journey, it’s very cool. 

What pictures are in your mind that can change the world?

One Response to “Creating Global Change with Visual Language, Thinking and Practice”

  1. Mark Mosher

    I like this map a lot. Especially the “Back of the Napkin” style. I also love how in presentation mode, the “Personal Journey” branch appears and I can scroll through the story using the horizontal scroll bar.

    Mark Mosher