Visualize Your Data with the New Database Linker

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Michael Deutch

November 24, 2008

Part 6 of 8 in the blog series, ‘What’s Great in MindManager 8’!

One of the ways that mind mapping with software transcends the typical paper-based mind maps is the visualization of data, not just thoughts. Mindjet MindManager 8 increases the digital divide between traditional mapping with the introduction of the Database Linker. This handy feature lets you add information stored in databases to your maps. 

Here are a few ways that you the database linker can provide clarity to your world:

  • Import CRM data to develop account strategies
  • Build dashboards that blend quantitative data with your qualitative insights
  • Visualize IT architectures to plan future improvements
  • Build Org charts with detailed employee data


How will you set your data free? 


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11 Responses to “Visualize Your Data with the New Database Linker”

  1. ryan


    I was playing around with the database connector. It would be very useful if you could add ssh tunneling functionality.

  2. raj

    I should point out that I had NO trouble accessing a .CSV file. I’ve downloaded the .net connector but still having trouble. It’s a case of having to try several possible options in terms of URL of the database server. This is a host-based problem (beyond the lack of example code somewhere), and once I decipher it, I’ll blog about it.

  3. Michael Deutch

    I’ve contacted our client services team. Your ticket hasn’t been lost, they have had a large influx of questions about upgrades, installs as well as some bug reports. They’re working through their list and will be answering your questions ASAP. Thanks for the patience.

  4. Mahesh

    Hey Michael,

    I tried the above feature and reported and error/issue with the same. I tried with Excel, CSV and MS Access database options. Since My intention was to change the data from the Map as was suggested being possible..but I could not do that…I never got the refresh icon to my data in map…couldn’t find any documentation which suggested I followed a wrong way..

    Had a case opened ..but yet to hear..

    Mindjet Case # 84010 Created


  5. raj

    Michael, thanks so much for looking into the mySQL issue, and for the quick response. I’ll check it out and will hopefully be writing about it soon.

    Thanks also for the update on the API docs. I’m really looking forward to testing some custom map parts, to push the envelope of what MM 8 can do.

  6. Mindjet

    Michael Deutch

    I’m going to create a ticket for this in our customer support system so they can manage this process. I’ve initiated the internal conversations but want to make sure that they’re tracked through closure. Please look out for a contact from Mindjet.

    Regarding the new web services map parts, the documentation hasn’t been published yet. I’ll let you know when they are complete. In fact, I’ll post an announcement in our blog when I receive a copy of it.


  7. raj

    Thanks, Michael! I’m a diehard MindManager evangelist. I consider the absolutely most powerful productivity tool I’ve ever used, especially MM 8. I’m itching to try the database connectivity and produce a bunch of screencasts. So thank you for passing my query around.

    While we’re on this, I’ve searched high and low and simply cannot find any documentation on how to use your MM 8 Map Parts/ Web Services API. I want to create a custom Yahoo Pipes map part. At present, I can only pull the RSS feed of a Pipe into MM. I want to be able to supply input parameters, so I need to build a custom web services map part.

  8. Mindjet

    Michael Deutch

    Hi Raj,
    I agree that the concept rocks. I’m no longer programming so my MySql skills aren’t as sharp as yours. I’m going to forward this thread around to see if we can get you some answers. Btw, I like your blog!

  9. raj

    This new Dbs feature is a killer in concept, but I’m having a hard time finding enough docs/ examples to make it reality. I tried linking last night to MySql databases on two of my blogs but with no luck. One requires a host list because the database is on its own server, so I added my PC’s IP address. The other has the database native to the web server. Neither pulls up a list of databases to select from, and searching through the MindJet online docs and the forum brought me no answers.


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