MindManager for Designers: Download this Creative Brief Template

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November 26, 2007

I recently came across a popular blog posting from Paul Anderson called "7 Unusual Ways to Become a Better Designer." In it, Paul suggests using software applications, like MindManager, for the brainstorming activities within this role.

MindManager customer, Roger C. Parker, also advocates using MindManager within design. Roger says "To me, planning is the essence of graphic design success. Projects can be "creative" and subjectively attractive, but fail in the marketplace because they do not support the project’s goals."

Roger’s experience as an author and in hosting graphic design workshops, lead him to encourage designers to begin projects by preparing a creative brief to analyze the project’s goals. Those goals include determining who their market is, what are their desired actions, why should prospects respond, and how prospects should respond.

"Mind maps," Roger says, "have proven to be the best way to prepare creative briefs. Software programs like MindManager 7 provide a structure that ensures that designer and client are on the same page as far as project goals and deliverables."

If you’re a designer or know someone who is, you can download Roger’s "Creative Brief" map template now.

To learn more about creative briefs, access Roger’s Creative Briefs Newsletter.

2 Responses to “MindManager for Designers: Download this Creative Brief Template”

  1. Andrew Wilcox


    Simultaneous working is not possible. The file will be locked when someone is editing it. 0ther users will be able to read only. If the file is on a shared network drive this allows different editors at different times.

    The editor will have to close the file before anyone else can edit.

    This no refresh of read only files except to close and reopen.

    If a file becomes locked you can delete the lock file in the same folder as the file.

    I also suggest you have a manual version control process where the current version has a constant file name. This ensures hyperlinks from maps and other places access the current map. Make sure all users have the MindManager Tools > 0ptions > Auto backup turned on. That way you can at least go back one version.

  2. Asikk


    I have a question about MindManager. I would like to ask if it is possible to work in one group at the same mind map. We have the same server. But how can we work together at the same map?